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New to mothering !

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I'm a 36 year old Mom of a 2 year old boy, and I'm 4 months pregnant with my 2nd child. I work full time also. I found the Mothering site while searching for some information on depression and pregnacy. Looks interesting so far. 

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I just moved to North Dakota... near Elgin... I have 3 kids. 13,10, 18 months and I just found out I'm pregnant again!!! :) But I'm all alone... I don't know anyone here... All my friends and Family are over 12 hours away. I'm in desperate need of a friend in North Dakota! Especially someone to help me know about the birth scene here... I have heard the hospital in Elgin doesn't deliver... and that my only options are over an hour away... I'm scared! I come from an area where all the hospitals deliver babies and the farthest I was ever away from one was 15min. I have no idea what to think... my last labor was only about 3 1/2 hours... and most of that was mild even though I was induced...



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Welcome, mrsfesta. Here's a link to our postpartum depression thread in case it's helpful. And, here's an older thread on pregnancy and depression. Maybe you'd like to start a new thread on the topic in I'm Pregnant. And, have you joined a Due Date Club yet?


Let me know how I can help you find your way on the forums.

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Welcome, kadco77. Gosh, I don't blame you for being scared. I moved when I was pregnant and I felt alone at first too. Do you know about our Tribes? Here's the North/South Dakota/Montana/Wyoming tribe. And, here's a post about the ND for Safe Birth Facebook page. 


Also, sounds like you might benefit from a doula and/or a midwife.


Good luck finding some new friends. Also, consider going to a La Leche League meeting. Maybe there's a holistic moms or attachment parenting group in your area. 


Let me know how I can help you.

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