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We have one cat to I forget her since she lives in the barn to keep unwanted animals away lol. I think in a few months I will be rehoming 4 of my chickens to a friend that want to start raising them. Then this winter the rest of the chickens will have to be rehomed or frozen, since in March we are moving from NY to AZ and will be living at lest till Oct in our RV. The cat will no go the dog will.

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I too have pics of nursing in my wedding dress - DURING the ceremony! I actually got a strapless dress with a little wrap for just that purpose. DS3 was 15 months at the time, teething & nursing like crazy, and i KNEW it would happen, lol! DH & I got married after we had our kids, what was beautiful was that all 4 of our kids were there for the wedding :)

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What a fun thread!  


My family: Me (25), DH (29), DD (11m), and Doppler (15-18 weeks gestation, no one can agree on my due date).  I was gathering signatures for a political petition at a picnic and DH was the first person to tell me no.  Oh my that made me mad, I talked about him all the way home!  We agree on pretty much everything though, from G_d to spicy food to camping, so after a year, we got married the week of my final exams.  We have been together almost two years and it just gets better every day.  No pets but I have a hummingbird feeder that is very popular!  

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Thanks for this thread!!  I've been avoiding reading it because there were SO many responses, lol....but it is great learning so much about everyone!


I am 26 (27 in Aug), DH is 39 (40 in Oct).  We've been together for 8yrs, married for 4 this Dec.  We met online in early 2004; things moved quickly  I moved in that October.  DS was a surprise, we found out I was pregnant in 2007...he turns 5 in January.  We got married just before DS's 1st birthday, just a visit to the courthouse.  DH never really saw himself having kids, nor does he like the responsibility of having pets (though he is a GREAT father and animal owner, he ends up loving the animals almost more than I do, lol).  So it took me a while to convince him to TTC #2, we started in Feb of 2011, got pregnant on cycle #2 (2+ month long cycles at the time) but miscarried at 10wks.  We started NPP right after the MC, and TTC in Jan 2012.  Got PG in Feb but it was a chemical (miscarried the day of the + HPT)...conceived this little one the next month love.gif


We have 2 cats, a torti and a ragdoll, and 1 German Shepherd mix pup...all shelter animals.  I would adopt more if DH was game!  In fact I would have a literal farm if DH was game LOL

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Kasie, 31

Tim, 29

Brady, 4.5


We're engaged with no date set.


Pets: We have a green cheek who is about 6 months old.

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Fun thread! Our family of three includes my DH (32), DS (4.5) and myself (33), plus our upcoming December baby :) We live in an 18th century house that we've restored, along with two pugs and a stripey cat. We have a smal flock of chickens and a very big garden (which has been a challenge to maintain this year)!

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What a fun thread :)

Our family is Moi (30), DH (32), Audrey (4), Jack (2), and baby Claire will make us a party of five! 

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Love reading all of this!
A little about our household:
I am 30 (31 in October) and DH is 36. We met and started dating in 2001. He wanted to get married very quickly but I made him wait several years! We finally got married in 2006. Our DD is 4 1/2 and our DS just turned 2. For several years we also had quite a zoo here with 2 dogs, a snake, a cockatiel and several hens. But in the past year we donated the snake to a nature organization, one dog was stolen and the cockatiel died. I am ready to start adding to our animal herd, but perhaps after the newborn days?
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What a great thread- so cool to read about everyone!


I am 36, DH 35 and we are raising his newphews (16 & 18). We also have 4 cats, we've put adopting more on hiatus until baby comes. We have known eachother since 7th grade, but didn't talk or hang out after middle school. Fast forward to the 2008 elections and we were a at caucus and hit it off- and have been together since then. We just passed our year anniversary. I work in human resources.

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