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We will be traveling to Europe in August when our babe will be 7 months. I have an Ergo and a Maya Sling. The Sling I can only wear for about 20 minutes before my shoulders start hurting and little one is not comfortable in the Ergo because her legs don't spread apart quite yet. I'm hoping her legs will be longer and able to spread more by 7 months so we can use that one; I'm assuming it will be more comfortable for me than the sling. Anyway, I'm still thinking we should buy a lightweight stroller since I'm not confident wearing her for long periods of time without back pain. We have the Chicco travel system stroller, but that seems too big to take with us. Should we just buy an umbrella stroller? We'd use it in the airport if my back hurts and I can't wear her, or if we walk around all day like we usually do in Europe. I've never done a back carry. Is that a lot more comfortable than a front carry for long periods? Perhaps I'll try to learn that with the Ergo.


What other things should I think about having? We'll probably be walking a lot most days because that's just what they do there. I'm not sure how to do naps while traveling. She doesn't fall asleep when I wear her, but she'll fall asleep in my arms if I just hold her, so I don't know if she will just fall asleep if we're walking around.