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How Do I make My Child to Write

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My baby is 3 yrs 6 month.she attended nursery for 6 months and from last month she is in KG1.only week before she started to learn to write..but she dont want to write refusing to hold pencil..otherwise she love to scribble on the wall but dont want to write letters and she starts to cry. please help me how do i make her write. 

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 Hi Preethi,


Encouraging her scribbling is a good way to encourage her eventual transition to writing.  If she is confident that what she is doing now is a valuable thing, worth doing, then she is likely get more interested in exploring more things to do with the crayon / pencil or even drawing with a stick or her finger in the mud ... all of these help to develop the skill as well as the excitement that builds a writer. 


This article on Early Writing and Scribbling says:  "scribbling is to writing what babbling is to speaking: an early stage of children’s development that should be encouraged."


If you try to rush this transition it may end up delaying her, and may interfere with the process of developing an interest in writing, confidence in one's writing, and a love of writing ...


All the best!

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hmmm ya you are right....but in her class(KG1) all the students started to writing my chils only not intrusted in that...now evrery time she fall asleep when we make her write even in the school....she get angry too..in her book all the writing pages are remarkes as slept in class or in some its crying in the class....:(...it makes me cry....

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To make you feel better.... I think your child is doing everything she should be doing at her age.  This makes it hard when other children start learning writing earlier.  Few children that age really understand what it is they are doing and why, even if they can copy the work.  There is a lot of pressure for kids to start learning reading and writing at an earlier age. I would be surprised if she were the only child having trouble.

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Sorry to hear that she is crying in the class but I would not take "slept in class" to be a negative remark.  More students should do it!  Sleeping when you need sleep is a good thing, and dreaming is form of expression - yet another talent that will serve her well when she comes to writing. 


One question that occurred to me: Is she affected (negatively) by the comments in her book?  I hope not.  If you think she might be, I would recommend offering her some positive comments on her scribbling and ask her to share any dreams she might have had while asleep in the class.  This may sound funny, but I agree with Sweet Silver that she is doing everything she is supposed to do, and having a parent reaffirm that can be very healthy for her.

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Does she need to be in school?


3 and a half is very, very young.  My oldest was reading and writing a little at that age, but my others have not.  3.5yo are very interested and aware of what the grown-ups are doing, but don't have much skill at it yet.  My dd2 turned 3 the end of Feb.  She is beginning to write her name, draw deliberate pictures, and pick out a few sight words.  Otherwise, she spends her days playing with her babies, looking at books, cooking at her kitchen, and begging to help me. 


If you can at all, I would ease way up on your little girl.  She is very, very little. 

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I think it's a little early for her to be writing letters. Could you hold off until she's closer to five? Could you keep her home or find a school that isn't as focused on early academics?

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    first a loads of thanks to all for responding on my post.

at the age of 2 she was recognising and telling the A- Z without mistake...and she is very good at colours and shapes too...and even b4 she joined nursery she used to recognise and tell the numbers ...and she started holding pencil or pens at the age og 7th month.evrything was well going  till last month ...all the problem started only in the school when they started to teach writing.a baby who was fond of books and pncils nw dont wanna write...she is not at all gripping on pencil or crayon now...she get angry if me or papa tell her to write ...by the name of book she starts to run..im trying to make her letter 'a' since last 2 weeks .. but she dont...i notieced her that she get angry when i tell her to write then it continue with cry will ends with her sleep same in the school too...she have enough sleep in the night may b 10 -11 hrs hope its enough to her.

No none of the remarks from teacher will not effect on her...it effects me :(...

she dont want to hold pencil or crayon now she just hates that only if i tell her to write letter...should i drop the plans of teaching her letters for little time period ...should i let her write whatever she writes....???

 I have uploaded her smily she draw last night.20120509_102935[1].jpg

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Yes, I would stop trying to make her write. The skills required to recognize and say letters are quite different to those required to write them and being ahead for one doesn't automatically mean she will be ahead for the others. I would allow her to enjoy drawing and scribbling on her terms and totally stop trying to get her to form letters.
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thanks for suggestion katelove,i will deffinately try this on her.. 

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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post

I think it's a little early for her to be writing letters. Could you hold off until she's closer to five? Could you keep her home or find a school that isn't as focused on early academicHi 

hi phathu when she was thoroughlly enjoying with learning letters poems and all  i thought why dont we join her school...and here in dubai at the age of 3 all go to kg.may be its my mistake what i planed for my baby is not worked with her...:(

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Hi Preethi I tend to agree with katelove she is totally right. If you push a child towards something, that is all they will remember, the pushing. If you nurture and praise your child for the littlest positive in the area she will continue to grow, but you shouldn't feel pressured that she should be achieving at exactly a certain time. I remember when my middle child was having his first hearing test, the nurse suggested that he was hard of hearing. I went home sooo upset, but my mum bless her, she reminded me that the test was done earlier. So to cut a long story short, we went back a few weeks later and my sons hearing was fine. I guess what I am trying to say is each of our children are all different, but the expectations put on them are sometimes a little to stringent.http://howtohomeschool.com.au

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from the picture you posted her fine motor control skills are right on! maybe even a little ahead of the game but writing letters really isn't an appropriate lesson until about age 5. Some kids CAN do it but that doesn't mean they should. 

I would hold off on letter writing, get get colorful pencils and crayons and lots of paper and let her draw and scribble all she wants. She wont spend her whole life not knowing how to write. At age 3 it's a completely useless ability.

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A smiley face is made from the English "O" and "U", and in your daughter's picture, a couple of "g"s.  Waldorf education teaches the alphabet in stories, and writing the alphabet begins with shapes and pictures, with stories. Of course, all this takes place at 7 years old, not 3.  


Do most 3 year olds attend school where you live?

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Can you tape a large paper to the wall, at the height accessible to her?  Then she can scribble freely.  Some people paint one wall black and keep chalk available for children and visitors – of all ages.


My guess is that she does not want to write letters designed by others because she is busy exploring the pencil and its possibilities.  Imagine that you have arrived at a beautiful mountain and are being asked to sit and study a particular rock.  Your limbs yearn to wander about the mountain.  Even if you stay and study the rock, your mind is wandering.  On the other hand, after running about to your heart’s content, if you then study the rock, you may actually be more curious and whatever you learn will stay with you as you continue exploring.


As babbling is a valuable stage of experimentation with language, so is scribbling a valuable exercise – making lines and curves and shapes appear, as if no one had ever done it before.  It will lead to writing, but it is also valuable in itself, and should not be rushed or cut short.

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Hi friends first im trying to control on my speed smile.gif... Nw i realised that she have her own style of learning the things...she started to draw straight sleeping and diagnal lines with me.
her teachet told me that my baby is not responding her and she is not telling the poem. Got report card for the month of ay....the grade what she got is 'D. Hmm i knw she takes time to adjust there....lets see...
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My oldest loves to draw but won't write. Shes 5 yrs 4 mo and just now showing interest in writing. I just let her choose her own time and shes doing great. She has started to show interest in writing words (her name and her siblings names are her favorite things to write). She can draw beautifully so I know when she is ready to write more it will come. Sometimes its best to allow the children to develop at their own rate, that way its a joyous thing not a struggle smile.gif

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