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Name: Joy
EDD: January 12
#pregnancy/baby: second
Age: 33 (as of 2 days ago)
Family: wonderful DH and a son who will turn 5 later this month. We also have 4 cats, a half dozen chickens, and a hive of bees to keep us busy.
How long to BFP: just one, again. DH keeps telling me we should practice more.
Birth Plans: no idea. DS was a panicky 2 am c-section. I'd rather either schedule it, or let me go completely naturally.
Pregnancy goals/hopes: last pregnancy was fantastic and easy, I really hope this one is as enjoyable
Early Guesses: ...no idea...
Anything else?: this has been a very rough start to a pregnancy. Apparently I got pregnant, got Lyme symptoms, and took 2 weeks of nasty antibiotics. And now, I'm on my third week of major GI issues, not really digesting food well, and whoops, pregnant! I'm not convinced I'm going to last long here, but am really hoping that this is a tough little bean who's willing to stay around.
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Name:  Jen

EDD: January 9 

#Pregnancy/baby: 4th pregnancy / 3rd baby

Your age/age at the birth: 30 / 31

Family: DH of 10.5 years, 7 y/o DS1, 2 y/o DS2

How long did it take to get your BFP: This is a "if it happens, it happens" baby.

Birth plans: home birth with a midwife, though I could easily end up with another unassisted if this birth goes anything like the last one.   

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy:  A healthy baby, and no morning sickness. :lol

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc):  No guesses


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Name: Fern

EDD: (estimated due date): January 2nd

#Pregnancy/baby: 2 /2

Your age/age at the birth: 26 / 27

Family: A wonderful husband, awesome 3 year old son, 3 dogs 6 cats, 13 chickens, 5 ducks, lots of fish and a horse :-)

How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?) I started trying in January with NO help from the husband, but by February I had him on board to help so 3 or so months.

Birth plans: Home Birth with a midwife if we can figure out how to pay for it. If not I dont know because I really dont want to go to the hospital.

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: I just hope its easy and fun, my DH did not want any more after #1 so I am positive this will be my last one so I just hope to have a healthy baby, get the home birth I want and enjoy it while it lasts!

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): Nope

Anything else!:I am on the green team even though I do REALLY want a girl, with my luck it will be a boy (but thats fine because I just want a healthy baby), and my best friend has 2 girls so I can sew cute dresses for them!

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EDD: January 4th

#Pregnancy/baby:4th pregnancy, 2nd baby 

Your age/age at the birth: 30/31

Family: DH (Mike), and daughter Lillian Rei (19 months)

How long did it take to get your BFP: We took clomid to conceive our daughter after trying for over a year, so after 6 months of trying for this one, we took clomid for two cycles and ended up with our BFP.  

Birth plans: I had a C Section after a long (60 hour) labor with my first, so I'm hoping for a VBAC at a birth center with this one.  I've already begun to research midwives that will do VBACs in my area.  

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: To relax and enjoy it, and to cherish each moment with my daughter, too.  

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): I go back and forth each day, today I'm thinking boy

Anything else!: I'm still breastfeeding, is anybody else? 

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Originally Posted by moonstones View Post

Anything else!: I'm still breastfeeding, is anybody else? 


I'm nursing too. :)

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Name: Rebecca

EDD: 1/8/13

#Pregnancy/baby: 4/will be 3rd baby

Your age/age at the birth: 33, 34

Family: DSD 10, DS 4, DS 2

How long did it take to get your BFP:  4th month of trying since miscarriage.

Birth plans: still deciding!

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: no miscarriage, obviously!  

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): guessing girl, guessing birth day Sunday January 6 :)

Anything else!: I'm sooo happy to be able to post here, praying we will make it to full-term healthy and happy!

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Originally Posted by moonstones View Post

Anything else!: I'm still breastfeeding, is anybody else? 


Originally Posted by mamapigeon View Post


I'm nursing too. :)



Still nursing here, too.  :)

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Name: Julie

EDD: 1/25

#Pregnancy/baby: 3

Your age/age at the birth: 26

Family: DH, one daughter (3), one son (2)

How long did it take to get your BFP: Just started trying this month!

Birth plans:planning on homebirth #3


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Originally Posted by itsajenism View Post

Still nursing here, too.  :)


Count me in, too. My baby is 10m. Nursing is irritating but not yet painful. Not yet. 

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Name: Liz

EDD: (estimated due date) Somewhere between January 1st and January 6th.  Having U/S on the 21st to date pregnancy.

#Pregnancy/baby: 5th pg, 2 losses, hoping and praying this one results in child #3

Your age/age at the birth:  33, will be 34 at time of birth

Family: Me, my fiance, his daughter (22) and her live-in girlfriend, my daughter age 6.5 and my son age 3.  

How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?)  Not trying, had an early loss on March 9th, one AF early April

Birth plans:  Planned repeat c-section, Daughter was an emergency c/s, son was an emergency c-section after a failed VBAC.  No way will I try a VBA2C after the complications last time.  

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy:  Healthy Baby, successful breastfeeding and a speedy and good recovery from the c-section.  

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc):  No guesses actually, I don't care either way - boy or girl.  I think DF would like a son of his own, but he's more concerned about us being healthy than anything else :)  As for birthdate, I'm going to say mid-December.  I have to schedule a date late December, early January, but I have a feeling I'm going to need to get babe out sooner than that to avoid the same issues as last time.     

Anything else!:  Not much else, except I really want to be able to nurse this babe.  I nursed DD for over 2.5 years, and DS only nursed for about a week.  I pumped for another 3 weeks after that, but everytime he had my milk, he would scream for hours, break out in rashes, and puke it all up.  I had no support system in place, but I do this time :)  Also, I'm looking forward to sharing the next 8 months or so with you all!



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Name: L

EDD: (estimated due date) 1-5-13 ( I think!)

#Pregnancy/baby: 3rd pregnancy/ hoping for our second baby

Your age/age at the birth: 26

Family: DH, 2y/o DD, and a bunch of animals

How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?) Bit of a surprise

Birth plans: Hospital with CNM who delivered DD

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: A happy and healthy nine months, a happy and healthy baby, and to make it through nursing school and graduate on time. (Wish me luck biglaugh.gif)

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): None, I don't think.

Anything else!: I've been watching for this DDC for a while, not sure if I should join. The last week or so has been rough for me health wise, but I'm feeling better, so I'm jumping on in. A happy and healthy nine months to us all!


I'm still breastfeeding as well. I've been sick all week, so my supply has dropped quite a bit, but hopefully it will go back up. At least for a little while, DD is still very attached to her "Boo".

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I'm in!  fingersx.gif

Name: Elizabeth

EDD: January 14

#Pregnancy/baby: Third

Your age/age at the birth: 32

Family: DH, DD4, DD2, dogs, a cat, an aquatic turtle, our pet sparrow and 13 chickens

How long did it take to get your BFP: Lucky for us, first try

Birth plans: Hoping for a third happy homebirth! smile.gif

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy:  Obviously, a healthy baby.  Our original goal was a summer baby (since my DDs were born in December and January) but eh, weather warms up, clothes come off, barbecue and beer...haha.  I keep ending up with dead of winter babies!

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc):  I'm guessing girl since we already have two.  I'm hoping s/he arrives on their due date or slightly earlier.  That late waiting is the hardest part.

Anything else!: Really happy to be here.  I enjoyed my other two DDCs so much, and was really grateful for the support.  My best friend is planning on trying for her first around the same time...baby dust her way!  It'd be great to be preggo with someone I know IRL, too.  :D

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Name: Mel

EDD: 1/13

#Pregnancy/baby: This is baby #4.

Your age/age at the birth: 30/31

Family: Me, husband, three little girls (C, E, & L--ages 8, 7, and 2).

How long did it take to get your BFP: First month we decided to see what happened.

Birth plans: C & L were standalone birth center babies, E was a hospital transfer from attempted homebirth, I'll be sticking with birth center again this time.

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: No postpartum hemorrhage, no miscarriage, healthy baby.

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): It's a girl. It's always a girl. ;)

Anything else!: Still nursing here as well, though she's down to just once a day, at bedtime.

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Name: Lisa


EDD: January 13th


#Pregnancy/baby: 4th child


Your age/age at the birth: 24 years old, will be 25 before this baby comes


Family: Husband, 6 year old son, 3 year old daughter, 18 month old son, and mother in law is living with us indefinitely due to medical and financial problems 


How long did it take to get your BFP: We weren't trying, but weren't preventing. I just got my cycles back in December since I'm still nursing my 18 month old, and my husband was pretty adamant about not wanting any more (we are really tired!!), but he was apparently too lazy to buy condoms and too horny to avoid me when I TOLD him I was ovulation, so here we are! The day before I got my BFP we had a giant argument about him wanting to get a vasectomy. He is very supportive, but I know he's stressed and overwhelmed. 


Birth plans:Hopefully a third home birth. I loved my previous 2 home births, but I have some uterine scarring (I'm almost positive from the Mirena I had placed after my first was born), and my placenta always breaks apart (because I carried to 42.5 weeks both times) and a few pieces of the placenta are adhered to the scarring. We tried manual extraction last time, which was EXCRUCIATING, but still needed a D&C both times. My husband is nervous about my bleeding and needing surgery after birth, and it appears to be something that would make sense to expect to keep happening (especially since with each D&C comes MORE scarring!). I am perfectly fine birthing at home and transferring after, because my labors and births are wonderful. But he is uncomfortable, and we are seeing a midwife tomorrow to get everyone on the same page and talk about our options. We are in Ohio, and there is only one birth center in the whole city, and it's attached to a hospital. I do not want to go there. I've attended a few births there, and while it's significantly better than a hospital, there are still things I would have to be on guard for and possibly fight for. They also don't admit women past 42 weeks, and since I've carried past that both times I may not be eligible anyway. 


Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: I want to have a happy, healthy pregnancy. I want to enjoy it. With all of my previous pregnancies, I've had hyperemesis which is debilitating for the first 5 months, followed by uncontrollable rage (throwing things at my husband, etc). My hormones are always insane, and if I'm not throwing up I'm angry or can't breathe. I REALLY really want to enjoy this pregnancy and I'm going to work my butt off to be as healthy as humanly possible. 


Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): I'm going to say I sort of hope it's a girl, only because my daughter has been really asking for a little sister, and I'd love to give her that. But besides her feelings, I'd be fine either way. I'm going to guess that the baby comes on January 29th. That's typical for me. 


Anything else!: We are a military (Air Force) family, and are originally from California (Sacramento). I homeschool (which I suck at) and I've started trying to make as much food from scratch as possible. When my kids are a bit older I plan to go to school and be a home birth midwife. I'm still nursing my 18 month old, and I hope to not wean him any time soon! 

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Name: Jenny
EDD: (estimated due date) 12 Jan
#Pregnancy/baby: 13/5
Your age/age at the birth:28/29
Family: dh (30); 3 dd's, 1 ds. I guess ill mention here that we have four chickens, but they're not family- they're livestock :-)
How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?) first month we said, "let's not try, but we can relax some of the fam rules, and if it happens it wouldst be a bad thing"
Birth plans: third homebirth, probably second unattended.
Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: to really enjoy it. This will be our last and I want it to be awesome. of course, I started our last pregnancy saying it was our last, too...lol. I want to stay more active than I have been able to with the others. and I really want to get some great maternity photos done. very pregnant is really the only way I love my body, and I want to have a record of that.
Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): no feelings yet. would love a boy; will be thrilled with a girl too. would be fun if this baby shared a birthday with my current youngest- two days after my due date.
Anything else!: add me to the list of mama still nursing...I had something else I wanted to share and lost it. that happens a lot, lol. oh! I do all my interwebs posting from my phone...please forgive crazy autocorrects!
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Originally Posted by kawa kamuri View Post


Count me in, too. My baby is 10m. Nursing is irritating but not yet painful. Not yet. 

Me as well, DD is 23months.  She's ill today so i've done 5 feeds already (it's 10am here in the UK!)...

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Name: Heather

EDD: January 8
#Pregnancy/baby: 4/2
Your age/age at the birth: 41/42
Family: DH & DS (4), plus our two cats Greta and Casey Jones
How long did it take to get your BFP: 18 long and stressful months
Birth plans: I had a not-great experience with a midwife for my first birth and found an OB who is highly recommended and seems open to my no med, low-intervention birth plan
Goals/hopes for this pregnancy:  At 41, I just want to have a healthy, full term pregnancy.  
Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc):  My sister says she's feeling boy, but I would really like a girl for something different.
Anything else!:  This is a total surprise baby.  After a surprise wedding night conception with our son, we didn't think we'd have any trouble conceiving a sibling.  But we had been trying since October 2010, and since I'm older, we decided to talk to fertility specialists last fall.  We had just finished 4 unsuccessful IUI cycles in early April.  We decided to take the summer off from all trying - no fertility drugs, monitoring cervical mucous & temp, or timing the BD, just to give ourselves a break.  I realized I was a couple of days late last weekend so I tested a week ago and got a BFN.  I figured it was just my body getting used to being off the drugs, but on Wednesday when I still didn't have AF, my husband said I should test again.  I fully expected another BFN, but instead we got our BFP!  It's so funny because you always hear about people who try and try and try, and then give up and BINGO!  But I never thought it would happen to me!

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Name: Kelly

EDD: Jan 8

#Pregnancy/baby: 2/2

Your age/age at the birth: 34/34

Family: Partner (not married), DD (4), and 3 cats

How long did it take to get your BFP: This was an oops :-) ...broken condom!

Birth plans: I think I'm going for a VBAC. My first was breech so had to do a c-section because no doctors in my area will deliver breech.

Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: Right now, I'm just hoping to make it through the first trimester. I've had spotting and/or cramping just about every day since implantation, and although my doctor's office said it's normal and not to worry unless it's heavy bleeding - it's still unsettling to see blood right now. :-(

Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): I have a feeling it's a boy, and it would be so awesome to have a New Year baby!

Anything else!: It took a couple weeks to move from "oh no" about the contraceptive mishap to "yay" about the baby, but now I am firmly in the "yay" camp! My partner is too, though he is being more cautious especially because of all the spotting and cramping.

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Hi Autumn and Ambam! I'm tentatively dipping my toes in here from the loss boards. Nice to see you two here!

Name: Sarah
EDD: January 11
#Pregnancy/baby: 5/2
Your age/age at the birth: 33
Family: DH & DD (2)
How long did it take to get your BFP: 3 months
Birth plans: I'm currently seeing a wonderful ob for monitoring. If I make it past the first trimester, I'd like to transfer to the home birth midwife I saw for my last pregnancy. She is "saving" me a spot in her January calendar.
Goals/hopes for this pregnancy:  I just want a full-term healthy baby. I'm sick of pregnancy loss.
Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc):  No real feelings either way
Anything else!:  My daughter was conceived the first month I was charting my temperature in April '09. This pregnancy was conceived the exact same day. :-) My DD was born on her due date, 1/11, and now I have another one due on her birthday. I think that's pretty cool.
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Name: Julie

EDD: (estimated due date) Jan 22nd
#Pregnancy/baby: 7/5

Your age/age at the birth: 36/37
Family: DH, DD-15, DD-13, DD- 11, DS-7.
How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?)  We weren't trying- we were told I couldn't have any more!
Birth plans: CNM at hosptial
Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: To have the shortest labor of all of my children (so far the shortest - my first child - was 9 hours, they got MUCH longer after).  smile.gif
Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): I will wait for that until I see the gender- my girls were all a week or more over, my son was 10 days early.
Anything else!: I just married my new husband in April (early because he's getting sent to training for the Air Force), but the wedding with family and friends is June 2nd.  I'm hoping I can still fit in my dress! 

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