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Birth Affirmations

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Hey guys. What with all of the babies coming already (joy.gif) I thought I should go ahead and post some birth affirmations I have gathered for those of us still waiting in the wings. Everyone who participated in the birth beads will receive a couple of them at random from me. But, I wanted to 1) make sure this list was available for everybody in the DDC regardless of whether or not you participated in the birth bead project, and 2) make sure that if the affirmations you get with your birth beads don't jive for you then you have alternatives to work with. Hope you like them, and if you have any more to add, then feel free.


1) I trust my body

2) I am excited to meet my baby

3) I can do this

4) I have courage faith and patience

5) I am in total control

6) My body knows how to give birth

7) Contractions help to bring my baby into the world

8) My baby feels my love

9) I can let go of fear

10) I am opening

11) I have the power to do this

12) I am able to relax

13) I trust my instincts

14) I trust my labor

15) This is the right labor for me and my baby

16) I am able to completely cooperate with my body

17) I inhale peace I exhale tension

18) My body is designed for birth

19) My baby and I are working together

20) I welcome my baby with all of my love

21) My body is opening wide to let my baby out

22) I am doing this exactly right and exactly as nature intended

23) I am able to relax my mind and my body

24) I feel the love of those around me

25) Today is the day I have been waiting for – my baby’s birthday

26) I am ready for my journey forward as a mother

27) My contractions are not stronger than me. My contractions come from me.

28) I am grateful for this powerful experience

29) I am giving birth the way countless women before me have

30) My labor is progressing

31) I am filled with acceptance and surrender

32) My baby is descending

33) The strength of my contractions reflect the strength of myself

34) I have the energy and stamina to birth my baby

35) My body knows what my baby needs

36) My baby will be born at the perfect time in the perfect way

37) My body is beautiful. My birth is beautiful. My baby is beautiful.

38) My cervix is opening with every contraction

39) This birth is sacred and blessed

40) This is what is meant by “a labor of love”

41) I am strong and empowered – mentally, emotionally, and physically

42) I am calm and at peace with my labor and birth

43) I have the ability to surrender to the natural sensations of labor

44) My baby will be born when they are ready

45) My opening is getting bigger and bigger

46) I am surrounded by those who love and respect me

47) I am deserving of a beautiful birth

48) I trust my caregivers, my partner, my body, and my baby

49) The experience of labor and birth is a great gift

50) I am able to draw energy from all of the women who have come before me to birth my baby

51) My labor pains are temporary the love for my child is endless

52) Today my body will fulfill a purpose for which it has been designed

53) I surrender to the emotions of birth

54) I will give my body all the time it needs to work

55) Today my body is opening and releasing my child to my waiting arms

56) Today is a day I will cherish forever

57) I am surrounded by love and trust

58) I am proud of my body and its ability to birth

59) Everything is happening just as it should be

60) My body knew how to grow this baby now my body knows how to birth this baby

61) I can relax so that my baby can relax

62) There is no act as beautifully feminine as giving birth

63) I am the only person capable of giving birth to this baby

64) My birth is happening in the right place at the right time in the right way

65) I breathe in confidence I breathe out fear

66) I celebrate my birthing day

67) I accept each stage of labor as a wonderful new adventure

68) I can relax every muscle in my body one at a time

69) I am filled with light and love

70) My baby feels my joy

71) I ask for and receive all that I need

72) I am a link in an endless chain of birthing women

73) I welcome my baby with happiness and joy

74) I choose to enjoy my birthing experience

75) Together my baby and I dance our birth dance and sing our birth song

76) My energy flows down and out just as my baby is moving down and out

77) I believe in myself

78) I am happy that my baby is coming into the world

79) I feel confident I feel safe I feel secure

80) Untapped sources of strength are available to me

81) I welcome the transformation that birth will bring

82) I am prepared to meet whatever turn my birthing takes

83) I am in tune with my body and my baby

84) My baby feels my calmness and confidence

85) I am happy that I will soon see my baby

86) I will meet my baby when my baby and my body are ready

87) I am open to whatever path my labor takes

88) My birthing body is beautiful

89) I am working together with my body

90) I trust birth

91) I allow myself to celebrate the birth of my baby

92) My baby loves me

93) I am able to have a positive birth experience

94) This birth only demands from me the strength I already possess

95) I will take this one contraction at a time

96) More than 30,000 women give birth with me today – I am not alone

97) The knowledge of how to birth lies deep within me

98) I accept the birthing process

99) I am braver than I believe I am stronger than I seem I am smarter than I think

100) My body is making a wide open space for my baby to descend

101) I am connected to my baby

102) This birth is a joyful occasion

103) I am able to be patient

104) The way I give birth is right and unique

105) This birth is a miracle

106) I will remember this birth for all of my life

107) I know how to move my body

108) I am totally uninhibited

109) I give birth freely

110) This birth is a powerful rite of passage

111) Through this labor I am becoming a mother

112) I am able to completely let go

113) My body has been preparing for this labor for nine months

114) I control my birth space

115) I am able to ask for support when I need it

116) I have a voice in my labor and delivery

117) I accept the unknown of labor and birth

118) Today I will show my strength, my courage, and my love for my baby

119) I breathe in nourishment I breathe out fatigue

120) I trust my instincts to know what I need in labor

121) It is safe for me to verbalize my feelings and desires

122) I am excited about this next phase in my life

123) I allow my birth experience to enlighten and empower me

124) I remember all of the women who have walked this path before me. They did it and so can I.

125) I free my mind from negative thoughts

126) I am able to respectfully ask for anything that I need

127) Soon my baby will be here and this will be a memory

128) I make progress with every contraction

129) I can do this because I am doing it

130) This is my birth I will do it my way

131) I have lots of room for my baby to be born

132) I am able to take deep even breaths

133) My labor will not last forever

134) I am giving my baby the best start I know how

135) I am birthing in harmony with nature

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Wow!  That is an amazing list...Thank you so much for sharing it.

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what a list! thank you!

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I love this list! This is just the thing I really need to be using right now. Thank you!!!

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Good one! I will have to print out some of these. Thanks. :-)

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Excellent!! Thank you!

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Wow - what a great list! Thanks for posting it!
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