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Originally Posted by susanghappymom View Post

I'm not disagreeing that it's okay to drink in moderation while nursing, but wanted to share my experience, and why I quit drinking (for the most part) during nursing.


I planned to nurse until my daughter self-weaned (which she did at a quite advanced age).  I'd drink in moderation, but one evening as I was cracking open a beer after confirming we'd go out on the porch and nurse in our rocking chair, my 1 year old, who was just learning to speak, said Nooooooooo! with an anguished voice.  I said What???  She said "Yuckyyyyy!" After a few exchanges, it became clear that not only could she taste the alcohol in my breastmilk, but that she found it distasteful.  I set that beer aside in deference to her.  I always wanted nursing to be a comforting experience for her, of course! and it clearly was not after even one beer!  I consider it one small and temporary sacrifice of parenting.  Again, am certainly not telling others what to do.

My mom insisted that I hated the taste of her breastmilk when she ate broccoli, so she stopped eating it while she was nursing me. This seems like the same sort of thing. They do say that your breastmilk can change taste depending on the food you eat, so that makes sense.


My son hasn't objected to the scotchy taste of my breastmilk, so I guess it's all about what you like!

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LOL! I used to say I only had a little Baileys when the teeth were coming in. Well, I guess I can't use that one anymore. I'm guessing the Bailey's did not do jack anyway. I can't have that guilt anymore? Sheesh. I even passed up a cocktail at our high school reunion and drank coffee instead. Lame!


What's with all the pumpndump talk still then? (sorry--it's been a couple of years)

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Originally Posted by Jennyanydots View Post

Awesome thread! I thought I was the only one!
I'm pg now and in the throes of morning sickness, so even the thought of alcohol turns my stomach, but after this passes I'll still enjoy the occasional beer or glass of wine... And I totally agree that moderate drinking is fine while bf smile.gif

I'm pregnant too and annoyingly would love a beer right now! I think I'm craving the crisp hop-ie flavor and that it would settle my tummy which is still a but touchy. But I'd just rather abstain and maybe have that beer in my 3rd trimester.

Before I got pregnant I was drinking a bit more often then I should have been-- a few times a week. I am still nursing (barely) my 3yo and it would usually be at night to go to sleep. I started to notice at about 2-2.5yo that she wasn't really swallowing much and my boobs didn't feel as full. I do know she was getting a small amount because she complained there was no milk a few times now, I'm 14wks.

I'm a huge lover of wine and usually would stay away from most other types of alcohol, except for some yummy microbrews. Sadly, my family and I know my DH probably gossip about how I'm getting my toddler (at the time) drunk because I'd have one glass in front of them (sometimes more depending on the occasion) and shortly thereafter-- put DD to bed. DD would even ask to nurse around my sister and I'd be embarrassed to do so because I had 2-3 glasses of wine while hanging out the entire evening. It was so frustrating because I tried to explain that the alcohol doesn't metabolize 1 to 1 like people assume.

I decided that once DD hit 2-2.5yo I wouldn't stop breastfeeding. I also decided to live my life and pumping wasn't convenient with a toddler who drinks from a cup. I'm glad to see I'm not alone and can't wait for that glass of Pinot noir!

Oh and furthermore... I always found it strange that my formula-feeding mom friends/family all seem to think that drinking was just fine. That alway made me angry. I even talked with a mom who would babywear her baby (who was like 6mo) and get "hammered" yet I'm sure they gossiped about me and my extended breastfeeding. O_o
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I am not currently nursing, and I can't drink because alcohol gives me migraine headaches, but I am happy to see this thread. I think it's a huge myth that causes a lot of women to either not nurse or wean early.

And breastmilk does pick up flavors from what you eat/drink, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's picking up the taste of alcohol. Beer has a distinct flavor, and some beers have particularly strong flavors. I would expect breastmilk to pick up that flavor just like it picks up the flavor of garlic. (I recall pumping due to oversupply after eating something garlicky and smelling the garlic in my pumped milk.)
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Thank you for this thread! I found it months ago and have been so much happier since I stopped feeling guilty about drinking. I've been preaching to other breastfeeding mothers that it is absolutely ok to drink while breastfeeding.

I'm not sure I saw this in this thread, but there is probably more alcohol in juice than in the breastmilk of a drunk woman! For example, fresh oranges can have up to 0.09% alcohol and juice 0.39%. If your breastmilk was 0.39% you would be dead! I don't give my child juice because of the sugar, but I have never heard anyone suggest the alcohol in it was dangerous.

Why are women being told they can't drink while breastfeeding?
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I was so excited about this thread for about a minute. I have severe social anxiety, and I learned during the years between weaning my 5yo and getting pregnant this time that exactly 4 shots of good whiskey spread over a night out is perfect for relaxing me enough that I can actually talk to people and have a good time. (And I checked a calculator; that gives me a BAH of 0.036%, so not too bad.) This pregnancy has been really hard because now I know something that helps, and I can't do it. greensad.gif

So, I was happy to think I could drink while nursing, but then I realized I still can't because I'm not willing to give up bedsharing. Oh well. greensad.gif At least it means I could have a margarita at dinner, if it's still several hours before bed, right?
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Michellepotter, would you be willing to do a co-sleeper next to the bed for those time that you wanted to drink more than 1-2 drinks? The only time that you would really need to give up safe bedsharing was if you were feeling the effects of the alcohol more than feeling slightly tipsy. Like it would probably be fine if you were not full on tipsy and definitely not drunk, just slightly relaxed. I really doubt that 1 drink (unless made with more than 1 serving, or even 2, of alcohol) would make it unsafe to bedshare unless you are very easily affected by alcohol. For instance, I don't feel the slightest effect from alcohol from 1 or 2 drinks (my definition of 1 drink being 1 serving, either 12 ounces beer, 1 shot of hard liquor, or 6 ounces of wine) unless I haven't had any food in over 4 hours. Before pregnancy, I would regularly have 1 drink with supper and feel nothing from it. I would definitely not bedshare on the nights that you were out socially and had that much whiskey (and I totally get where you are coming from, I also have social anxiety and a couple drinks helps me immensely at parties), but a basinette if your baby is young enough or a co-sleeper or crib next to the bed would be a nice compromise for safety. Anyway, I am loving this thread! I am dedicated to breastfeeding for at least a year (and the more I learn the more I'm thinking 2 years), but I just can't give up a glass of wine with Italian food or a gin-and-Dr Pepper (really, it's so yummy. Especially Tanqueray Rangpur, fruity & refreshing) for that long. I'm having super strong cravings for a G&DrP with summer campfires, but I just don't feel quite comfortable having one during pregnancy (26 weeks, not far to go), although I don't think that 1 drink would actually harm anything based on the research I've done. It's just the social programming that's stopping me right now, but I just can't let it stop me with BFing for that long. I'm still going to be responsible and not go get drunk (at least not often and not that drunk! I've never gotten and never will get blackout drunk and only got puking drunk once when I was a stupid teenager experimenting), but I think that 1-2 drinks really won't come through much and won't harm anything. Of course, I'll pay attention to my baby and quit if I notice she has any effects (not every baby reacts the same way to everything) or seems to get fussy after I have a drink or at least try a different drink to see if it was just the taste (like I would with a food).
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Bazil, I appreciate your suggestion. I was discussing this thread with my husband, and we considered a co-sleeper, but my feeling is that I would not remember to put the baby back in her own space if I was half-asleep, considering that I've bedshared with five other children and I'm really used to it. I'd probably fall asleep nursing, and never move the baby back.

It's ok. I didn't drink for seven years. I can make it until this baby is ready for her own bed. But I am really glad for this thread breaking down one more impediment to breastfeeding, and for knowing that I could have the occasional single drink as long as I'm sober at bedtime.
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After my c-section I was put on Vicodin and Motrin 600 for pain! They knew I was breast feeding obviously. At first I wouldn't take the Vicodin but after the IV pain medicine from the c -section started to wear off the following day I realized how much pain I was in I decided to listen to the nurses and just take it. To me this seams worse than having a couple drinks.
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I haven't see anyone mention this but I've read many places including kellymom.com that you should hold off drinking until baby is 3 months because they can not metabolize well before 3 months.
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I'll have a couple of glasses of wine every few weeks and my baby is under 3 months. I think having a relaxed, calm, happy attitude in general is more important to my baby than a tiny bit of alcohol crossing into her milk once or twice a month.
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My IBCLC and my midwives said it was fine to drink the occasional glass of wine right away, they didn't say to wait 3 months. In fact one of them told me to do it as soon as I got home from the hospital because of a stressful discharge experience. I hear good things about kellymom but I trust my practitioners more than someone on the Internet I've never met.
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After my baby was born I had anxiety and depression.  I was so excited to have a drink because it would help me relax and feel human again.  However, my in-laws literally yelled at me that I was getting my baby drunk and he would become an alcoholic (some alcoholism on my husband's side).  I pretty much drank nothing until he was around 9 months and nursing less.  I still haven't had more than 1-2 drinks and haven't even felt buzzed.  This is such a relief.  I really was considering weaning at one because I felt so restricted while nursing.

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I am breastfeeding my 18 month old and did drink since baby's birth. I would have 5-6 drinks spread out through the weekend. Sometimes I felt guilty though that occasionally baby would want to nurse before the full two hours would go by. Honestly, I would have suffered ppd if I didn't get a chance to unwind after a long work week, and I think it is better than taking an anti-anxiety pill every day. I had to stop reading other sites bc other moms can be so righteous!
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Originally Posted by Biofarmer View Post

After my baby was born I had anxiety and depression.  I was so excited to have a drink because it would help me relax and feel human again.  However, my in-laws literally yelled at me that I was getting my baby drunk and he would become an alcoholic (some alcoholism on my husband's side).  I pretty much drank nothing until he was around 9 months and nursing less.  I still haven't had more than 1-2 drinks and haven't even felt buzzed.  This is such a relief.  I really was considering weaning at one because I felt so restricted while nursing.

I'm very sorry about your inlaws being rude and IMHO ignorant about human lactation. I've had the same infuriating conversation so many times with my family and they still don't keep their mouths shut. I tell them to do some research before assuming I'm getting my baby drunk.

I've even have gone as far as (morbidly) saying "it's like blood alcohol levels, if you were to drink my blood right now, would you be drunk from my drinking a glass or two of wine?" and it's even less in breastmilk from what I've read but it's a great discussion-ender explaining in those terms.
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My baby gets EBM at 10pm or so, and I feel comfortable when having a drink to pump and dump afterwards, even though it is silly.


Jura Whiskey all the way!!!

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Check the research on pumping and dumping before pouring your hard work down the drain - it may not be necessary!
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Originally Posted by IdentityCrisisMama View Post

Check the research on pumping and dumping before pouring your hard work down the drain - it may not be necessary!


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I have. Also asked my LC friend about it. It is not necessary, Kellymom says that, too. BUT it is okay, if the mother is more comfortable with it, which I am. There is always spare BM in the fridge and I researched the peak times and when alcohol is out of the system again. I know it is silly, but am just happier with that. I pump 6oz in 10 minutes, so it is not too much work.


But I agree, I don't HAVE to do that.

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