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Choosing no ultrasound?

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Anyone planning on not having any ultrasounds during their pregnancy? Or did you avoid them during previous pregnancies?


I honestly never gave it much thought before this pregnancy. But I'm considering not having any this time around any unless my CPM thinks there is a need at some point. 

I'd love to hear about others' experiences and reasons if you care to share. smile.gif

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I had an ultrasound with my first. I didn't with my second. I probably won't with my third, unless there's a specific reason for it.

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Because of threatened m/c I had a LOT of ultrasounds with my first.  I'll probably have one or less this time, and only if the midwife offers.

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I don't plan on having one unless there is a bona fide reason to. I had 2 with my first, but I was with an OB for the first half of my pregnancy. I hadn't learned about the awesome world of midwifery yet.

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No U/S unless deemed necessary by my cpm, no doppler other than in labor either.  I had no idea with my first that U/S could possibly harm him (had 2 u/s).  I've read a lot more since then and just don't feel comfortable doing it unless necessary.  I'll never forget how my 1st would try to get away from the doppler!

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I'm no expert on the history of obstetric care, but I will say that what I've recently read has been really impacting me strongly. Ultrasounds are one aspect I find really fascinating. 

Jackies - I guess I'm really starting to learn more about the awesome world of midwifery. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by wannaBmom_NICU_RN View Post

I'll never forget how my 1st would try to get away from the doppler!


Whoa! That's pretty interesting! And it was just that little wand used to hear the heartbeat?

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We are undecided.  If we have any, it will only be the one at 20 weeks.  I go back and forth on this one a lot! 

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After having an US with my first and second, I came across an article that described getting an US is like having a jet engine taking off in the womb. I did more research and definitely choose not to get one with my third or fourth. Same goes for this one.
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In my first pregnancy, we used only a doppler. In my second pregnancy, we started with a doppler before the heartbeat could be detected via fetoscope and then used a doppler for labor. I would prefer to use a doppler only during labor, but if I choose a provider who really would like to check the baby's heartbeat before she can hear it with a fetoscope, that's something I personally would be okay with compromising on.

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It's so interesting to me . . . I had two with my first pg (threatened miscarriage), and DS1 always did try to run away from the doppler, too.


I had none with 2nd pg - used some doppler, but not a lot.


None with 3rd pg and some doppler but not a lot.


Won't have any with this one unless there's a good reason.  Doppler is okay with me occasionally.


My SIL is an OB/GYN and I overheard a conversation she was having with my other SIL while 2nd SIL was pg.  2nd SIL was pointing out that most people at her birth center didn't have u/s (although she chose to).  1st SIL said, in tones of true shock, "but . . . but . . . how can you go through a whole pregnancy without an ultrasound?  What if something was *wrong*?"


Um.  Almost everything that could be wrong is something nobody can change.  Anyway . . . 2whistle.gif

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We will use the Doppler at 9 weeks to hear a heartbeat, and then stick to the Fetoscope after that if at all possible.


I'm still undecided, but I think we'll probably just get one U/S around 21 weeks so we can find out the gender. My midwife is totally fine with us doing as few as we'd like, so unless something comes up, I think we'll just stick with one.

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With my first I had the standard 7 week, nuchal trans., and gender/make-sure-all-the-parts-are-there-one, and then the horrible there's-no-heart-beat-at-38-weeks one.


Second baby I had all the standard ones that OB's have done and then I had 1 per week for the last like 6 weeks or something because of being somewhat high risk.


This time I am doing my own prenatals until week 28. Then I am going to see the OB that I had last time and I am assuming he will do one sometime around then.

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Does anybody own a fetoscope? I am thinking of getting one maybe in a month or so. I forget when you can start using one reliably.

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I don't own a fetoscope, but they are hard to do! My midwife last time would offer to let me listen, and I could never hear anything. Generally, you can't rely on them before 18 weeks.

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I definitely won't have an U/S or use doppler except if necessary {I decide that} during labor. Doppler is worse than U/S since it is continuous transmitting frequency. My DD always ran away from the doppler and it was unsettling to me--she actually kicked it hard once and knocked it out of the MWs hands--at the time I didn't know it was actually worse than U/S as far as the sound waves go. We did a 20 week survey with her, but I really don't see the need to do that again. 

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I had 2 with my first, 1 with my second and I won't be getting one this time unless my MW feels it is necessary. 

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