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A lovely gift

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I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful birth necklace, made possible by Rebirth and Broodywoods and all the mamas that put their time, beads and good intentions into making them. My boys think it is a magical amulet, it's so cute. I can definitely feel every ones good energy when I wear it, and I really dig the affirmations. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

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Yes, a HUGE thank you to Rebirth! This necklace is amazing...I was so touched at the affirmations...what an awesome gift. <3
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Ohhhh I can't wait to get mine!!!

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Me too!!  I will be checking the mail as soon as I get home!

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I would also like to say Thank You!  So awesome.  :)

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Thank you so much Ladies! You made my day. Beautiful beads and affirmations.

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I'm having DH check the PO today--so excited to see them!


What a sweet idea and an act of love on the part of all mamas who particpated, notably rebirth for stringing and broody for organizing. heartbeat.gif

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I'm in AZ and haven't gotten mine yet- any update?

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I received my necklace and affirmations a while ago, but am just now winding down at work and have time (finally!) to post. Thank you so much for stringing these, Rebirth, and for setting up the group Broody. I'm really looking forward to feeling the good vibes of all you ladies during my VBAC! love.gif

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I was so jazzed to receive mine yesterday. Thanks to everyone who contributed and to Rebirth and Broody!

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I'm on the west coast and just assuming that we'll be the last to get them. Totally excited to see it!

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I'm on the east coast, and I haven't gotten mine either, but I was one of the ones who sent money instead of a return shipping box/envelope, so I expected to be one of the last... also, I'm not due till the end of the month. There are many mamas who will need their birth necklace before I will! :) I'm totally excited to see it, though, after hearing all the praise here and on FB!

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Got mine! So beautiful! Thanks to everyone who participated, and extra thanks to Broody and Rebirth for organizing the whole thing. I know this necklace will be something I treasure forever. joy.gif

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Has any Canadian mom's received beads?  I have not  :(

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Not in Canada, but close (NH) and haven't gotten mine yet... Hoping that because I'm posting here, it will come in tomorrow's mail :)  I'm so excited to see it!

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Got mine today!!!  I was so impatient but it was worth the wait!!  The necklace is lovely and the affirmations and personal note from Mamainthedessert ROCKS!!! 

I just can't believe it took 15 days by post to get a letter!!!

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I checked with DH b/c he did the mailing and he said put a Priority Mail mailer in the envelope. Do you think it would take this long to reach the West Coast?


Just checked the PO yesterday but maybe today.....

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I'm so sad, I haven't gotten my birth necklace...At this point, do you think I should assume USPS lost it? :(  I'm not sure if there's any way to track it down--

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I never got mine either. I'm assuming at this point that I won't :(

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I'm so upset by this. :(

Rebirth....do we have any way of checking this out with the post office?

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