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3 year old FINALLY using potty!!!

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Oh dear, this has been such a huge stress.  Up until a week ago, he would literally scream NOOOOOOOOOO if I suggested using a potty.  I realize he's only 3 and not cause for concern but with another one on the way, I really want him to be at least out of diapers during the day.  :)  


So, finally (FINALLY), he started using it on Sunday.  He's so proud of himself, a big grin when he goes.  No pooping yet but peeing is a success.  It's so funny....he grabs his penis and yells "I gotta gooooooooo!" and there is a mad dash to the bathroom.  Then he gets there and squeezes it so tight that he can't even pee.  "Ease up, buddy" we tell him and then it comes.  


Hillarious....so much different than how it went with our daughter.  LOL.

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LOL. my almost 3 year old is potty trained at home during the day, but I also have a 13 month old. I see changing lots of diapers in my future. 

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My 4 year old still wears diapers at night. He sometimes stays dry, but he drinks a ton of water, and I would rather support his water habit than monitor it just so he doesn't have to wear a dipe at night. He is fully day trained though, and has been for quite some time.


My nearly two year old, though, will be wearing diapers full time when the new baby is here I am sure. He is somewhat interested in the potty, and will tell me after he has peed or pooped, but I see a ways to go before he is using the potty.


My oldest, my daughter, was fully potty trained by age two. She pretty much did that herself. The boys, eh, not so much!

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My DD (who turns 3 in less than a month) knows exactly what to do on the potty, and will have 100% success if I make her go every 20-30 minutes. But I just can't do that while pregnant, and if I increase the intervals we start having frequent accidents (3 or so a day with going every 45 min to 1 hour). She also really, really hates to stop what she's doing and go, and she could care less if she sits in a dirty diaper or dirty underwear for any amount of time. She has never, in her entire life, complained or cried about being wet or dirty. Rather, she has fought nearly all diaper changes since the day she was born. *sigh* I desperately want her potty trained before this baby comes, but I just don't know how it's going to happen.

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Yeah, it's so funny the difference between one child and the next.  My daughter was completely trained during the day and dry most nights at 2 1/2 when my son was born.  So to be over 3 and have zero interest up until a few days ago was frustrating.  Here's hoping that he'll be good in six months when this little one comes along!!

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