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I am trying to get awareness out to other parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, etc.  about forced separation  of twins in the school classrooms and get a bill passed that gives parents a choice to decide themselves instead of this forced decision that is in place for principals of each school  jurisdiction to force this upon you.  Can you help with awareness to this much needed change.  I am always looking for promoters. I am Alabama's representative and am passionate for this change.  Please post for your friends and family to support this change. Sign and share please!
If you want to know more about research when forced separation of twins occurs visit and click on tab that says twin research. I spoke with Kathy Dolan the reason twins law was born. She landed on front page of New York times and brought about changes to many. As many as 20 states now have passed this bill please be a part of legislation history without you we can't win change. Any questions feel free to ask me.

Thank you in advance,
Kelly Houston /Alabama state rep.