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What shoes is everybody wearing?  This pregnancy is doing a number on my feet and I have to give up flips flops, which had me almost in tears.  I hate wearing tennis shoes in summer b/c it's just too hot so I need some ideas.  Anyone else in this boat?

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For casual, I wear Chacos in the summer, and I have a pair of slip-on Keens.  For work, I wear ballet flats when prego a lot.  I only wear heels when absolutely necessary to complete the look!  Running shoes when working out - and that's it! 


I do want a dressier pair of chunky sandals though with a raised heel - the ballet flats just don't go with everything and I like a heel because I'm a bit short and being pregnant does nothing for me ;).

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Privo ballet flats, reef flip flops, and clarks wedge sandals.  That's pretty much it. 

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I've done ballet flats mostly for casual. But I'm still in heels almost every day at work, since none of my maternity work pants fit otherwise. Not ideal.  I suppose I should just go and get them heamed, but it seems like such a pain for pants I'm only going to wear for a few more months.

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I wear a lot of hipster style sneakers which offer support but work at work also (like asics tigers for example or new balance retro series).. I also like the chaco flip flops, expensive is the down side, but they look like a flip flop but the bed of them is more supportive and they literally last for 10-15 years...


I cannot wear flats at all right now that have no support, I find my feet throb if I walk more then a half mile in them or stand very long while working. .

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Shoes? what shoes? 

if it were socially acceptable, i'd be barefoot 24/7. 

When I'm out grocery shopping? any numerous pairs of chuck taylor converse allstars that I own. :) 

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I just got a pair of Crocs open-toe ballet flats from Amazon in my normal/recommended size and... yeah, I need a bigger size. Fortunately, I can return them for free (and the new pair will arrive on Friday). Otherwise, I've been wearing sneakers for my work commute, and a pair of comfortable almost-flat shoes at work (yep, same pair every day!). I think I might need some "adventure sandals" (Keens or Tevas or similar) for walking around outside when it's hotter, since I am a complete baby about having hot feet. 

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I have a pair of Tevas from last year that are kind of worn out and I am looking to replace. They are light but rugged, go with everything casual (including skirts, shorts, jeans, whatever) and most of all are comfortable and on sale at REI. :) The model this year is called the Pasas. Last year they were called the Westwaters.

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Ughh, my aching feet!!  I was extremely fortunate to be not employed and stayed indoors and barefoot all winter, shoes were a non-issue.  I'd been looking forward to wearing nothing but flip flops for these spring/summer months...... but the reality is that I cannot go more than half a block in them before my feet are killing me (even just a trip through the grocery store!)  I try to walk the dog (3-4 miles) daily and it's quickly getting too warm out for athletic sneakers & socks.  


I'm going to have to look into some 'performance sandals' as well (I need good arch/back support!!) ....I'd also like to order these maryjane Crocs.... (but my feet would sweat too much on longer walks):



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