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at home gluten/celiac testing?

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What type of test is the best to use? I am currently without insurance and I am wanting to get tested. I have several symptoms for gluten sensitivity, and a couple years back when I went gluten free for a few months I had horrible symptoms when I started eating gluten again and a chiro i saw suspected gluten issues, but I didn't want to spend the money oop at the time. TIA

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If you are still wanting to test for gluten sensitivity at home, you might want to check out www.enterolab.com. They send you a container for you to collect your own stool sample and return it to their lab. If you feel better when avoiding gluten, I would probably just stay on a gluten free diet and not worry about testing. Dr. Fine from enterolab looks for anti gliadin antibodies in the stool. It is more sensitive than a blood test. I think his method has been criticized because it gives more positives than conventional testing. It seems better to me though. You will know if your body is reacting to gluten and you can avoid it, hopefully before any permanent damage is done. To get a diagnosis from conventional testing you have to have a positive blood test and an intestinal biopsy that shows damage to the villi.
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To be fair, there is no single conclusive test for gluten other than what you did: remove it and look for change.  Not even a biopsy is conclusive.  I would seriously never have anyone waste the money on gluten testing when doing an elimination is the gold standard even by an immunologists standards.  It's just inconvenient (and of course, doesn't make anyone any money).

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