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Constipated child

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I have a 2-year-old daughter who`s always constipated. She goes days without pooping and when she does poop it`s very hard. I don`t want her to depend on meds but I honestly feel sorry for her.

I know that lots of fluids and exercise help. And while she loves to move around getting enough liquid into her can be challenging.

Any other gentle suggestions for a constipated child?

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cut out all white foods and sugar - white bread, noodles, cookies, crackers, etc.  try making home made play dough, and it may become more obvious what happens if kids (or adults) eat too much of that stuff! also, try getting her to eat prunes (my son will eat them if i mix them into our home made "granola" bites) or other fruits and veggies as much as possible.  Things like almond butter, sunflower seed butter, and avocado are yummy treats that have a lot of fiber as well as other essential nutrients.  and getting enough fluid is super important....maybe try home made frozen pops?

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I agree w/previous poster about cutting out all 'white' stuff and see if you can get her to eat more fruits, veggies, and increase fluid intake - get creative w/sippy cups/glasses, straws, even ice cubes, or anything that makes the cup look or feel enticing.


When my dd1 was younger, our dr recommended a good probiotic, a daily age-appropriate dose of cod liver oil, and adding some magnesium powder to her (diluted) juice each morning. Don't give up w/them, it may take a few days. Stay on them, it's not a 'use as needed' approach - at least it wasn't for us.


Oh, and we cut out dairy w/ the exception of yogurt.




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We always had good luck with blueberries and flaxseed oil.
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Don't ask me why, but I have heard absolute wonders about Juicy Juice.  Cherry-flavored only.  No kidding.  I heard this from a pediatrician, a pharmacist, and a friend who had cancer and associated chronic constipation.


Blueberries have awesome fiber.  Our 2 year old eats them frozen, too. 

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We used to struggle with this.  Here is what works for us-


*Dr. Schulze (American Botanical Pharmacy) has a good-tasting organic, herbal remedy for DC.  It's called Intestinal Formula #3.  I think his stuff is awesome.



-Smoothies in the morning.  We have actually been making them with kefir (for the probiotics) and it really helps.  We make them really yummy with raw honey and fruit and the children all but lick the blender.  =)


-Prune juice mixed in with something else (like apple juice) so it's yummy.

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My DS has a gastro disorder that makes him prone to constipation so we have alot of experience w/ this  :(

water, juice, non-dairy milk (we found a WF's flax milk that has 3g fiber per 8 oz), liquid, liquid, liquid.  For us we need to get 30 oz in him (3 yrs old) a day...it is hard.  The suggestion of using all types of cups/straws works GREAt for us.  juice boxes (no added sugar or coloring from WF's).  We found a powder from WF's which turns our milk into 'juicy milk'.

I do homemade juice for me and if I put that on the table w/a straw he will go right up and drink it.....I make it into a game and he can sometimes drink the entire glass.


You need to work hard to find out what foods work to help your child go.  For us black beans, kiwi, kidney beans help him.


Natural Calm (magnesium supp) works wonderfully...trial and error as to what the exact dosage works for your child.


We are on probiotic, use ground flax daily.  Have heard adding healthy oil to juice works as well- but never tried that.


Good Luck,


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