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Too small for Snappi?

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I can't make my Snappis work for me and I don't understand why. My baby is 2w old and 10.5 lb. We're using prefolds from a diaper service and I keep trying to snug them up with a Snappi in hopes of preventing poop blowouts onto the covers (which are ours to launder as needed).

Have tried different folds and it seems like there is never enough overlap at the hips for the Snappi to snag. I worry about the teeth poking through to her skin. Also it seems hard to get enough tension for it to hold; I seem to end up with a dangling Snappi more often than not.

I thought these were supposed to be easy-to-use lifesavers! Is my DD too narrow in the hips? Are my prefolds too small? What fold would you recommend? Is there a newborn sized Snappi? What am I missing?
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Could be the prefold. Most are too long and too narrow.
I love gmd. They give you more width to cover the hips. They ar also shorter so you don't have the bulk from having to fold over so much. You can check their website to see how yours compare.

My baby always outgrew by width.

You could also try a different fold. The bikini twist is good for getting rid of excess length.
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I tried the Snappi and didn't care much for it. I feared it's teeth would find their way into my baby's skin. Plus, it didn't seem as comfortable as the pocket diapers we've moved to. That said the way I found it worked best for me, was to lay diaper down flat (I was using sized GMD prefolds, but this is where I would fold down front or back if prefold is too long), center baby, then fold in each side to bring through legs. This makes it so the back is spread out, and the front is trifolded.  I then attached Snappi, while adjusting the front to spread out, so that back of prefold could overlap nicely. I first attached the left side, then the right, and once everything was yanked properly into place, I attached the center. After Snappi-ing, I would tuck the legs of the prefold in all around. With this method I never had any poopsplosions, or mishaps of any kind. And even though I worried, there really was enough space on each side to attach Snappi.

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Thanks for the input!
rtjunker, I've just tried the method you described and the Snappi did go on better! We will see at next change how it did to contain everything.
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I hope it works for you.

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What I discovered at the beginning is that I had to put the Snappi on twice.  Left then right, then adjust the diaper and redo the left, then the right again, and only when I was satisfied with that did I do the center.  There ARE 2 sizes of Snappi though, so make sure you don't have the toddler one.  But if you have gaps at the hips, I'd look into a larger PF. 

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