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Weekly Chat Thread May 7

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Happy Monday everyone!! How was everyone's weekend? Any fun Mom's Day plans coming up? Any big thoughts/feelings coming up as we approach the THIRD trimester?!?!


We had a great weekend. DH ran in a fun 5k mud run on Sunday. It was pretty hilarious, I took pics! It did make me want to do a Tough Mudder together once LO is here and I can get dirty again. :) I think it will feel amazing to really train for a challenging event after taking it easy throughout this pregnancy. I leave for my big trip tomorrow am, so today is all about packing for the next two weeks and trying to take as much of the comforts of home along as I can manage. I'm feeling oddly emotional about this trip. The water-proof mascara is definitely going to come in handy!


I hope everyone has a great week!

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LOL! My dh has always wanted to do a mudrun!!! So fun! Ooooh, a big trip. I haven't been following along super close to the threads, but I hope it is for play and enjoyment. Good luck packing.


AFM, I have been having crazy dreams. Like labor dreams. So everytime I wake up I think I am about to be in labor (Obv. not since I am only 25.5 weeks) or I feel like my water has broken. I actually feel labor happening. (In a dreamy state that is)  Isn't that so strange??? 

It's driving me nuts. 

I am beginning to get uncomfortable sleeping. Anyone else. I feel like an island in our bed. Haha. 


Baby is kicking a ton. My first did not kick like this. She was also really low lying during my pg, whereas this one sits out like a beach ball. 


Yay, another week and then 3rd trimester. So so so excited!!

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According to at least many preggo calendars, I'm officially in the third trimester as of today.  Craziness.  And of course today this weird pain, exhaustion, and everything else hit like a ton of bricks.  I was like, "Hello, third trimester!"  No subtlety at all.  So I'm really going to be dragging through my last two weeks of classes.


Hope everyone is having an awesome week so far!  I'm still booted from my own house while DH fumes it up with polyurethane, so this will be a sweatpant week, I suspect.

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LOL! Lilytiger, totally understand!

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Originally Posted by LeAnn A Doula View Post

We had a great weekend. DH ran in a fun 5k mud run on Sunday.



OMG that sounds like SO much fun.. how have I not heard of these?


Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post

According to at least many preggo calendars, I'm officially in the third trimester as of today.  Craziness. 


wow.. where did the first two trimesters go?! I am so ready and yet so not at all to have this pregnancy be over..





My sister is here, its great to spend time with her but equally exhausting- she means well and tries to be helpful with DS1 and the apartment- but so much ends up just being more work then help- she leaves dishes everywhere, managed to stain the seat pillows on our new couch and I cannot get the big spots out.


I am quickly realizing I have to find a way to have help that actually is help, not work- - DS1 is just too much for my sister and parents to be with alone- its really a wake up call. I end up taking care of all of them rather then just DS1.. They keep saying to me things like 'he has to go to sleep soon right?', when I say he doesn't sleep much at all or that he won't go to bed for another 4-5 hours they just give up. I think they assume I'm being dramatic when we talk on the phone.. until they visit -- and they pass out asleep, with him running loops around their bed and me. .


Tonight really sort of just brought it all to light even more- I went out literally for 10 minutes to walk the dog/take out the trash/ and I come back to find my sister feeding DS1 M&Ms for dinner with an ice pack on her nose because he hit her (accidentally) really hard with a toy . . and I was gone for 10 minutes.. ?!?!  This just suddenly made things feel so discouraging and now as I sit here 'getting a break' she is w/ DS while DS screams for me over and over from bed- - our apartment is so small there is no where for me to go where I can't hear him and it occurs to me we're about to have 5 people + a help person of some variety in 450 sq ft. Its like a giant black cloud has decided. I feel screwed and scared and literally am realizing I have no where to go where I can just have a few minutes of air in all of this without leaving the apartment..... what was I thinking gloomy.gif I feel really scared and overwhelmed going into the 3rd trimester at 27/28w and no idea how to change that.

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Leann- That sounds like fun! My husband declared to me the other day he wants to do an obstacle course race!  I can't wait to see what that looks like. 


LilyTiger- Sorry hear that your feeling crappy.  Now that I'm 27 weeks I'm starting to feel it too, although my height hides a lot of the baby so people are still even nervous about asking if I'm pregnant.  I feel huge even if they don't see it!


ithappened-  I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so terribly and like things are out of control.  That is the scariest place to be.  This may be too optimistic, but I'm sure, over time things will work out and you won't be able to even remember the time you were just a family of 3 not 5.  


Things here are pretty good considering.   I have three more weeks of teaching and then just a month of grad classes and I'll be done!!!  DH will be moving out to Oregon a month ahead of me (and taking all of our stuff with him so I don't have to be in charge of packing) for work which I am NOT looking forward to.  I recognize ultimately its what is best for our family, but I really don't like the idea of being pregnant, by myself, in a house with no stuff for an entire month.  Yikes!  


On a positive note, we have started our birth class (Birthing from Within) and love it!  Even my husband who is not super into anything spiritual is having a great time, which has been a pleasant surprise.  I will definitely be using the month of June to practice a lot of the coping meditations I have been learning.  Mostly we are working on staying positive and not letting the stress of our situation cloud the little one growing inside. 


Tomorrow I have the glucose test and am super happy that my midwife just asks me to drink a Naked fruit smoothie.  SO much better than the alternative.  This weeks marks me starting bi-monthly appointments.  I cannot believe how fast time flies!


I hope everyone has had a happy beginning to their week!

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I'm finally feeling the baby moving!!!  I have an anterior placenta, so I've felt maybe 2-3 flutters over the past 2 months, but that's it.  I was really starting to get bummed out.  And then, Saturday night at the movies suddenly it felt like I had a little fish swimming around inside me...and it hasn't stopped since!  Even my husband can feel it periodically.  It's SO AWESOME; I can't get enough of it.


Otherwise the last few days have been pretty stressful - we just found out that my husband's unemployment checks are going to stop.  We're just making ends meet comfortably (well, sort of) right now, so losing a chunk of money each month is going to be REALLY hard.  Still figuring that one out.


ithappened: I'm so sorry to hear about how stressful things are for you.  Personal space is super important to me, so I can only imagine how difficult that is.  I wish I had some great advice for you...I hope things can get calmed down & settled in the weeks to come.

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Yay for penny and her squirmy baby! It was a long wait for sure, glad you get that reassurance now.


What do the different calendars say about when third trimester starts?

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Boots, my pregnancy journal starts the third tri at 25 weeks, the calendar at the doc starts it at 27 weeks, and a bunch of people I know start it at 28 weeks.  I split the difference and have deemed myself officially in the third tri at 27 weeks.  There doesn't seem much consensus, though.  Anyone else?


Penny, yay for baby movement!  I went through a few weeks of weird lack of movement and it is so great when it gets more consistent.  Sorry to hear about the money uncertainty.  There's already enough to stress out in this process.... I hope you get everything figured out!


justchanti, good luck on the glucose test!  I don't go to biweekly appointments until 32 weeks.  Interesting....


dovemama, I hear you on the sleeping discomfort.  So far, nothing too bad, but just random pains... and my crazy dreams are all about sex, not labor.  I wonder when the crazy labor ones will kick in...

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ithappened...does your son have a high IQ?  I've seen with higher IQ children they need less sleep.  (Of course, my AS daughter barely sleeps at all. When she was younger she'd wander the house at night....SO DANGEROUS.)

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Originally Posted by intime0 View Post

ithappened...does your son have a high IQ?  I've seen with higher IQ children they need less sleep.  (Of course, my AS daughter barely sleeps at all. When she was younger she'd wander the house at night....SO DANGEROUS.)


Are you serious about the high IQ = needing less sleep thing? If you are, that would totally explain my son. He doesn't sleep as much as other kids and he's really smart. I've never had his IQ tested or anything, but he has astounding language skills and comprehension. The lack of naps has really killed me, though, and I couldn't figure out why he stopped napping. If we are outside for long periods and he burns a ton of energy, he'll take a nap. Otherwise, he goes to bed around 9-9:30, is up between 7 and 8 am and doesn't nap. 


Ithappened - I hope the rest of your week goes smoother for you!

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intime0 I have no idea, he's only 2.5 but I would say he is based off the fact he speaks 2 languages, can count well, physically is way ahead (in terms of balance, athletic ability) but I feel everyone feels this about their kids whistling.gif....  how do you measure it? I have many cousins with IQs of genius level (literally), my sister is brilliant too in math specifically and my DH although socially awkward, academically is probably one of the smartest people I have ever met, he is top 10 in his field in the world- but IQ isn't genetic is it? lurk.gif




I think a big issue for me feeling so hopeless and panicking about life/money/space is I am just not sleeping, last night for example I went to bed at 2 and got up at 6am. I am physically really not able to get comfortable right now -- I am having a lot of pain at night when I try to go to sleep specifically in my legs, its not so much cramps per se by almost feels like how I would imagine it to be if you ran a marathon and then had to immediately sit on coach for 20 hours of a plane without being allowed to get up, except for the fact that I have this sensation if I lay in bed for more then an hour before falling asleep. The only thing I have found to relieve the pain is taking a Tylenol and I am able to sleep really well for 4-6 hours..  otherwise I tend to toss and turn for 5-6 hours before I manage to fall asleep for 2-3 hours. I don't think I've gained excessive weight (22 lbs at 27/28w) for a twin pregnancy and I am generally staying active.. its just escalating things for me emotionally I'm afraid.

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I have my glucose challenge test later today. I had the option of orange juice but I'm just going to drink the glucola since I have to take so much less of that. I tried a couple sips and it's like thick, flat sprite.
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LeAnn, I hope your trip is starting off well! I hope there are more smiles than tears.


DoveMama, it's funny you should mention your dreams: I am a first-time mom and I had a labor dream the other day! The ridiculous thing was I didn't feel any contractions in the dream but apparently I was in labor. I've been reading a lot of labor and birth stories lately (in other ddc here and elsewhere online), so I guess they are getting lodged in my subconscious.


LilyT, here's hoping it was just a fluke and you have an energetic 3rd tri.


Oh, Ithappenedhug2.gifI don't have any experience to be able to give you advice, but I hope that this is a brief stage for your ds and he calms down in the next 3 months or so to become a great and helpful big brother.


Justchianti, before we moved here our stuff was removed from the apt. a week ahead of time and it was odd but strangely liberating to be in an empty apartment aside from the necessities. But, I agree, being alone and pregnant in those circumstances will be a little odd. And how jealous am I about your naked smoothie--I have to drink the glucola itself in about an hour. 


So happy about your squirmy little one, Penny, and that your dh is experiencing it, too. 


Eleuthia, gah, I have my glucola appt in about an hour and am a little nervous about the prospect of the liquid's thickness. I'll try not to think about it. I woke up absolutely starving this am, craving oatmeal and granola, but I made myself eat an egg, mushroom, swiss omelet, no oj (which my little one loves). I still feel starving 20 minutes later. 


This is an important week for me, wrapping up a bunch of stuff at work and then having the rest of the time until baby comes to focus on some of my own independent projects. I just need to ensure I can focus completely and that is worrying me a little. I've been having a few moments of panic about it lately, which so far I'd been able to avoid in pregnancy.

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ithappened-- hope you get some good rest soon!!  Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.  I hope you can take lots of deep breaths and relax whenever possible!'


Justchanti-- I took Birthing From Within too!  Loved it.  I'm also just now taking a Hypnobirthing class. Those were the two classes that looked the most interesting to me.  I'm looking forward to seeing which techniques work for me on the Birth Day :)  Also, I'll be doing the Glucose test at my next appointment too (in 3 weeks).  My midwife does it with a meal, though.  I get to eat 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast with butter, a glass of milk and  a glass of OJ and then have a blood test 1 hour later!  I'm looking forward to it-- that's my kind of breakfast!

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Hi Everyone!


LeAnn - have a great trip!!  It will be so nice to see your family and friends I'm sure!

Dovemama - I've been having the labor dreams since last week as well!  I think it's due to my thoughts about Baby's viability, my constant BH contractions, and also my reading materials....I keep dreaming that the baby is coming out at the most random unexpected times like when I'm on the toilet, or sneezing... hopefully it's a sign of an easy labor to come!

LilyTiger - enjoy your newest house improvements this week (when you can return home)!  I've hit that same "3rd trimester brick wall" - right on schedule, it seems.  Up until now I have to say that I was sailing through this pregnancy and was sooo optimistic!  Now, I feel just like every other 3rd trimester preggo gal - huge, tired, waddling, achy, whining.... booo.

ItHappened - enjoy your remaining visit w/your sister, although I can surely understand how the situation can be really stressful!  It's always more work hosting guests, no matter how much you love them or how well intended they are.  I'm sorry that no one else can keep up with your DS!  Hopefully if/when you can get "paid" help, it'll be more productive as they'll be more accountable for the tasks and assistance that you're hiring them to do..... Hugs!!

JustChanti - you must be excited to see your teaching/classes wrapping up soon!  And enjoy your birth class!  I know the drag of moving, especially when you and DH have to do it separately, or in stages.  Hopefully your month alone will go by quickly until you catch up with DH in Oregon..... but it sounds like things are working out in the right direction, as you previously mentioned your hopes of relocating there someday?

Penny - hoooray for feeling the Baby!!  Isn't it the best!?  And just like everyone promises, you'll soon be feeling him getting stronger and even more active!  Sorry to hear about DH's unemployment running out, that's tough... I hope it's not causing you too much stress and that you'll find creative solutions to make ends meet.

Andaluza - good luck focusing and getting your priorities done this week!

LakeRuby - keep us posted on how your Hypnobirthing class goes!  I would loooove to take it, but am pretty convinced that I couldn't possibly get myself in that deep "hypnotic" state.  I am just a way too distracted type of person (hello ADD!)


AFM - I've been offline for a few days since DH was back home and we were completely caught up in each other just goofing off all weekend (he leaves again tomorrow night - it gets harder each month he's gone as I get more pregnant).  28 weeks here - hello 3rd trimester!!  And suddenly (right on cue), I'm finding a lot more to complain about - achy legs and back, can't sleep, harder to move, losing my balance, winded.... yep, just like everyone said.  Guess I just have to count my blessings for the easy 1st & 2nd tri that I had... these next 3 months might just make up for that!  Tomorrow, we have a follow up u/s scan to see if my placenta previa has moved up  - I'm pretty hopeful that it has, and am just excited to see our Baby Boy's face again!!


.... Good luck to all of you who are having your glucose tests this week!  I have some sort of test at next week's checkup - but really not sure as they only told me that they're testing glucose and to eat well before my appt.  But no other details than that - I have no idea if I'm supposed to take that drink that everyone's been talking about, or how long it should take.  Completely in the dark, guess I'll have to just wait and see.....

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Yeah, it's like suddenly the 3rd tri is worse than the first two.


IQ/intelligence IS hereditary!  And yes, children with higher IQ's really need less sleep.  (Not necessarily all though.)  See here for more info:  http://www.helendowland.com/Testing%20gifted%20children.htm


I cant remember the usual website I use.  Anyone else forgetting everything they ever knew?  Today they are delivering chicken and if my SIX YEAR OLD hadnt brought my phone to me I wouldnt have had any cash to pay them with.  Man alive.


Plus I needed a potato masher and had started a grocery list...couldnt remember the potato masher.  I happened to remember it when I was bathing and going down the checklist for my daughter's birthday Friday.  And can you believe they dont sell them here. at least at the stores iv'e been to.  SURELY, a store in Singapore has potato mashers.

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Hope everyone did/does well on their GD tests.  Mine is coming up too.  Penny I also have been late to the game with movement for the same reason.  

It is my favorite part of pregnancy - feeling the baby move joy.gif

Nothing else like it in the world. 


Ithappened, I am so sorry you aren't sleeping well.  That makes everything that much harder.  

Intime - hope you find a masher.

Boots - I don't know either because different sources say different things.

Andaluza - hope you can focus completely, sometimes though that is asking a lot with pregnancy brain

LilyTiger - sweats week sounds very comfortable.  Hope you can return to normal soon though.

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Been a sort of a rough 24 hours here, my sister has been struggling with an eating disorder and paranoia for years now and last night DS was really a full time job for me, I was tired from the 6 hour hike and he was really upset/not feeling well, my sister ate a small container of sour cream then got really angry at me for not telling her she was doing it (I don't pay attention to what guest eat). She basically accused me of being dishonest because I told her 'all the small containers in the fridge were yogurt'  shrug.gif headscratch.gif and when I tried to be really understanding and nice about it 'sour cream won't kill you, yes it has fat, but you need fat to live' she just got more angry and then brought up all this stuff from the past eyesroll.gif..  It was disappointing since this was after she started/had her period all over my new couch and I managed to keep my total cool when it did not come out..


pass the tub of ice cream and chocolate please.

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