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Weekly Chat May 7th - 13th

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I'm up early, so I thought I'd start this weeks chat :)

Things are going really well - 22 weeks on Wed. and I'm feeling good for the most part and have been eating well.  'The boy' is moving around a lot, but I can only feel him lightly because of the anterior placenta.  Felt my hand move from the outside for the first time a couple days ago. 


I've kicked up my birth reading and nesting - we're going out of town for a couple weeks starting this weekend so I'm feeling the weeks starting to slip by!

We checked out baby gear (cribs, strollers, carseats, slings etc) over the weekend - mostly just to choose what we want and look at prices so that I can get serious on ebay and ricardo (swiss ebay) to know what good top bids are.  Wow it's a lot to consider.  We got to the store and I felt like I just wanted to get back in the car and go home :) But we made some decisions so I feel good about that. Glad DH came because I want him to get his head around this stuff as well. 


I'm getting some pregnancy 'discomforts' now . . . I'm sleeping almost entirely on my side now, but getting a cramp/sore spot in my back every night, just below rib level, in the middle of my spine.  Not sure what that is or how to alleviate it, but it only happens during the night.  Had sciatica last night, slept with a hot water bottle under my booty where the pain point was - gone this morning. Been having some reflux (is that the correct term?) where food is coming back up, and burning my throat. Had a big dizzy spell yesterday while I was sitting down?! My ears frequently feel blocked.  That sounds like a lot, but they're all small things and for short periods, so overall I really do feel great.


And lastly, we were walking in the forest with the dog yesterday, in the pouring rain, and decided on a name for the boy!  We're keeping it quiet until he's born, but I am thrilled :) Ok and you won't believe this, we got home and DH looked out the window and said, oh look a rainbow, no wait, a double rainbow . . . I had a look and it was actually THREE rainbows stacked on top of each other, fully dad, momma, baby '*****' rainbow - I was giddy! haha.  Later I realized that my OTT pregnancy reaction to the rainbow reminded me of this guy, HA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQSNhk5ICTI

Hope you all have a great week!

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LOL Miranda! I love you're reaction to the triple rainbow. I love seeing stuff like that though.


I never did get a chance to get caught up on the threads over the weekend. I was on-call all weekend. Friday night I'd been home for 5 minutes when I got called in to deal with a spill. I work for the Environmental Department of a local utility. I was there until 1 am Friday night and back on site all day Saturday. So much for my nice relaxing weekend.


As far as the pg, I'll be 22 weeks on Friday. I have a midwife appointment this week. It's the same night as DD's swimming lessons so I'll actually be going by myself for once. I'm kind of looking forward to it. It's nice to have DH and DD there, especially since I want both of them to be comfortable, but sometimes it's nice to not have all the distractions. OK, gotta run. I'm late for work. Have a great week everyone!

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Back from my anatomy u/s!!  I was disappointed that the peri was not there to read the results and give us instantaneous peace of mind--they usually come right into your room and tell you if everything was as is expected or not. But to my untrained eye, baby looked PERFECT. And the tech didn't take any extra pictures or anything, so that is good. Baby is measuring in the 65%tile with a small head. Actually, the head is slightly small for dates while everything else is about a week ahead. Makes me giggle because my kids are born in the 90%+ but have 50-60% heads :)   My placenta is fundal/posterior, so nowhere near my c/s scar and the reason that I'm feeling ridiculous amounts of movement everywhere. The tech even commented on what a wiggle worm this one is! 


Even if we had WANTED to find out the gender, it was a no go. The little stinker had its legs crossed and tucked up in front of the goods. So the secret is safe!  


The best part was seeing the baby with one hand behind its head and the other thumb near its mouth--that is still how my son sleeps, and he had his arm up like that the entire time he was in utero!


So all is well here. I am enjoying a few minutes of peace since the kids are at "school" and the appointment went faster than anticipated. Much needed!

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MIrandaM, trust me you're not alone!  I've been dealing with the reflux issue about everyday now for a couple weeks.  I'm actually sitting here with it right now, all from a cheese stick, a few pieces of watermelon, and a couple cookies.  My heartburn/reflux was HORRIBLE with DD, not too bad with DS.  We're suppose to be having spaghetti for dinner tonight and I just know the pasta sauce is going to set it off.  My hip pain and sciatica has been the worse thing I've been dealing with though.  I can hardly get out of bed some mornings.  By the end of the day most days I'm moving like an old woman.  It's terrible.  I can actually feel my right hip "click" some days when it's really, really bad.  It's generally after I've been doing a lot of work in the gardens or a lot of housework.  With my other two kiddos the chiropractor has been a lifesaver.  I need to get in to see him ASAP.  I've just never had issues this bad this soon before!  With each baby it's started happening sooner and sooner.  


Hope everyone is having a good day!!

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Hi Ladies,


I just joined. Today I am 21 weeks. I had three days this week of terrible, all-day heartburn, so I can relate. I think my uterus finally got big enough to push up on my stomach, and my stomach wasn't ready for that! I actually tried a few home remedies, and gotta say...I haven't had acid reflux since I took 1 teasp. of apple cider vingegar (followed by a glass of water). I also back-tracked on the eating I've been doing...eating less more often, which i think helped the reflux. I think once I saw my baby at the anatomy scan, I started to feel like I needed to eat more (even though everything was perfect), without feeling particularly hungry. Anyways, I don't need to eat more, because I'm gaining a lb a week like I should be. This week it was 2 lbs! 


Nice to meet you all. I look forward to chatting more. :)

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I wonder if we can break the 200 mark within the next weeks. We're up to 190 members...December must have been fertile :)


Is anybody else on the babycenter board? I go there just to read, it's like a trainwreck...I can't stop checking back there BUT I must say...lots of women using hormones as excuses to snap at random people, their husbands etc...How hormonal can one get?


Anyway...I'm in a bad mood today. I don't know why. My kids are annoying the bejeezus out of me, I'm tired with a headache and I still have two classes ahead of me where I have to be happy...argh...not up for it. I just wanna curl up on the couch and sleep. Originally I wanted to take the kids to the pool but DS decided to be hungry and refuse to eat again, which resulted in me losing my patience, sending him to his room. Once he calmed down we hopped in  our pool but the kids were just fighting, not good. I made them something to eat and did not let them off the table until it was all gone. They are playing now and i just zoomed out on the couch watching "A c-section story"  "A baby story".


My brother is here visiting with his girlfriend which is nice but it also means I have six times the work, doing dishes all day long, sweeping, cleaning, picking up stuff, cooking, cleaning more, baking etc...argh.


Sorry, vent end...I have to learn a new routine for tonight. I've been noticing a lot more braxton hicks these days and my babygirl is very busy in me, even waking me up at night with her kicks. I can already see a pattern of night wakings with her LOL....I'm not up for what is ahead of me :).

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That is so funny you call it "A c-sec story" I do too.  My dh can't figure out why I get so excited when I see a first time mother birth vaginally on that show and I don't even know why I watch it I end up yelling at the TV and calling all the doctors morons.

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Welcome Ascher!


Those Baby Center boards are downright scary. First off, they are HUGE. Second, there are so many views/or no views at all on parenting/child-rearing/life and NO patience or acceptance of others- it always seemed like there was a "fight" b/t different moms on different threads. I looked during my first few weeks b/c it was easy to do so on my phone, but had to delete the whole app b/c it made me crazy!


from last week's thread- wendipauline - I'm so sorry you had to have that sad night with your husband. I hope you've been able to have an ok talk since then. I know EXACTLY what you're going through. With each of my pregnancies, my husband has been much more tentative and hesitant around me (sexually). I can be an awful communicator, so tend to just get pissed off about it and never really address it. :( boo...


So, we found out that we are expecting another boy! That makes #4 for us. Everything else on our u/s looked healthy and on track. Plus I learned that my placenta is anterior, so that explains the lack of strong kicks. Whew!

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MirandaM -- Pregnancy really can do crazy things to your body. I've experienced reflux and dizzy spells thus far and have had the hip problems before... I haven't had any hip problems this time around and I'm wondering if chiropracitc care is really helping with that?  I would think it is!  As for the reflux, my hippie remedy is to get a hazelwood necklace!  Honestly, it worked WONDERS for me (also, while not pregnant completely helped with migraines!)... something to look into for sure!  For immediate relief, I've dabbled in a lot, because especially while pg with dd4, my reflux was TERRIBLE from SOOOOOOO early on!  Apple Cider Vinegar in hot water with a bit of honey (the Braggs brand) was the best solution for the worst of it.  For milder reflux/heartburn, papaya enzyme tablets helped.  And, if neither of those worked, a tiny bit of baking soda in a glass of water seemed to fix things (of note: I've had people say that baking soda can be a bad shock for your system for the high amount of sodium you're putting in your body.. so.. use with caution, I guess?).


MonkeyKeeper -- glad all looked well on your scan!  :)


PrettyHippie -- I totally agree that chiro care is A.MA.ZING!  And it reminds me that I need to go back! 


ascher21 -- welcome!  Glad the ACV is working for you!  I've found it always to be amazing (though I make it into more of a 'tea' like I posted above) :)


MissE -- I haven't been to any Babycenter boards since pg with dd2 (when, weird enough, somebody mentioned cloth diapers, which sent me on a crazy journey that ended up with me turning into a homebirthing, cloth-diapering, organic-eating, homeschooling, non-vaxing, breastfeeding, CLW, etc... mama!).  So, there IS good that can come from there, I guess.  It's jut probably pretty rare ;)  ... And your use of "A C/S Story" is hilariously and disturbingly true.  We dont' have cable, but if we're at MILs, I'll sometimes flip channels and sometimes I can't help but be drawn to it if it's on even though I just get really upset with it :/  When heart decels begin or progress isn't being made and I see mama laying FLAT ON HER BACK, TOTALLY strapped down by machines, I want to scream, "DUH!!!  LET HER MOVE!" :(


beans -- Hooray for another boy!!  As a mother of four girls (at least for now!), there's something really fun and exciting about same-sex siblings I think.  Plus, hand-me-downs are sure handy ;)


AFM -- Things are going pretty okay, I guess.  The two-year-old is a terror, the ten-year-old is moody as heck (eek! I told dh it's really only going to get worse -- and multiply -- from here on out!), and the middle two either fight like cats and dogs or get along like best friends.  I need to get to the gym more regularly. .. Tomorrow I have a midwife appointment which is always fun :)  I also REALLY need to call dh's state insurance rep (his job is a state employee job) and see if our homebirth is covered.  We paid out-of-pocket last time and have set up a payment schedule to do so this time (and it will work), but if we can get reimbursed?  Dude.  I'm all for that.


I ordered a dress that I think will work for dh's ordination in August.  I'd link to it, but got it off of zulily.com and it's not available anymore... I think I have a picture on my phone, maybe I'll upload it sometime.  I'll be like 37+ weeks at that time, so gosh.. we'll see how it all goes!


There is a nagging, annoying situation wtih a SIL that just seems tricky.  She wants to cloth diaper, which is great!  And since I have a snap press, serger, and lots of other various supplies, I'm happy to help in making her one, but it is looking like she's expecting me to make ALL the newborn diapers... since the pattern I like the best for newborns happens to be a serged pattern.  And seriously, I'm just not down with that.  I know diapers can be expensive to purchase, but that's because they DO take a LOT of time to make!!  My SIL generally annoys me in other ways because she and her husband (dh's brother) are cheap and mooch off of people (even my own MIL :(  MIL runs an in-home daycare and BIL/SIL take their two kids there already -- girl age 4, boy age 2 -- FULL TIME and they don't pay her a dime.... really :( ... AND, now they're having ANOTHER baby that was FULLY PLANNED.. and even planned for the summer -- June -- so SIL would already be home since she's a para-educator and not working in the summer. They somehow found money about six months ago to buy a second vehicle, so they have two vehicle payments and a mortgage payment that is really way too high for their house... but they can't find money to pay MIL... plus, their two kids currently are taking up two very valuable spots for MILs income... in essence, I figure they're stealing more than $1200/month from her :(  PLUS, SIL comes over on her lunch breaks every day and eats lunch there too... and never contributes towards that either).  ugh.. /rant over.  Sometimes they just really bother me.  They openly have no issues NOT paying MIL. 

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Just a driveby to say I JUST SAW MY BELLY MOVE!! :D  First time this pregnacy--it never gets old.

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Originally Posted by MissE View Post

They are playing now and i just zoomed out on the couch watching "A c-section story"  "A baby story".


lol.gif That's what that show is officially known as in my house.


Juicy - me, too! If I had a dollar for every ridiculous scare tactic that came out of a nurse's and/or doctor's mouth on that show...


So if I joined baby center would I get chased off the boards for having a bomebirth? If so, I could play it up and say I plan to birth up in a tree or something. Hmm...

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I try to stay away from babycenter. I visited once or twice when I was preggo with dd, but found it to be full of negativity and attitudes about parenting and birth that I don't share...and don't want to fill my head with. So I pretty much stick to mothering now, plus a few other Facebook based AP/natural parenting groups.

For the same reason, I don't watch A Baby Story or those other "birth" shows...they are not good for my blood pressure. DH and I have been catching up on past seasons of Greys Anatomy on Netflix, and every once in a while there is an over-the-top doctor-induced emergency birth scenes...and I yell at the tv every time.

Reflux has never been an issue for me (knock on wood), but sciatica has been bothering me. I find that putting my lower leg up on the counter and leaning toward the other side (does that make sense?) helps stretch my glutes out and helps with the pain. I'm working on getting DD to sleep through the night in her own bed, so I've been back and forth between our bed and hers for the past few nights. Her bed wrecks havoc on my hips...or maybe it's the fact that. Don't take my body pillow with me when I go to her bed...anyway, I've been waking up with horrible hip pain in the morning. At least DD slept until almost 9 this morning, so I was able to sleep in, too. She has been getting between 6 and 7 lately.

Ascher21 - welcome!

Judybean - can you offer to 'give her a good deal' if she'd like you to make all the diapers? Would it be totally unacceptable in your family to expect her to pay you for all that hard work? Super lame that they are taking advantage of your MIL, btw. Don't let them do the same to you.
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This has been a long day for me. My kids were in school and my husband had the day off but he was very crabby since he has a bad cold. When I picked up the kids from school I decided to take the kids to the park so my crabby hubby could have the house to himself. As soon as we left the park my 6 yr old daughter started her whining and complaining in the car. This is actually something she does so often but I still don't know how to deal with it, it really drives me crazy. She is very loud and vocalizing her discontent quite often and it wears me down it really does!!! She seems impossible to please. I am actually thinking I need to do an elimination diet because I am really thinking she may have some type of food intolerance or something nutritional pertaining to her awfully crabby moods!!!! Seriously, can you imagine getting your child into the car....usually its as soon as I pick her up from school....and then having a whiny, defiant, crabby kid for the ride home and then until bed time??? Some days are better then others, but it happens way more often then not. dizzy.gif



I can't believe how much my belly is popping out, and my uterus is 2 inches above my belly button...that's just crazy! LOL. I am going to have to post some belly pics soon, I have some from 12 weeks, 14 weeks, 18 weeks and today 20 1/2 weeks. 

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Just popping in smile.gif 20 weeks!

JudyBean I'm seconding Ilovejeff here -- could you just offer her "a steal" on the diapers? Or maybe to let her come over and use the serger?

Wordshakerz yes please, post belly pics smile.gif

Ascher Welcome.gif

AFM u/s and update tomorrow! Hoping to find out the sex, that the placenta is well away from my scar, and that baby looks healthy!
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No heartburn or aches or sciatica on this side of things, yet. My digestion is still slow slow slow. Not constipated or anything - it just takes forever for food to move through, so I'm usually hungry before I stop being full. 

And then the TIRED hit me today. The past week has been pretty busy, nothing crazy, but just a lot to do during the day. Not to mention the fact that since this pregnancy has started, if I don't get eight hours of sleep before work (and I'm up at 4:40 to open a coffeeshop 3-4 days a week), it affects me pretty markedly. Well, I worked yesterday, then came home with plans to sit and do nothing. Of course, laundry needed folding, dishes needed doing, the dog hair was taking over my wood floors, my closet looked like a tornado had gone through, and so I finished all that before sitting. Today, I worked, then picked up a friend's kid from school and took him home. He's 14, so he doesn't really need watching, just generally being there. 
By the time I was done there, I arrived home at 5:45 - and fell asleep. For two hours. And I don't see myself having any problem going to bed on time tonight. I don't know how you ladies who already have kids do it! Fortunately, dh made soup (thinking I could eat with him if I got up in time or easily eat it whenever I did wake up). 

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Teegan - That is so early, I can't even imagine being able to function that early (even not pregnant, lol). I'm glad you can go to sleep early. I do my napping when my two kids are in school at least. 


Crystal - I will post pics soon. I just need to figure out what program to use on Linux/Ubuntu...Windows isn't working right now...so I can upload my raw files from my camera and edit them. You must be very excited about your ultrasound tomorrow :)


Ilovejeff - I do that same stretch, it really helps. Another great one for sciatica/sore hips and pelvis/low back pain is to sit in a chair and put your right foot so its resting just above your left knee - gently push on your right knee to stretch. Also, keeping your back straight, lean forward as much as you are able. Then switch and do the other side...it was on the yoga dvd i I used last pregnancy and its great (I hope I explained it okay).


Monkey Keeper - That's so awesome to see the belly move, yay! And the ultrasound, that is so cool that you saw the similarities with your LO and your son. :)


Judybean - If my SIL was expecting something like that, I would absolutely be expecting money or something I needed in exchange!


Beans - hurray for getting to see your healthy baby boy and definitely good to get answers on the anterior placenta/movement. 


MissE - Sorry you had a rough day, I had one of those too!


Miranda - A triple rainbow, wow! Here in rainy Florida I've seen double rainbows a few times, but its always so magical to me!



The kids are sleeping. Hubby is now keeping his grumpiness to himself as he reads a book. I'm enjoying the quiet before I go to sleep. 

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Thanks for the welcome. I don't know about babycenter, but I was on another forum (fertilityfriend) and seriously just left because I commented on how it's important to try to have a vaginal birth, and got post-smacked by a woman pregnant with twins who "didn't want to be rude, but"--then proceeded to be rude and make it entirely personal. I was getting tired of feeling like a minority for wanting to do this the way that nature intended. I was also realizing that most of the birth stories, involving the hospital and a mess of other procedures, were making me more worried than doing me any good. I wanted to find a community where I could find the encouragement and confidence to have a home water birth. Looks like this board is way more similar to my goals (and it's free!).

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Welcome Ascher!  I haven't posted much lately, just been busy.  I read the rest of last week's chat and caught up on reading this one.  My friends sound like they're having a great time planning a baby shower, which I'm very thankful for.  DD is 12 and we don't have anything left.  My cousin gave us a crib, it has the dropside but that really doesn't bother me.  It's a really nice one, solid oak and beautiful.  My friend and I picked it up and put it together Saturday. 


Carlin - When I read your thoughts about a UC - WOW!  That's exactly how I feel!



With dd I had pre-eclampsia and ended up with a CS at 34.5 weeks.  This time I'm eating a lot of protein, fish oil and anything else I can think of to help prevent pre-e.  I didn't realize it is based a lot on diet.  My blood pressure is now as low as it was before I had dd - it did go back down into the "normal" range, but never back down to where it ran before. 

I'm also Type2 diabetic this time around so I'm considered high risk for that as well.  I have good control of my numbers, I am on 10 units of long-acting insulin at bedtime - that's a very small dose. 

Given my medical concerns, even if we could find a midwife around here, I doubt a homebirth would be an option for me.  I plan to labor at home for as long as possible.  Dh works 45 minutes away and our Dr./Hospital is 45 minutes away, so if I go into labor while he's at work that buys at least an hour and a half . . . I'm secretly hoping for an oops UC, just worried about the baby's blood sugar afterwards.  Am I completely stupid for this?  I'm hoping to hold off the Dr for as long as possible, but I already know she wants to deliver by 38 weeks. . . . I plan on starting some (1) EPO orally at about 34 weeks then upping and vaginally at 36 weeks.  I know if your body isn't ready it won't help . . . anyway, I'd love to hear some others thoughts/advice, etc on this.  I'm open to suggestions etc. 


I'm feeling good, I had a meltdown Friday night.  I'd asked DD to pick up the stuff in her bathroom several times.  Her daily job is to empty the dishwasher.  She hadn't done either one when I got home from work Friday PLUS one of the dogs had dug in one of the plants and nobody cleaned that up.  I took the truck and cleaned it out, washed it, etc and then went to Dairy Queen and had a mini blizzard and a good cry.  The house is a mess from me being SO tired the first 3-4 months and I'm very slowly working on getting it back in order.  It just gets so overwhelming when I don't feel like I have any help.  Ugh.  All is better now, though. 

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Hi Girls, I have to run to a class, but I wanted to say hi!  My hips are bugging me and I REALLY need to call my osteopath. also starting to have a little heart burn!  I can see my belly move too, so cute!  I have popped even though I am still small.  I will be 23 weeks on Friday and I have a MW appointment on Friday. 

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I have not witnessed external movement, but can't wait for that to start- it's one of my favorite things!


Judybean- I'd be real irritated with the SIL situation. Cool if she'd go for a swap OR pay you for your time/materials. Otherwise, I'd probably just make one or two as a gift and call it. You have plenty on your plate to even consider getting scammed like your MIL is.


Amysue- I have no recs about managing diabetes and pregnancy :( but I wish you the best of luck as you work out what needs to happen. And sorry about the meltdown- I've had a few of those of late!


Teegan- I occasionally feel like my kids are having hours of raising themselves. I NEED to rest and they do a decent job of keeping themselves entertained. If I had only one toddler, it'd be another story. Having three that can run around together makes it easier!

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