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I felt that if I could teach my child to go potty, eat with silverware, get dressed, tie their shoes (or use velcro), and all the other many things that toddlers and preschoolers learn before they are school age, then I was already an experienced teacher so why not go on with 1st grade?  Since Kindergarten is not mandatory in CA, we skipped it.  Mandatory school age is age 6, 1st grade.  I went into home schooling feeling very confident and that confidence got better each year of home schooling we did.  Now 27 years after that first year, I'm "teaching" 8th grade to my son.  We are learning together.  And there are way more resources now than when we first started way back in 1984 when my first was 6 and I had a newborn.


Take it day by day, year by year.  Don't look so far ahead.  You'll only scare yourself with thinking how ill prepared you think you are.  What those blogger have that you don't is experience and the ability to think and write in educationese.  You will learn along with your children.  The greatest gift you will give your children through home schooling is the ability to live learning and the knowledge that learning isn't restricted to the classroom.  And don't be afraid of saying "I don't know; let's find out" when your children ask you a question.