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How do you store these items?

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Digital Camera

Gift Wrapping Supplies

Scrapbooking Supplies


Flashlight (In case of power outage)

Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape)

Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,)

Photo albums and photo boxes

Off season clothing



Keep in mind I have NO extra closet space, the teeny tiny ones I have are being used for clothing, so storing in a closet is not an option. Also, I prefer labeled organization, otherwise I never remember what I put into a drawer or cabinet. Clear and labeled is better sometimes...

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Lightbulbs - pantry

Batteries - pantry

Chargers - next to batteries in pantry

Digital Camera - on a hook

Gift Wrapping Supplies - i keep mine in the closet

Scrapbooking Supplies - ditto

Candles - pantry

Flashlight (In case of power outage) - pantry

Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape) - caddy

Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,) - caddy

Photo albums and photo boxes - wicker box

Off season clothing - one container per person in closet

Liquor - small cabinet

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Without seeing your house, I don't know what will work for you. But here's what I do:

Lightbulbs- We have a high shelf built around the perimeter of our laundry room, maybe 18 inches or so from the ceiling. I put them in a basket up there.

Batteries- In the dining room in a container in the buffet
Chargers- We have our TV on a dresser rather than a typical entertainment center, so 1 drawer is for cameras, chargers, etc.
Digital Camera
Gift Wrapping Supplies- In a big gift bag in the closet, but I used to use a garment bag.

Scrapbooking Supplies- We have a dresser/armoire in the living room and that stuff goes in here

Candles- In the basement only used for emergencies

Flashlight (In case of power outage) We each have a flashlight on our nightstand in case we need to get up in the middle of the night.

Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape) Stuff we use frequently goes in a drawer in the kitchen Over flow is going in the living room armoire

Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,) We have 3 big china cabinets that connect together in the dining room. I put them in pretty boxes with clear labels that you only see when you are close.

Photo albums and photo boxes Living room armoire

Off season clothing- in a bin on the floor or shelf of each closet. Saved bigger sizes of hand-me-downs go in the attic

Liquor- I think we have had a few bottles in the basement, but we don't drink, so it's like 7 years old... should probably get rid of that. hehe.
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I have a pie safe that has two drawers and shelves which we use as a pantry. I keep lightbulbs and extension cords in one drawer. We rarely have much liquor because we can't afford it. The random bottle goes in the pie safe.


I keep batteries in the "meat" drawer (for cold cuts?) in the fridge.


We generally charge things at the vanity counter (separate from the sink area) of the 1st floor bathroom because there is an outlet there. So we keep the chargers in the vanity drawer.


Gift wrap supplies live in my bedroom closet. I have one of those tall rubbermaid containers intended for rolls of paper. I usually wrap gifts in my room since it's out of the way and family members are less likely to walk through. Since you don't have closet space, you could get a long shallow container and possibly store it under the bed. I love storing things in drawers if you have or can acquire a dresser with drawers long enough for rolls of wrapping paper. Or just don't get rolls if they are a PIA to store.


Flashlights are under the kitchen sink and in bedside tables. I just have a book light by my bed but ds has a flashlight. Dh keeps a flashlight by his desk in his home office.


I like to keep craft stuff in the kitchen. Ds doesn't use crafts much but I have a drawer in the kitchen plus some of those closetmaid cubical shelves with fabric bins. Office supplies go with craft supplies except for things that are printer oriented which go in dh's office.


We have few enough clothes that we don't need to pack off season things away. I'll put winter gear (boots and snowpants) in a bin.

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Lightbulbs - Basement 'storage room' area.  They're also in a plastic bin that's only for lightbulbs (did this a few years ago so we don't have to search for them).


Batteries - same as lightbulbs


Chargers - for camera stuff or things that go with the computer, a bowl by the computer on top of the desk.  I've labeled all the cords with a simple address label so we know what they go with.  There are a few (esp kinds the cats chew on) that are in the bedroom, where we charge other stuff.  If there are any other chargers, they're labeled and in a ziploc bag in the drawer of the computer desk, or packed in a box of 'misc computer things' because we don't use them often enough to have them around.  We recently tossed A WHOLE LOT of misc chargers - it was awesome. 


Digital Camera - the DSLR in its camera bag - most things that go with it are in there too.  The other one needs it's own larger bag, but right now it's stuff is as I mentioned above with 'chargers'.


Gift Wrapping Supplies - I have 2 hanger bags that are in the attic.  There may also be 2 boxes with misc stuff that I need to sort through and toss or get into the hanging storage.


Scrapbooking Supplies - Don't really do this, but I have a small computer paper box with random stuff that's similar to it.


Candles - I have this tiered, old fashioned picnic storage box they're mostly in ( kinda like a tiffin box? so it has 3-4 layers) and I keep anything there in a sideboard with random office extras/decoration things/family pictures I rotate in and out of the room.


Flashlight (In case of power outage) - Hanging in front closet on hook under my coat, there's also one in dh's closet (in upstairs hallway) on a hook under his belts or something.  Also may have them in our nightstands, and dd by her bed too.


Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape) -  Small bin in a cabinet by our computer desk, others in a sideboard in our living room.


Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,) - I have a skinny plastic drawer unit, and a few various plastic shoeboxes, but all this stuff isn't terribly well organized at the moment.


Photo albums and photo boxes - Right now these are still boxed up from having been stored away.


Off season clothing - I honestly try not to keep it separate, and keep my clothes so they all fit in my dresser/closet but I currently need to get rid of stuff so -- At the moment I have one laundry bag of stuff I took out of my dresser and dh has one box from his in each of our closets.  Coats stay in the front closet  


Liquor -  Top of our skinny pantry cabinet.  



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is this really just about storing or how to store?

I do have closets for most things.


Lightbulbs - in old collectable lunch boxes (metal) on display in our home (mostly kitchen)

Batteries - buy the items where they are kept

Chargers- with the item 

Digital Camera - with the item (in a small case) on handy shelf

Gift Wrapping Supplies - as PP mentioned - larger made for paper storage container (in closet)


Scrapbooking Supplies- n/a


Candles - stored in decorative tins, wrapped in wax paper

Flashlight (In case of power outage) - where they are needed, by bed, in closet without light, in go to bag

Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape) - by desk also by each phone and in kitchen in cup

Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,) - large box in child's closet

Photo albums and photo boxes - bookshelf

Off season clothing-in regular closet with exception of wools in cedar closet

Liquor- depends on use - cooking in kitchen cabinet, drinking (we have a bar), beer in pantry (in dark box)

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Originally Posted by LoveOurBabies View Post

Lightbulbs - pantry

Batteries - pantry

Chargers - next to batteries in pantry

Digital Camera - on a hook

Gift Wrapping Supplies - i keep mine in the closet

Scrapbooking Supplies - ditto

Candles - pantry

Flashlight (In case of power outage) - pantry

Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape) - caddy

Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,) - caddy

Photo albums and photo boxes - wicker box

Off season clothing - one container per person in closet

Liquor - small cabinet

When you say pantry, are you referring to your kitchen pantry? Like where you keep your food staples? Maybe I should just clear a spot there??

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Batteries, Chargers, Digital Camera - These are all kept on the charging station.  We converted one shelf of a bookcase into the catch-all space for this stuff.  We got a power strip that will take a bunch of the cords with power boxes on them, and plugged everything in there.  We mostly use rechargeable batteries, and my camera uses a battery pack, so it's all localized in one spot.  It's not pretty, but we can find stuff.   

Candles - Other than the ones that are in the candelabras around the house, these are in a tub in the basement.  We just don't use them often enough to keep them upstairs.

Flashlight (In case of power outage) - we have quite a few of these.  One is kept in the over-door organizer on the bathroom door.  One is in a nightstand drawer, one is on top of the piano.  They're scattered around so we can always be near one. 

Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape) - we got a rolling drawer organizer for this kind of stuff - the kind with lots of shallow drawers (think it has 6).  We just had too much of it.  It also holds things like printer paper, labels, and any other random office supply that doesn't have a designated location. 

Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,) - all of this is kept in open-top crates on bookshelves out of the kidlet's reach.  He's not old enough to use them unsupervised yet. 

Photo albums and photo boxes - in a tub in the basement. 

Off season clothing - in a tub under the bed, although we don't have a ton of it, since we're in a mild climate.  Mostly it was maternity/nursing clothes, but right now it's holding the pants I can't fit into until after I have this baby. 

Liquor - dedicated liquor cabinet/hutch. 


We also have no closet space in this old house, so we've had to get creative, mostly with open shelving.  2 entire bookcases were turned over to the kidlet's stuff (one big, one small).  Toys, art supplies, etc.  One was turned over to the charging station and cat food, still has 2 empty shelves.  One was turned over to parenting books, travel cups/klean kanteens/baby bottles/sippy cups, cookbooks, craft books.  One was converted into a work station to hold my food processor, stand mixer, blender at work height, with high storage for mixing bowls, and the recycling bin down below. 

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Lightbulbs - On a shelf in the basement. We have IKEA shelving in the room with the furnace and hot water tank. It also holds camping gear, sports gear, tools and toolbox. Other spots that I've used in other houses are the linen closet or under the sink in the bathroom or in the pantry (yes, where we keep kitchen staples). 

Batteries - In a shoebox and then on a shelf in the office

Chargers - These tend to float and don't get put away. I have a drawer in a wardrobe in the master bedroom where they are supposed to go, along with camera equipment (lenses etc.)

Digital Camera - Drawer in the wardrobe.  

Gift Wrapping Supplies - Birthday, baby shower, anniversary wrap, bags and ribbons all go in an organizer (it looks kind of like a heavy-duty dry-cleaning plastic bag with large and small pockets) that hangs on hanger in the closet in the office. I stopped buying wrapping paper years ago, and the supply has dwindled to the point that I've been stuck a couple of times this spring for gift-giving occasions. Now I use mostly plain brown bags and decorate them with fancy ribbon, so that's what's left in the organizer, along with any gift bags that come our way. Christmas ribbon and gift bags are in a large rubbermaid box stuffed in storage space under our stairs to the basement. I bought both the hanging organizer and the rubbermaid box about 25 years ago, before I was really working to eliminate plastic from our home.  

Scrapbooking Supplies - on IKEA shelving in the finished part of the basement (it's our family room area, with the t.v. and bookshelves). It also holds games and other craft supplies. 

Candles - in a drawer in a unit in the dining room/living room area. 

Flashlight (In case of power outage) - various places around the house so they are at hand if needed - one under the kitchen sink, one under the bathroom sink in the finished basement, one in the hall linen closet. Only one is a wind-up flashlight. I keep meaning to buy at least a couple more wind-ups - one for each of the kids to keep in their bedrooms and possibly one for the guest bedroom. I keep a small flashlight on my keychain in my purse. It has been unbelievably useful in all sorts of situations. 

Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape) - in the office, in a desk drawer. It's a freestanding drawer unit from IKEA. 

Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,) - shelving in the basement for games and craft supplies. When we haven't had a basement, we've kept the shelving in whatever  family room we've had. 

Photo albums and photo boxes - albums are mostly on the bookshelf, but we have boxes of old photos, disks of photos and videos that need to be sorted and dealt with somehow. It is a major project that I'd like to work on, after our next move into a more permanent house. Right now they are stored in the basement, and it makes me a little queasy since they are at risk if the basement ever flooded. 

Off season clothing - Right now we have enough closet/wardrobe/bureau space to keep our off-season clothing in our closets. In the past, I've used boxes under the beds or stored them in basement/attic. 

Liquor - we have a shelf in the kitchen, but we don't have that much. I keep a bottle each of red vermouth and white vermouth for cooking (very handy substitutes for red and white wine), and they are kept with oils, vinegars and that sort of stuff. There are also a couple of bottles of whisky (single malt, rye) and some brandy. When I have vodka, I keep it in the freezer. Oh, and there's a bottle of Pimm's in the fridge, left over from last summer. 


Under-the-bed boxes on casters are very useful for storing out-of-season clothes, and odds and ends like extra batteries, flashlights etc. 

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I won't list where i keep most of the items on your list, because here. most of those things are in closets.


However, my gift wrapping and scrapbooking supplies are in a dresser drawer of a chest-of-drawers that I use just for storage.  The reason is because I don't have a "craft room" closet, so I use this piece of furniture for storing the tons of trims and buttons and zippers and sewing odds and ends...but I bet you could fit all the things that you mentioned in one dresser.  I used another dresser one time in a tiny kitchen without cabinets for storing my dishes and things, too, so i can state from experience that dressers work great for storage of things other than clothes.  HTH.

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Thank you all for your responses, I find it helpful to see where people store these things in their homes. A friend on another board mentioned maybe getting one of those clear plastic hanging shoe organizers to hang on the back of the closet door to store most of this stuff, and I am thinking it would work great. Sometimes you just need people to get creative with you, and help you figure some things out, lol.

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I use a shoe organizer like that for all sorts of odds and ends. I have a pretty cloth one which, of course, makes it hard to see what's in each pocket. But it's in my living room on the outside of the closet so it looks nicer:-)

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This is what we do at our house - 



Lightbulbs - underneath the kitchen sink in a plastic shoebox with lid. 

Batteries - in the "junk drawer" in the kitchen (where zip ties, toothpicks, matches, a few screwdrivers, paper for starting the grill's chimney starter, tin foil, etc. lives. 

Chargers - plugged in and laid on the side tables in the bedroom. 

Digital Camera - on the desk (if we put it away we don't take as many pictures).

Gift Wrapping Supplies - plastic under bed storage box. 

Scrapbooking Supplies - plastic ten gallon storage box, that sit underneath a side table in the living room and is covered with a tablecloth you can't see it. 

Candles - in the freezer. They actually burn longer if they're stored there!

Flashlight (In case of power outage) - in strategic spots around the house - underneath the bed, in the front hall button box table, in the kitchen junk drawer.

Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape) - in a cup on my sewing desk, on husband's desk, in a cup in the kitchen next to our wall calendar. 

Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,) - we have a craft cupboard that is currently the cupboard above the refrigerator. 

Photo albums and photo boxes - plastic ten gallon storage box that lives in the front hall closet. 

Off season clothing - plastic under bed storage box and just hanging in the closet, moved to the side.

Liquor - we have this bar from Crate & Barrel, that is a small enough profile that it just tucks into our dining area. 

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It does help to think outside the box. I like to stock up on things when they go on sale, so I need space for stuff.


We don't have a lot of kitchen storage space, so when we stock up on canned goods, cereal, etc we put it on shelves in the laundry room.


Extra toilet paper and paper towels - which take up a lot of room - go on a shelf in the garage.


We have shoe rack things over the door of several closets - in the foyer for mittens, caps, sunscreen and mosquito spray; in the bathrooms for lots of things: extra new toothbrushes, deoderant, thermometers, chapstick - little things that can get lost in a closet or drawer.


Wrapping supplies are in a long Rubbermaid tub on the top shelf of my closet - but it would fit under a bed.

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Lightbulbs-  freestanding cabinet in living room or on basement shelf


Batteries- desk drawer


Chargers- dh puts his somewhere and no one else has any


Digital Camera- mine is on my computer desk and doesn't really get put away


Gift Wrapping Supplies- behind bathroom door currently in a tall box, we don't keep a lot on hand


Scrapbooking Supplies- none


Candles- kitchen cabinet, living room cabinet


Flashlight (In case of power outage)- bedroom next to beds, cabinet in living room


Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape)- desk drawers, long flower planter with separate cups made from old milk cartons filled with crayons, markers, pencils, scissors, tape, glue, etc on top of a shelf unit in dining area, paper is stored at desk or on shelf


Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,)- I have a craft/sewing closet now. I have the holiday decoration on one shelf and the other shelves labeled. I have some drawer units and baskets. I have things hanging on the walls.


Photo albums and photo boxes- under my bed mostly


Off season clothing- we don't really put clothes away for each season so they stay in dressers and closets unless they no longer fit


Liquor- I was going to say none but remembered we have 2 boxes of beer on top of the refrigerator along with dh's beer making supplies. We have a tall ceiling height so there is a lot of room to stack things vertically.



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Light bulbs 

     - top shelf linen closet



     - bottom right-hand drawer of side-board



     - bottom right hand drawer of freestanding wooden book-case


Digital Camera

     - top right hand drawer of side-board


Gift Wrapping Supplies

     - bottom of my half of the wardrobe


Scrapbooking Supplies

     - none



     - bottom left-hand drawer of the sideboard


Flashlight (In case of power outage)

    - on the shelf where we keep the remotes


Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape) 

     - pencils & pens in jars on freestanding wooden bookshelf, tape also. Other supplies in wooden bowl on top of the glass-fronted bookself


Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,) 

     - used to be on top shelf of son's wardrobe. Now they are teens, almost gone except for some crayons in zip-locks in the glass-fronted book case.


Photo albums and photo boxes -photo albums

    - most on wooden freestanding book shef, some in side-board. Large box of photos to "some-day" be put in albums at bottom of my half of the wardrobe


Off season clothing

    - in plastic boxes in shed



    -  wine  & spirits- in pantry

    - beer in fridge (except for stout, which sometimes goes to pantry first, because we mostly use it for cooking)

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