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Fiance Messing with my Head Still even when Prego

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Iv been thinking about this for 3 years... 

Fiance was bad in the begining....so much better then he was back then. For instance, he messes with my head he is a Loliconist/ he has seen many diferant types of porn dealing with underage girls... pubecent ones at that too 

   He has a job a home he dont needa pay for but regular bills like water ect. Im prego 8 months already he hasint married me,....i bring it up so much n so do my grandparents to me abt it. He gets angry everytime i bring it up cus i hav brung it up lik 50 times for the months iv been here...

   The other thing he has a bad past but hes only 20. Drug dealing deaths, messing with all girls and womans heads... making them go to the deep end making them think whats right n whats wrong not knowing the difo. Questioning themselfs..... my head is stuburn its the only way im abloe to be with him n not crack o_O...

   my family cant support me anymore... my mom is fckd she has 3 kids n a abusive hubby that does meth...im only half related n dont know my dad really.


(Should be read first)

                     I need advise For mentaly and for my future if it comes down to something bad. Example Money/rasing a baby at same time while healing IDK how Q_Q..cus fiance says dont dwell on the future n make yurself worry. That is confusing... 

Fiance never brings up marrying...


Fiance messes with my head...


Fiance still thinks about lil girls....


Fiance is so negative about the world.


Has flirted with my 15 yr old SISTER! n said if i dont work out can he try her next? omfg ...i have very lil family just mom 3 half sibs n two grandparents... if he fcks my life up im gunna be silent forever... this was 2 years ago when he was on verg of insaness.. 


I have cracked my knee and pelvic bone n it hurts but they are healing...it makes it hard to clean the house...being prego period makes it hard to clean ....i always kept my room clean after i hit 17 so i know something is wrong... i lst 40 lbs befor i got prego n was on the right track but fiance eats like a pig...so back at original weight..

  GIVE ME ADIVCE PLS I NEED HELP.... not from a therapist bf wont let me really... or take depression meds... what should i do to feel better?

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My advice is DUMP THE 'FIANCE'. He has NO right to tell you you can't go to a therapist. He has NO right to put you through shit. He's got problems with going after prepubescent girls. Any one of those is enough reason to break up, but all together?? I hate to say it, but he's already been messing with your head. You SHOULD think about the future -- not to is plain stupid. You NEED to get out of there.
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You're definitely better off without a guy who treats you like that.

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