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Question for knitters

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I'm finally getting some steam going on all these knitting projects I have lined up, and I was wondering about the whole baby cocoon idea. I've never used one of these or seen anyone using them, but they're all over ravelry and do look super comfy. Anyone used one? Was it worth the knitting use-wise? I can't tell if they're mostly just for pictures or if they're actually useful for sleeping or something.

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I think they're mostly for pictures.  I'm mostly planning on knitting one piece romper outfits, and some socks and mittens and hats.  And maybe something for halloween, unless I decide to sew it instead.

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Oh,  and maybe some comfy cardigan type things for me.  I remember not having much nursing friendly winter clothing last time. 

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Thanks. lol I was thinking they must be mostly for pics. I've seen some cute sleeper sacks on their though that look more like gowns, that are just adorable. I'm actually thinking of tackling one of those once I've gotten everything else on the list out of the way. Which is probably more optimistic than reality the way I keep adding things on! lol

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I made one using supper huge needles (15 I think) during one movie... so it didn't take very long and I though it would be really cute for some pics...  Just throwing that out there :)

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I have a pattern for one that I think is really cute, but it's sort of at the bottom of my list in terms of what I really feel like I need and will use for this baby.  Right now I'm focusing on sweaters, hats, socks and bibs, and longies.


offtopic.gif We should have a pictures thread for what everyone is making for their babies...of course, then I would need to block and actually photograph what I've been making....winky.gif.

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Well, I just finished this is for my SIL's baby.  I plan on using the same pattern for some long sleeved/pants versions for my bub.



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I love how they look too. I found this one http://www.anniesattic.com/knitting/detail.html?prod_id=85377 I guess it's mostly for pics, but maybe if it was closed all around without the buttons it could be a day sleep sack? 


I have a really easy hat http://www.aokcorral.com/projects/how2sept2004.htm that I made for DS. I'm not an experienced knitter and it was very easy, so I'm going to do a smaller one for baby. I used alpaca wool and it is sooo soft.


Angelorum - that is so cute! Wish I was a little more experienced with the needles.

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I had a baby cocoon with DS and I used to put him in it when he was a newborn as an extra layer when I wore him in a maya wrap type sling.  I've recently read that you're not supposed to carry babies in the kind of carry I was using it for...they do make for cute pics though.

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oh...and angelorum, that is SOOO cute!  i love it.

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 Hey ladies! I'm a lurker from the September group (due the last week in September), but I had to jump in and ask Angelorum - do you have a pattern for that onesie? It's adorable!

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Hey teegan, I'm nearly positive that Angelorum must have used the rhino romper pattern. Easy to find on Ravelry. I think I saw her pic posted up there as well. It's SOOO adorable!!

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Yes, Rhino Romper!  Definitely going to be making a few more!  Here is the Rav link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rhino-romper  It's also free :D

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I just finished up the Eyelet sweater...I knit it up in cotton DK and just did a few rows of garter rather than the picot edging, and it's adorably perfect, but I'm planning to knit another in worsted weight wool before baby arrives so that we get more like a three month size ready for the winter. 


On the needles now is a go-to of mine, the on the go-overalls. I'm knitting them up in some gorgeous hand-dyed dark blue wool. It's a quick knit, so I'm thinking of what to knit next!



What's on everyone else's needles?

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Angelorum, I love that romper!    I'm adding that to my list of things to knit, just need to find some yarn for it!  I should have some in my stash, but I can't find the yarn I'm thinking of for some reason.



Pregnova, I love the sweater and the overalls!  Very cute!


AFM, right now, I have the Maile Sweater on my needles.  I've recently been knitting baby socks  (I love knitting baby socks!!!!) and several Li'l Midi Bean pilot caps. I'm trying to make several matching sets of socks and pilot caps since neither take very much yarn and are both quick knits.  


Does anyone have a favorite pattern for longies?  I made one pair using the Nifty Knickers pattern but somehow I didn't figure it out right and they turned out a little wonky. With this pregnancy brain,  I think I really need a pattern that's more spelled out and involves less figuring it out on my own.  I think they will work, but I'm not really wanting to knit more of them from that pattern right now.

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I like the LTK Picky Pants.  It's pricier than a lot of downloadable patterns, but I've made many pairs of longies from it, so I'm sure I got my money's worth.

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That looks/sounds perfect!  Thank You!  I plan on knitting quite a few pairs too, so, I'm guessing I'd get my money's worth out of it too.  Maybe this will be my mother's day gift to myself!  ;-)

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Thanks for the links, everyone!

I use the Elizabeth Zimmerman longies pattern - just follow the ravelry advice and take out a few rows in the bum since most diapers, cloth or disposable, don't need that much room. I made a pair for a friend who gave birth a year and a half ago and she used them all the time for months!

I've been alternating between diaper covers (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/curly-purly-soaker-pattern) and everything else (longies, sweaters, hats, leg warmers) - the next project on the list is this elephant: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/elefante.

There's also a blanket sitting by the couch in the living room I've been making as a stash buster: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rainbow-chain-carriage-blanket.

Instead of using all of the colors of one yarn, I've been swapping in all the bits and pieces I have leftover from other projects, switching needles as I go to get the gauge as close as possible.

I do want to make those on-the-go-veralls, too! So many projects!!

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Does anyone have a favorite baby sweater pattern? I really prefer those knit in the round...hate seaming in arms! So far I just have the eyelet sweater knit up, but I'd like to knit 2-3 more sweaters as the weather will be getting chilly about that time of year. 

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So far, I'm liking the Maile Sweater, but I haven't gotten to the arms yet.  From the rav comments, it doesn't look fun at all!    I know the pattern is written to knit them flat but lots of people knit them in the round, though it sounds like that might make it harder.  I'm still trying to decide how to do it, since I'm not a fan of seaming either.


I'd be interested in what sweaters others are doing as well, since I was also thinking I need to knit up a few.  I went to one of the local wool festival recently and purchased some beautiful superwash wool yarns that I think would be great options for sweaters...just need to find the right patterns.


ETA:  I'm loving this thread!

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