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Spotlight on Seraf

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Hi! My name is Sara. I am ___31___ years old. ___Sara___ and I have been together for ___3___ years. We have ___4____ kids and ___4___ pets (rabbit, spider, turtle, beta fish, tho some of those belong to the kids). If I was at my favorite restaurant right now I would order ___the buffet__ but we will actually be having ___chicken (?)____ for dinner tonight. When I work for pay I _am a home care nurse_____.When I am home with the kids my favorite part of the day is __morning when everyone is still sweet and sleepy___. My hobbies and interests include __sewing___, __sustainablity_____ and ___babywearing/origami___.


Music: country, Ani, Tegan and Sara
Movie: I love me some sci-fi and action.
Book: non-fiction and sci-fi
Season: Fall
Household chore: Does childcare count?  
Cause: I don't have one.  Eldercare is pretty big in my life, tho.
Diaper: flats and training pants
Baby carrier: SPOC (simple piece of cloth)

If you could change one thing about _____, what would it be?

The world? We would work harder to protect those who have no voice.
Your house? Sky lights
Your parenting? more energy
Your life? Today it would be that breastfeeding was easier for Sara and Soren.

What would your best friends say is your best feature? my patience
If a genie gave you three wishes what would you ask for? someone to develop a very simple, cheap, clean, safe renewable energy so people can live comfortably and stop fighting over resources. Better resources for new parents (um, and maybe that my country had maternity leave policies like a certain neighbor to our north). And, of course, freedom for the genie.  
Do you have any pet peeves? excessive blinking
Where would you go on a dream vacation? around the world
Where is the best place you've been? Current river, in Missouri.  We usually go camping there every summer with my dad.  We can't go this year, because of the babies.  I've been going on and off since I was 7 and I love the cool clear water, the little islands and even the underwater logs that are out to get me, but mostly I love the time with my family.

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Do you have any pet peeves? excessive blinking



Hehehe hahaha.  I don't know why that is so funny to me!

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Haha, presidential debates last go round, I was hypnotized.  I never noticed it before.  

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How did you and Sara meet?

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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Haha, presidential debates last go round, I was hypnotized.  I never noticed it before.  

BAHAHAHAHA  Yes.  They were intense blinks too, like his whole face was blinking.  LOL


Do you have photos of your turtle? I used to have a turtle until we moved to Oregon... I miss him so much.  I want another one but DH isn't so interested.... since they get pretty, uh, stinky.  grossedout.gif

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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

 And, of course, freedom for the genie.  


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What kind of sewing machine do you have? Where do you get your fabric? What are your favourite sewing projects? Anything you have yet to do that you'd like to learn?


And since my curiosity was piqued on the photo thread, but no one has asked yet - why did you and Sara choose to have two babies close together?

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Sara and I me on a dating website.

I have a Brother sewing machine and a Brother serger. I mostly sew kids clothes. Lately I've helped Ari with a few toys. My material is general from old clothes and sheets. I've been working on getting better with knits and adding trim (not complicated, but fussier than I usually get). I was recently asked if I would make a petticoat, so I may be learning that next.

Why have two babies so close together? Why not? I have always wanted a large family. I had started the process to foster/adopt right before I met Sara. I felt like that was something I couldn't do with a brand new relationship, so that stopped. Sara was young but really wanted a baby. She felt like her parents would react badly if she got pregnant. She decided she wanted to start trying when she reached a certain set of goals. I had started and stopped trying and she really wanted me to try again since she wasn't close to ready. I tried on and off for about a year (because of the expense) and I had decided I would only try 2 more times before giving up (every couple of months I would add it up and sigh that I could have a pretty nice solar power system for what I had paid for sperm). On my second to last try it hit. Sara decided she had met her goals and was ready to try with her own body. After 3 tries she asked for medical help to better determine ovulation (ultrasound and a trigger shot) and we got it that month. We used different donors because our bank had a special on the featured donor every month and they're all smart, healthy and good looking. My older kids have different donors and I have no real attachment to genes, it's not like having a baby with someone I'm in love with.

Lol, so the short answer is, it took me so long to get pregnant that Sara was ready to start trying.
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My husband and I met on a dating site, too! Match.com... almost 7 years ago!!


I think it will be so fun to watch Shay and Soren grow up together! They look like they already are inseparable.


Do you think you will have more kids?

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We met on OkCupid

I think there will be more kids. Sara would probably like to get pregnant again, tho likely in 5 years or so. I would still like to adopt someday, but I think that is now a way down the road thing.
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What are your favorite blogs?


Where would your first stop be on the trip around the world?  Last stop?

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