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Oops wrong post.

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How are we going team(s)?  It's been very, very quiet here!  

I have had a pretty good week, but the last couple of days have let me down.  My cycle is still going, and I am having hormonal PMS overload.  Some bad food decisions happened over the weekend.  I'm hoping that I have offset those decisions through exercise, but tomorrow shall tell the story.  


I am thinking about cutting bread back out of my diet for a little while, again.  I did this for a while in the beginning, but changed it back up when I plateaued.  I don't have anything against bread, per se, I just think maybe I should try and be a bit more creative!  

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I have gotten a bit better this week in the exercise department.  Eating - well the potato chips were calling my name and I gave in. I need to eat fruit/veggies instead but I was just craving salty.

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I've been eating junk this week. A lot of emotional eating. I did go to my hockey classes and I walked the other days. Also drank lots of water. I don't know if I've lost any this past week.

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I'm posting my weight from Saturday 235.5 because we are out of town and I do not have access to a scale.  We will be back for next Monday's weigh-in.  I am hoping the hiking and swimming will offset the eating out and 'car snacking' while traveling.





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Gah!  What a day. What a week!  AF finally showed up (I was getting worried!).  Explains my non-negotiable cravings for sweet and salty this last week. Ate horribly yesterday. Not doing fabulous today but have offset the calories with a 4.25 mile run, some pushups, situps and tricep dips.  Would love to go for another run this evening but don't think that will be happening.  Hoping for a loss on the scale in the morning, but have I mentioned that salty sweet cravings???


I'm going to try to get myself out of bed a little earlier for the next couple weeks and squeeze in a mile before I have to be in my classroom in the mornings.  Also going to try for evening walks with a couple of ladies in my neighborhood 3 evenings a week. 


5 weeks until my triathlon - need to really get in the pool and swim!

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so 1.5 lb less

i did quite well on the exercise front ... but a few slip ups with late night eating of cookies and the like ...

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I am at 241.0 this morning.  Go blue team!

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Slow and steady here. 187 for the red team.
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138 for me. Go red team!

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187.4. no change.
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I am at 184 this week - I feel like I have been in the 183 to 185 range for a while so I guess it is time for me to shake up the routine!


Back later with stats for all :D

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189.8 this morning. I'm not sure what team I'm on yet- but yea!
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down 3.0 lbs from last week (so 3.5 total)

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174.5 today. Down 2 lbs. Yay!

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140.8. looks good on paper, but i have huge fears that i'm pregnant. which wouldn't be a terrible thing, but it sure would derail the weight loss LOL. i've been pretty hungry and eating what i want. limiting the quantities, but eating whatever, whenever. like, i just had an instant pancake with syrup. i'm avoiding the sausage though. (i made my kids breakfast.)


Milkshake -- did you get your period yet??


i'm late. i don't know how late, i wasn't keeping track. but i fear i'm very late... last time i'm pretty sure i got my period was end of April.


... to be continued.

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I'm down to 179.2 this morning.  Only 33 days left till my daughter's wedding.  I'm hoping for another -7 lbs before then.

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Well, I blew it once I got back from my trip - it was an intense family thing and though I kept it together diet-wise while we were away, I've been treating myself waaay too much since we got back. Finally my son goes back to nursery tomorrow after the break, so my bike to school program is back on, and I now know how to do weight loss with my aging metabolism - lots of work!


I'll get back on that horse now, giddiup!


154 today. ooops.

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At least I'm not gaining. I have not been eating well since Mother's Day, and even though I've been exercising consistently I'm not doing great. Dd 1 is home for the summer, so we're hitting the gym together and trying to help each other eat better.

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213     Too much sugar last week. Back on track now.

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