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I used cloth wipes for a while with my second, and when we tried to use commercial wipes (ONCE - just ONCE :) when she was a newborn - she totally broke out in a rash!  


I really liked the cloth - would love to use them again... and still have my stash - I even figured out how to make them work for going out and about!  It's a big money saver.

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I tried cloth wipes and diapers, I think if you are doing CD the wipes are really no big deal (assuming you have a dryer) I found hanging them all to be a total time sync and too much for me personally on top of everything else (working full time, PPD and having a baby for the first time without a single ounce of help/support) and so I switched to a biodegradable diaper and wipe option they sell here in AT.. horrors.gifIts a little more expensive but saved me a good hour or so every day of doing laundry then hanging it and folding it... which I figured saves me around 30 hours a month or about 15 days a year of hanging/drying/folding/washing... The lack of a dryer was really what killed it for me, having to carry them all down 6 flights of stairs to dry then back up again every 24 hours with a baby in an ergo on my back sucked.


I wish I could of stuck with CDing, I felt a lot of guilt when I stopped but it also freed up a nice chunk of much needed time for other things.

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I am with you on quitting CDing because - well, we had no dryer for a while either and then I started working full time and then it was very basic math.  No time = disposable diapers/wipes.  I still have my whole collection and have high hopes of making it work again this time around.  We now have a dryer plus I have help at home while I work.  But we'll see - our nanny is going to be pretty busy with the kiddos and all the rest.   

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As much as I love cloth diapering and think it's so beneficial, if I didn't have a washer and a dryer there's no way I'd do it.  Actually, when I think about it, it's been pretty easy for me to do in general.  I never had to mess with special detergents and I don't use synthetic fibers so anything I use is pretty workhorse.  I don't have to strip them or anything.  I did have to bleach them recently to kill some yeast rash but that wasn't a big deal.  If it wasn't easy I don't think I'd continue.

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......If it wasn't easy I don't think I'd continue.


Yes, I am HOPING to keep this as easy as possible for us (reading about some of the work/laundering/layering/stripping/etc that some people have written about makes me shudder)... but only time will tell I guess.  We'll at least give it a shot....


InTime, LizBiz - What kind of cloth wipes were you ladies using (brand or material) that worked well for you?  I just ordered a pack of GroVia cloth wipes (100% cotton) to try out.  And I also have a couple packs of cheap, terry baby wash cloths (poly/cotton blend) that are really thin which I think might serve well as wipes too.  I don't plan to use a warmer, but would like to make a homemade solution to keep on hand in a spray bottle for clean ups.... hopefully Baby won't hate the coldness too much!!

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I ordered my cloth wipes from greenmountaindiapers.com - a GREAT website for CD stuff.  I got the small ones with a smooth cotton side and then terry on the other.  Really nice.  I never had a wipes warmer and figured (this is probably a bit cruel, but...) that I'd not get my baby 'used to' warm wipes, because when it's not available (like when we're out and about), I didn't want the fuss!  :) (sheepish grin!)

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