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Baby's first cold

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Hi ladies,

I have been reading but not posting much since Peregrine arrived because life has been busy and my 3 year old DD has been a challenge, but I'm seeking out some opinions on cold/coughs in newborns.  My DD came down with a cold/cough about a week and a half ago, and I caught it about half a week after her, and now Peregrine seems to have it too. 

He is just over 2 weeks old now. greensad.gif  

My winter-baby DD got her first cold when she was almost 2 months old and when she was having massive nasal congestion I sought out a doctor's opinion/help, but Peregrine just has sneezing and coughing.  He seems to be managing alright and is sleeping well, nursing well, etc.  He doesn't have a fever or runny nose at this point. 

I am apprehensive about bringing him to a doctor's office/ER because I don't want to over-react or bring him someplace that could make him sicker, and I am just starting to figure out how to manage 2 kids on my own (only on my own since Monday) around the house let alone out in the world without a car.  But it seems that all the recommendations are for newborns under 3 months to automatically see a doctor if they have a cough.  I spoke with my midwife over the phone and she seemed concerned, but we didn't seem to hit on any of the major "alarms" for her so she said to take him in to see a doctor if it gets any worse. 

Does anyone have any BTDT advice or thoughts on this kind of illness at so young an age?

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hmm, I didn't realize that the recommendation was to go to the doctor. DD  has had sinus congestion and a cough, enough to interrupt sleep, for a week.  It was the same as your family, DS got it, I got it, and DD has it.  She got it around 4 weeks and we are just waiting it out. I did put breastmilk up DS's nose for his first cold but honestly just haven't felt like taking the time innocent.gif  I have just made sure that I keep her up right through babywearing or rocking or just walking.  I have had to get up the past few nights because she was too congested to lie down to nurse but otherwise, we are just waiting for it to run its course. hope that helps.

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Tavian's already had his first cold too. Not much coughing, he was mostly snotty, sneezy, and fussy. We didn'tsee the doctor and he's fine now.

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Wow, I didn't realize there were other littles with colds already!  Thanks for sharing your experiences.  Peregrine's cough seemed to be getting more constant last night, but as of this morning it seems to have diminished greatly so hopefully he is on the mend already!

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