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Aww sandy too cute and we also have those jammies.
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Everett- photos backwards (oops)- first picture is after his bath, second is about an hour after he's born. Can still see traces of the mec that was alllll over him. It was pretty gross.

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He's precious!  love.gif

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Oh, Grace, he's so lovely. I love it when babies suck their fists!

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Oh man Grace! What an adorable chunky baby! Squeee. Cannot wait. :-) joy.gif
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Benny and the older two at Grandma's on Mother's Day.pngThis is my fave picture of Benny. This was him coming home from the hospital.

Benny coming home from hospital.png


This is the only picture of my three kids so far. This was taken on Mother's Day at my parents house.

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That pic is so cute!  He looks like a little gnome.  love.gif

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This is Patrick at 5 days old. :)

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Linnie squishy cuteness! all of them are beautiful! congrats!

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Patrick is adorable!!

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patrick is gorgeous!

tell me off if you don't want to answer!

is he biracial? I ask because he reminds me of my LOs and we are mixed swedish/german, black and native american


ds i think he was 8mths



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Sky, I;m half Irish and half native. DH is Indonesian. :)

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Zachary Joseph, day 1. Look at all that hair!


 - IMG_1144.jpg

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awww, cookie he's so sweet. his fuzzy hair is too cute.  :)


here's layla.  :)


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because I am so excited there's a thread to post pictures of this baby, here's some more! Hope no one minds!


squeaky clean after a not so enjoyed shower



making faces after the shower



smooches from little-big brother


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So cute Sara!


How do you shower with him?  Do you have a water sling/wrap?  I really want to get one for the pool, I never thought about using one in the shower. (duh!)

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thanks! your Layla is a cutie! She looks like she's ready to tell you something!


um I just hold him, like we are nursing (which usually then leads to nursing, haha!). Shay also showers with us and now that he can hold his head up and is so big he just gets held up on a shoulder or whichever way is comfortable. Shay also sits in the tub by the drain and plays with bottles and bath toys now too!


We don't have a sling for the shower but have talked about it, mostly for the pool. We were talking about a fishnet type of material or something of the such. And then I imagine we would just tie it in a square knot like we do with our other slings. 

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I have a water sling that I used almost exclusively for the shower with DS.  I used in a pool maybe twice, but for a shower when it was the only way to get one, it was great.  The one I have is made of Solarveil, which is a netting type fabric that has an SPF rating, so it's meant for outside use, but it also doesn't hold onto water, which is perfect for the shower. 


Anyway - way to digress.  I'm here to share pics of our little arrival.


This is on the scale as they were weighing her, just a few minutes old.  Her back half is still covered in blood, vernix and meconium, and her hands were still grey from the difficult birth. 

I have NO IDEA where she got that full head of dark hair. 


Ezri Newborn.jpg


This is as we were settling into our recovery room, before we went to sleep, so about 3 hours old here. 


Mom & Ezri.jpg

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Wow cristeen, she is absolutely beautiful. She looks just like you too!


I can't believe we celebrated 1 month with my LO yesterday. I already miss her newborn stage. Here is her 1 month picture:


 1 month.jpg

Millie 5/27

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Our son Milo meets his baby brother for the first time. Happy to report that he is completely in love with his brother!



Can't believe Zachary is a week old today! Last week at this time, I was taking my second course of cohosh tincture and about to head out to my acupuncture appointment. Little did I know that 12 hours later, I'd be about to give birth. If Z had held on for another 64 minutes, he would have shared a birthday with Milo, but there was no stopping this baby once he decided to come out!



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