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Kids underwear

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My daughter (3 y/o) recently had a growth spurt, and has outgrown most of her underwear. A LOT of them are really good condition, no stains, obvious wear, etc. 

We're planning on baby #3 and saving a lot of clothes from our two little ones, but my husband and I are both kind of lost on what to do with underpants. Do you save them as long as they are still useable or toss them? 

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Yes, I would.  i saved DS's training pants for DD. So long as they aren't stained and grody and especially between siblings, i think it's just fine.

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I don't see how it's any worse than saving cloth diapers for another child.  Presumably the underwear was soiled less often. 

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We also saved ours. Our 3 girls all share (clean only of course!). Ds's I've saved in case the next one is a boy.

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I saved my sons undies, they were really cute!

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If you aren't going to reuse them, donate them if they are in good condition. Thrift stores around here do sell underwear and people do buy them. I don't think I know anyone who has qualms about passing along underwear to younger siblings. It's cloth. You wash it and it's clean.

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I would pass down in a heartbeat. I agree with others, it is just like a shirt, even for the queasy, if you would pass down cloth diapers, underwear is probably in the middle of the two.

I did save some trainer panties from dd1, but the elastic went bad. Can't complain since it was 10yrs between kids.
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I toss them.  But then again I remember getting my brothers underwear.  I hated it.  But that's just me and you asked.

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I'd be happy t pass them between kids (as we did with the cloth nappies) but with a boy and a girl that doesn't work out so well. I don;t know that I would save them if there was a big age gap, they are not that expensive and I find the elastic goes in anything I store for too long.


Both school and preschool have been happy to take good condition underwear for thier spare clothes box. Accidents do happen and they find a lot of the spare clothes kids go home in don't make it back. That's what I;ve done with most of my kids.

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Thank you everyone :)

We do pass cloth diapers down between kiddos, and after talking to my husband, we're going to save all the nice underwear :). My daughter is only 3.5, and her underwear are all about a year old or so, hoping we get pregnant this month so not too much storage ;)!! 

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My girls are only 2 years apart and we passed down underwear for years. They have such different body types now, it's hard to pass down much of anything.

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Yes, I'd use them.

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I save 'em and reuse them.  We reuse so many, many things in other random ways (old prefolds taken apart and turned into tissues/napkins), that reusing underwear as underwear?  No biggie. 
Same with socks.  I have the same sets of Old Navy socks, all white, from sizes 0-24mo go through four children.  And I sold them *all* at a consignment sale for a few bucks (teehee, I usually had an odd number of socks so on the tag I mentioned that you were set for laundry gnomes!).  I've also gotten great condition, gently used girl underwear from consignment sales, too.  I only have one girl, so yeah.  Just wash a few times or toss on the clothesline for a day or three and we're good to go.  I stock up ahead of time (currently only have sizes 2T-14/16 in boy, 4T-7 in girl) so I'm not caught off guard, and I can get away with only buying good deals and not being desperate.  :)
I have some hand-me-down underwear that's starting to finally fall apart after a good 4-5 years of use and on their third little bottom, but hey, it works.  Although here's the funny part - my 3.5yo girl actually really, really, really likes her brothers' old underwear, and has told me several times she's disappointed she can't use the fancy "penis hole" (as the 6yo termed it once he discovered it) because she has to sit down to pee.  Kids are so funny sometimes.

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I would def. save and reuse them. I have an only, so this isn`t an issue here, though. But, my son has a 2 year older cousin, and gets tons of clothes from him. We have also gotten underwear and socks, and I have no problem using them. They are clean, and looks almost new. orngbiggrin.gif

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Thanks for asking this! I am happy to see so many people saying to save them. I've been wondering the same thing so I've just left a bunch of too small underwear in my son's drawer.

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