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The eight week healthy weight loss challenge - version 3.0 (starting 21/05/21) - Page 9

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I hope you feel better soon Milk8Shake!

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Not as much exercise as I usually get. My ds isn't sleeping well. I'm doing the best I can. I'm switching my rink time from Thursday to Tuesday so I can be more consistent about going. After my 1 1/2 hour hockey class the night before, I'm just too tired and sore to go to the rink. I'm eating better than I did last week. Still struggling with the late night snacking though.

When I'm beyond just regular tired is when I'm looking for something to eat for quick energy. Usually something not so healthy, like sugar. greensad.gif  Our veggie box came this morning so maybe I'll make a soup to have on hand for those times.

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I have been doing some fabulous work outs this week, feeling good, seeing the numbers go down. BUT, woke up this morning feeling super wiped out and I think I am getting sick. Next week is a crazy week at work so I am taking it really easy today (and tomorrow I think) in hopes of not getting sick. Not ideal for dropping pounds but I plan to help the blue team this week!

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Hope everyone that is feeling ill gets better soon!


Workouts are going pretty good this week.  Public pool is open, so I've been going with the kids (the 2 yo never stops moving!).  Thursday was kettlebell class and I did part of it with a 25 lb bell, part with my usual 22 lb bell.  Friday was boot camp day: lots of running and agility work. Today I did a 5K mud run (my first ever!) and had a great time.  Tomorrow will be another run and/or swimming.

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I went to my hockey class this morning and added an extra 35 minutes of skating, Mostly stops and sprints. Good work out. Came home and went for a walk with my family. :)    No chance to get to the rink tomorrow so I'll have to find something else to do. Maybe Kinect games with the kids. I'm hoping to see a loss on the scale on Monday.

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Wahooo.. . Finally down.  Yay!  4 pounds till I hit my next goal.

In other news, starting to recover from my stupid flu.  My nose, and everything in it's vicinity is peeling now, because I was blowing it so much.  Very attractive.

I went to the gym today, and I have definitely lost a bit of condition, but I am still a bit tight and fluey in the chest.


Hope everyone else is doing okay as well?  Looking forward to some great check ins! 

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Plugging along here. Losing slowly which is the best I can do right now with my little one nursing so much. Did a good workout Friday that kicked my butt. Oi! I have lost a lot of muscle this last pregnancy.

Dh is headed out of town for three weeks and I will make the best of it. I always lose when he is gone. With four kids to look after, there is no time to eat!
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didn't do so much physical activity this last week ... on the other hand also did less late night cookie snacking, so who know how it's going to turn out tomorrow morning ...


baught some sarouel type of trousersfrom a market stall, perfect color and cheap .... but one size only, i can get in ....but it doesn't look so good with all the bumps here and there ... another incentive for loosing so that I can maybe use them for training during dance class next october


.... (only 3 more classes and a 3 months summer break .... wish i was organised enough with the children to carve myself some exercise time in the privacy of my bedroom during the long school holiday ....)

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hi all! sorry barefootmama, i didn't have time last week to log in and give you my numbers. So last week i weighed 131 lbs, and today is 130.

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Are weigh ins still on Mondays?

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Yep, as far as I know.  So it was my birthday on Saturday.  To much salty food and lax exercise last week makes for a bad weigh-in - 246.2 pounds.  Watching the Extreme Make Over: Weight loss edition last night about a woman who was at 355 pounds and had PCOS and got down to 148 pounds in one year of intense exercise and lifestyle changes was inspiring.  Must move more.

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Hallelujah!  The scale moved (in the right direction)!


184.6 this morning!  joy.gif2.8 lbs lost this week. 


Go Red!!

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185 for me this morning. Red team.
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Weighed in at 206 today - hoorah!


Sorry, I was on holidays last week and did not weigh in.


Dmitrizmom - how did you mud run go?  they look very neat.

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No change for me this week.

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140.8 for me, which means I've apparently gained back all the weight I've lost this challenge over the course of one weekend??? We were camping and due to smores (4) and drinks (3) around the fire, I wasn't expecting to lose, but gaining a pound a day? Really??? #@$%.

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166  which means back up 2lb

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Todays weigh in...144. I am feeling very happy with that. Good luck ladies!

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189.8 again- too many salty snacks this weekend and too little exercise. (blue team)
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142.6. haven't been trying at all, since my period is still late and i'm in this weird state of flux, with negative pregnancy tests. going to give it a bit more time and then go to the doctor for a check up...

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