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Implantation Question ??

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What does implantation feel like? Does it happen on one side or the middle?



Well I'm using OvuView on my phone and have been using if for a year now. I'm on cd24 of 29. AF comes on cd 29 not 28 :dohh. So with that said I had EWCM 4/29 (14) when I bbd. Had EWCM on 4/30 (15). On5/1 (16) had left side pain down low WCM. 


AF is suppose to show 5/14 (Monday)

So I should be at CD 8 instead on CD9. RIGHT??????????? 
(My cd before i figured all this out)

1dpo-2dpo: Nothing

3dpo (17)-Gassy

4dpo(18)-Left side down low pain

5dpo-10am Felt very dizzy and REALLY hungry all of a sudden, Got super hot and sweaty. Had a headache at 5am felt like i was drunk also. (HAD no alcohol).

6dpo- Very moody all day. PM: Had to pee every 10 min. 

7dpo-AM: Woke up really hungry, Sucking down orange juice like water. Noon: Smelling bug spray in my office but there wasn't any around,Got really sleepy during 3pm went to sleep at 6pm. PM: Had to pee every 10 min again and had light cramping for about an hour off and on. felt like period was coming.

8dpo- AM:Hungry, Peeing a lot, Got light cramping but it felt like it was jumping sides (Strange) mostly on the left. Noon: Bug spray smell was back and this time it made me nauseated a little, Back started hurting down low on left side, Got really sleepy at 3pm went to bed at 9. PM: Dinner tasted bland to me like it had no flavor. I tried Sloppy Joe's, Pizza, Sausage and Salad. Had to force it down to eat. Got some gummy bears that were great. Had to pee a lot again. 

9dpo- AM: Hungry, Out of the blue had some cramping pain on right side lasted for 5seconds then went away. Now having light mild AF cramps. ( I HAVE NEVER HAD RIGHT SIDE PAIN EVEN WHEN I O)

My bbs don't hurt and no sickness. ((WORRIED I'M NOT PREG))

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I don't know too much about implantation - but I have heard that it usually happens between 7-10 dpo. After implantation is normally when most pg symptoms would start because that's when hcg starts being released.Before this happens, most symptoms are due to the increase progesterone.


Back to your question - what does implantation feel like? I've heard it feels like cramping, sometimes accompanied by spotting - but some women (a majority, actually) don't feel it at all. The cramping you're having could be from implantation - good luck!! smile.gif

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Texasgirl I am 8 dpo today and having similar symptoms as you only my pain is on my lower left side, kinda dull and crampy like that lasted non stop for almost half the day and this afternoon I made my husband palpate the area and he said it felt like it was all balled up.  I have been feeling kinda nauseous when I first wake up but that's it.  Today my temp dipped below my coverline for the first time since O, and I don't really know how to feel about it...good??? bad???  My husband says I'm irritable and crabby but I just feel tired, then again I  work full time, have 3 small children and just recently went back for my BSN...so I think I'm entitled to that :)  My AF is due on Wednesday and I'm praying she doesn't show up.  Good luck to you, may we both get our BFP's soon belly.gif 

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