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Homebirth Midwife

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I am leaning towards a home birth.  We are expecting our first child and are on the hunt for a qualified midwife.  However, it seems nearly impossible to find any.  We are right outside of Saint Louis, Missouri in Illinois.  Does anyone know of any in the area that specialize in home birth?   I understand that Illinois laws are kind of wacky.



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I don't know about Illinois laws, but here's a wonderful midwifery/home birth service based in Tower Grove area of St. Louis. 



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Thank you. I actually found them online. I emailed them but I'm concerned that there may be an issue because I'm in Illinois. greensad.gif. I'm still waiting to hear back from them.
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I'm not in IL, but I remember what it was like here in MO trying to find a midwife when our law was horrible.  I would suggest digging as much as you can...and keep going.  Some mothers here found that asking around at parent groups (specifically the more "crunchy" ones), health food stores, cloth diaper stores (if you have them).  Also, expect that you will have to give your information to someone as opposed to *getting* information.  These types of referrals keep underground midwives safe.  Good luck!

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