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Name: peaceofmind_11

EDD: (estimated due date) 1.12.13

#Pregnancy/baby:#6/#3 (3 miscarriages before 1st babe)

Your age/age at the birth: 28

Family: 2 girls, 3.30.08, 7.23.10

How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?) 3wks 4 days, Not trying...ovulated twice!  Happy Accident.

Birth plans: VBA2C...two planned homebirths-transfers-c-section.  Really feeling positive about a vaginal birth this time!  I have lots of support.

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy:  To be healthy, mind body and spirit.  To not stress out, as I am a single mama.  

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): I think its another girl!!!

Anything else!: I am looking for single mama support/sisterhood.  I am studying/practicing herbalism and Shamanic healing.  I have been doing some journey work during this pregnancy.  Its such a useful tool and a blessing.

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Hey peace.  Just wanted to give you a heads up that if you ever wanna "talk shamanism" I'm in.  :)  I've also done the single mama thing (though not the single pregnancy thing... though I guess you could say I'm not 100% partnered at the moment, it's a bit complicated really).  Glad to have you here and I'm sure we'll find lots to talk about. :)

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Hey there!


Looks like I'll be joining you ladies :)


Name: Kayk

EDD: Januaryish


Your age/age at the birth:29

Family:My honeybun and our 5 kiddos (1 beauty and 4 beasts all under age 10)

How long did it take to get your BFP: Just good ol' family planning (nursling toddler)

Birth plans: Another water birth at home

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: To not go crazy with 5 little 'helpers'

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): I'm always 2-3 weeks early...Probably another boy winky.gif


Anything else!:

Can't wait to meet some new mamas! I'm hoping for some laughs and support and I'd love offer any help or advise from my experiences in return.love.gif

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Name: Alice
EDD: Jan 15/13
# Pregnancy/Babies: 7/4
Age: 39 now, 40 when due
Family: Husband, 3 boys ages 11, 8, and 6, and a girl, age 3
BFP: First month trying since a MC in Sep/11. Which is crazy because the last 2 took over a year!
Birth plans: Likely another water birth at home
Goals/Hopes: To NOT have major PPD this time!
Guesses: I feel like its another girl.
Anything Else: I haven't joined till now because I didn't wan to jinx it! The MW couldn't find the heartbeat at my appt on Wed. (which is how i found out about my previous miscarriages) so I had an U/S today and everything looks great. I was so relieved I sobbed for 10 minutes. I'm sure the tech thought I was insane.
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Name: Mara

EDD: 1/23/13

#Pregnancy/baby: 1 (via IVF)

Your age/age at the birth: 37, 38 at birth

Family: Husband, 2 furry daughters (1 German Shepherd, and 1 Chow/GSD mutt), many fish (call them "High School Musical")

How long did it take to get your BFP: 6-7 years

Birth plans: CNM, at Mountain Midwifery Center, Denver, CO

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: super healthy kung fu fighter baby and kiss-ass healthy mom and dad!

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): boy (guess; team Green), so we call 'em "Emby" because we had a frozen embryo transfer. I also think Emby will come 1/22 and not 23.

Anything else!: Looking forward to connecting w/ more moms in similar shoes/places in life. Eager to learn as much as possible about health, nutrition, best practices during prego; wanting to know how to prep body for best birth experience, etc (exercises, mental prep, hypnotherapy?, etc). Since we went through IVF to get me knocked up, I want the rest of the experience to be as natural and blissful as possible (though, I have no delusions about how intense the birth can/will be). Love to know if anyone here lives in CO; even better, SW Denver area.

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Wow! Congrats Mara! 

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Name: Taryn

EDD:Jan. 20th, but will have a repeat C around 38.5 weeks because my last was a classical c-section

#Pregnancy/baby: 2/2

Your age/age at the birth: 35

Family: DH, me, 6 yr old DD and our sweet old dog Chewy

How long did it take to get your BFP: 4 long years. I had pretty much assumed it wouldn't happen and it was a wonderful shock the day before our wedding anniversary. Our family was even more shocked and just as excited, we didn't tell them we were trying, they had just assumed we were done!

Birth plans: repeat c-section. had a classical incision with my daughter at 27 weeks because of pre-eclampsia. She is incredibly bright and healthy, people are shocked when I tell them she was a micro-preemie!

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: healthy, happy, low stress :)

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): everyone has guessed boy so far. I'm considering letting it be a surprise, but my DD is begging to find out!

Anything else!: So incredibly happy to be pregnant! Doing yoga, acupuncture, and trying to listen to my body.

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Name: Andrea

EDD: Jan 27th

#Pregnancy/baby: 3rd pregnancy, 3rd baby

Your age/age at the birth: 27

Family: Mr. Rabbit (DH, 29), DS1 (3) and DS2 (16 months)

How long did it take to get your BFP: 2nd PP cycle after DS2

Birth plans: Home birth again.

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: To enjoy things!

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): I expect this baby to be born on the due date as it will be a full moon. DS1 was 7 days late and DS2 5 days early, and both born on full moons.

Anything else!: Just happy to be here :)

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Name: Cierra
EDD: not yet confirmed by midwife but January 23.
#Pregnancy/baby: 2
Your age/age at the birth: 23
Family: married to my soulmate, with a 21 year old girl
How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?)
Well I am still nursing my toddler, got AF back in January 2012, 4 monthly cycles later, we got pregnant, we're using the don't plan/don't prevent method
Birth plans: HOMEBIRTH ! Water birth !
Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: to stay active this pregnancy, to keep morning sickness at bay, to do cute pregnancy pictures that you see on pinterest
Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): been reading about twins lately? Weird. Will be grateful for boy or girl, just want a healthy baby smile.gif
Anything else!: I'm pretty excited the kids will be close together, morning sickness has totally sucked this pregnancy- I feel like I have to eat so much to not feel sick but it's slowly getting better, plan for no US, and still haven't chosen my midwife officially.
So glad to be apart of this group smile.gif
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Name: Katy

EDD: January 28

#Pregnancy/baby: this is my 3rd pregnancy...I had a miscarriage last year, and have one daughter.

Your age/age at the birth: 33

Family: Married to my high school sweet heart, and we have a delightful 2 1/2 year old.

How long did it take to get your BFP: Hmmm...I react terribly to hormonal birth control so I don't use it and was trying to chart my cycles, which apparently I suck at. We're delighted to be expecting a baby, though.

Birth plans: I had a c-section after a long labor, but it was due to the cord being twisted all around my daughter, and she couldn't drop down (bungee jumping, they called it). Anyway, the midwives told me I had no reason not to go for a VBAC, but I can't do it at the birthing center. DH nixed a homebirth. So hospital VBAC with a midwife practice. I do plan to hire a doula this time.

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: Just a healthy baby. Having a miscarriage was an incredibly powerful experience, and taught me a lot about acceptance and healing and living in the moment. It's definitely on my mind during this pregnancy, but I feel pretty much at peace with whatever happens.

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): Morning sickness started late...I'm feeling boy!

Anything else!:I just quit my job to start my own business, and then found out I was pregnant. Oops. Now I'm trying to sort out the insurance mess. Stupid pre-existing condition clause. 

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Name: Rebecca

EDD: Jan 10th

# Pregnancy/Baby: 11th pregnancy/baby

Age: mid-thirties (don't want to give my exact age)

Family: BFF hubby and ten kids whom we homeschool

How long to get BFP:  We're pretty fertile, our youngest was just about 9mo at the time

Birth Plans: with my awesome GP!  He's great, very hands off Doctor, very supportive of our family choices, believes in my body even when I don't.   In all likelihood I will plan to have an unmedicated Hospie birth, my labours are usually ultra fast, my last was only 90min.

Goals/Hopes: Healthy baby, and healthy Mom and to enjoy the journey

Guesses:  I don't guess, I am usually wrong!  LOL



:)  So nice to meet you all!   I love to knit and crochet, I am on Ravelry!  :D

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Name: Anilia

EDD: 1/31/2013

#Pregnancy/baby: 3/2

Your age/age at the birth: 31/32

Family: DH and DS (3)

How long did it take to get your BFP: 2 months after miscarriage

Birth plans: sadly hospital with ob- because of insurance

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: Baby to live and be health. trying not to be too paranoid after miscarriage.

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc):  no idea- my son was 10 days early- we'll see!

Anything else!:

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Name: Cas

EDD: 1/5/13

#Pregnancy/baby: 2/2

Your age/age at the birth: 28

Family: DH and DS (2y4m)

How long did it take to get your BFP: 10 months, but my cycle was only back for 4.

Birth plans: undetermined, but natural, unmedicated no matter where it is

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: healthy, happy, and with a positive labor/delivery experience

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): none!

Anything else!: We are a babywearing, cloth diapering, cosleeping family hoping for a second positive L/D experience and possibly even a home birth.  I come from a crunchy background - all three kids were born at home and cloth diapered - but had a bad experience with a MW interview last time around that resulted in a natural, unmedicated hospital birth for my first son.  We are interviewing a few midwives this month and will consider a home birth or birth center birth if it feels right for us.  I'm sort of annoyed that my OB's office had me do a glucose test @ 7w because my first son was 8 lbs. 15 oz., which clearly is a reflection on the fact that I had GD and not that I ate frozen yogurt daily in my third tri ;).  We aren't finding out the gender of #2.  Symptoms this time around are totally different - some really bad nausea (instead of just queasiness), migraines, and preg hives.  Hoping for my golden second tri to start (late) soon! Thanks for the warm welcome!

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Name: Jamie

EDD: (estimated due date): Jan 16 (but really estimating 25th)

#Pregnancy/baby: 3rd

Your age/age at the birth: I'm about to be 26

Family: husband, 2 sons ages 6 and 3.

How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?) Surprise

Birth plans: Home, the midwife details are up in the air, I have one here but might be moving to rural PA with no MW nearby. DH is scared to help alone at a UC.

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: Knit winter baby stuff in time, get henna belly art done when almost due, learn Hypnobabies. Healthy complication free, low discomfort pregnancy of course.

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): None really, seems like DH and most of his family tends to father boys, but this one might be a girl. Definitely going past due by at least a week.

Anything else!: I'm pretty sure I felt the baby move on Monday, just briefly. That was cool.

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Name: Courtney

EDD: 12/28/12 

#Pregnancy/baby: 1/1

Your age/age at the birth: 30/31

Family: Husband (35) and 1 sweet kitty

How long did it take to get your BFP: a couple months off BC

Birth plans: birth center - option of water birth although I'm trying not to get "set" on anything too specific and just going with the flow.  Most important to me is to have a calm, peaceful environment with the absolute minimum number of people involved (me, my husband, and the midwives)

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: Continue feeling as great as I have been and have a healthy baby!

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): I've been posting in the December DDC but I think there is probably a good chance that this baby will be born in January (damn, no tax deduction!) so I thought I'd join you ladies over here as well!  Also, being a newbie I've been a *little* intimidated by the big second time mama bellies.  Feeling like everyone is further along than me.  I'm 18w3d today and only barely have the hint of a bump.  :(  Oh, and I'm on "team green" if I understand all the terminology (don't know, not going to find out?).  We think its a girl, but will be happy for a boy too!

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Name- Gina
Edd: early jan.
My age 40/41 at birth
Family: 3 girls ages 9, 7,4 all will of had birthdays before the baby comes and I have a wonderful husband.
How long did it take to get Bfp: good question, we went really trying, but we stop using all types of birth control even NFP about a year ago.
Birth plans, I had a uc with my last, I am waiting till we have a us to make any birth plans.
Hopes and goal for this pregancy: pre- birth communicate, meditation
GenderThe dream images have had the baby he is wearing blue. I don't want to find out, but I since we are going to do wool covers, I am making most of them now it would be nice to know.
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Hiya ladies - I think I'm arriving a little late on the scene... Hope no one minds a dawdler :)


Name: Ellen

EDD: (estimated due date) Originally Dec 31, first ultrasound at 21 weeks says Jan 4

#Pregnancy/baby: 1/1

Your age/age at the birth: 29/29 (cutting in close as I'm a January baby myself...)

Family: My DP of almost 8 years, our packed with personality pooch

How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?) One day...He was on the east coast for the winter, I was on the west coast... Pretty sure we "got lucky" on the first day I was home....

Birth plans: Hospital. Would prefer a midwife, but likely an Ob/gyn. We're moving across the country in a week and a half, so this, like most things, are up in the air right now...

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: To get settled back in the west, to relax and try to take it all as it comes. Letting go of my deep desire to control outcomes...heh heh...

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): healthy! Maybe we both kind of wanted a little lady, but now, everywhere I look, I meet the sweetest boys, and we're absolutely thrilled with the chance to share our lives with whatever little creature is in the stars for us.

Anything else!: It's good to be here! I've been a bit of an MDC lurker for a few years & now it's nice to be here with a purpose! Thanks, ladies!

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Lol. I posted an intro before realizing this thread existed. Sorry about that!

Name: Geneva

EDD: (estimated due date) January 25th

#Pregnancy/baby: Sixth pregnancy, third baby

Your age/age at the birth: 26

Family: Husband Rob and two sons: Brody (almost 4) and Rhett (1)

How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?) We were not trying, not preventing. After our losses, we both felt comfortable accepting a baby whenever one came. I chart, but I was not charting to achieve or prevent, just to keep track.

Birth plans: I'm planning my second homebirth.

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: I'm hoping to tandem nurse my 1yo and the new baby. I'm also hoping to gain the right amount of weight this time to better maintain my health for future pregnancies.

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): Both of my boys were born at 40w4d, so I'm guessing this baby will be born on January 29th. I think I will have another boy because I've always felt that I would have a lot of sons.

Anything else!: I'm happy to make new friends, especially anyone who happens to live in the WI/MN area.

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Hi there,


I'm Amra.


EDD: January 21, 2013

#Pregnancy/baby: This is our first child.

Your age/age at the birth: 39


How long did it take to get your BFP: It took a few months, after miscarrying last year.

Birth plans: Wanted to give birth in a birthing center with a midwife, but early gestational diabetes has put a stop to that plan. We have a wonderful doula and are hoping to avoid induction and a c-section.

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: Hope to not have to take insulin and control GD with diet. Just want a healthy baby!

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): He is a boy.

Anything else!: We just moved to a new place and don't know any one really, so it's nice to have found this group.

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Welcome Amra! I am also having a boy and am due January 20th. smile.gif

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