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PUPPP induced labour on Wednesday.... thoughts?

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Hello ladies, 


I have had PUPPP since mid April and today my doctor did a membrane sweep and set me up for an induction on Wednesday. I don't know what to expect. Anyone that has been induced, avoided a C-section? Or should I prepare myself for a section??



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What's your Bishop score?  How are they planning to induce you?  Those are the 2 big variables that dictate the success of an induction. 

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Induction doesn't necessarily mean you're setting yourself up for a c-section. I don't have any personal experience with induction, but I have two friends who were both induced because of going to 41+6, and they were both able to have vaginal births. One had an epidural (but I believe that she had always planned to do so) and one had an unmedicated birth (she was able to utilize the big jacuzzi tub in the birthing room at some point). Both of them came out of their birthing experiences pretty satisfied with the way that everything went down. Best of luck to you!

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I, too, know several women who have successfully been induced.  From a quick count...3 women, with 9 babies between them.  And, all but 2 of the births were deliberately induced early, so birth wasn't likely soon.

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They are planning on the gel and then pitocin. I assume that if things are progressing with the gel that they will break my water before the pitocin. I am mostly just nervous about the induction in the first place, and the looming thought of an unplanned caesarian.Thanks for the words! 

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There were some good induction stories shared in the thread I started last week when I was afraid I was developing preeclampsia: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1352167/unmedicated-labor-after-induction

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Thank you, I needed the positive. I had some cramping last night, but no real signs of labour yet. Due at the hospital tomorrow at 7! 

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Sorry Maggie - I didn't get a chance to post here (I posted in KM's thread the other day) but best of luck with your induction tomorrow! Can't wait to hear your birth story! Hope you have an easy, safe and healthy delivery. You'll be holding your baby in no time! smile.gif
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Good luck with everything today!  Sending you thoughts of a safe, easy delivery.

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I hope all went wonderful Maggie.

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Hi all! No birth story for me today. After doing an assessment, I was 2 cm dilated, fetal station was -1, and, and cervix was still posterior. The ob let me decide if I still wanted to be induced- said there was a good chance I would wind up in surgery. So.... After all the stress of worrying about induction, I decided I would deal with the PUPPP for another 5 days and on Monday he will assess me again. Thanks for all your well wishes!!!!!
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+ 60% effaced.... Drinking red raspberry leaf tea now!!! Hope it sPeeds things up!!!
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