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Let's Talk About It - May

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Hi Mamas! Just thought we could have a general chit-chat area.


How are you feeling? Symptoms yet?


I started feeling nauseous yesterday, and super tired. I thought maybe I was getting the stomach bug that my brother and his family had, but maybe not. Still not 100% sure, but I really hope its symptoms!


I've lost my last three pregnancies, so I'm feeling pretty disconnected this time. I'm excited, but gaurded. I haven't been willing to think too far in the future for this baby. I'm sure as time goes on and things are ok, I will be able to move past that.


Hope everyone is happy and healthy! I'm excited to get to know everyone!

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I'm a bit cautious myself as my positive tests have been so faint I have to squint. DH hurt my feelings by saying he couldn't see the positive line... I'm hoping to get a darker positive in the next few days. I lost my first pregnancy at around 7 weeks and didn't start really thinking positively about DS's until a few weeks before he was born. I think it's normal to avoid emotional attachment if you've had a loss.


AmBam, sending you sticky vibes! goodvibes.gif


I've had a little bit of nausea and a craving a couple of days ago for goldfish crackers with chocolate chips.

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Hi -


I'm feeling good.  I'm 6 weeks tomorrow.  For the past week my main symptom has been an unhappy digestive system - I thought it was stomach flu at first.  No puking, but the opposite of constipation!  Now it's mellowed out a little, but seems to be sticking with me for a while still.  Also, until just a few days ago I had insomnia - sort of - I couldn't sleep for more than 5 or 6 hours a night and then would wake up super early.  I'm finally being able to sleep well, aside from having to get up to pee a couple times a night, and I feel much better because of it.  Also a little gassy, tender heavy boobs, and I've been short tempered the past few days.  


I've been going for daily walks with my kids though and eating well and taking vitamins - I'm feeling great overall.



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I'm still pretty early, but no symptoms yet, just a bit of cramping.  I've had two losses (blighted ovum both times) since my youngest was born so I'm very nervous too.  I usually don't get blood tests done, but I went in yesterday and requested two betas, the last times we would have seen that my levels weren't rising normally.  I had the first one drawn yesterday and should get the results today, I'll go for the 2nd draw tomorrow afternoon.  It will be Monday before I get the results of the 2nd one, but at least things are started. 

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I'm six weeks today.  Crazy tired, some headaches and the nausea has started.

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My temper has been short, I feel really bad about it.  For the past two days in the morning I couldn't wait to jump out of the shower and go yell at DH for something stupid.


It went like this:


ME:  Could you PLEASE start the dishwasher at night before you go to bed?

DH:  Well...there were only a few things in it so I thought...



Nice, huh?  :)

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Not experiencing much beyond PMSy symptoms here--just crampy and angry guts! I had nearly no symptoms with my last pregnancy either, though.

Sonja - hoping for awesome numbers. Too bad you'll have to wait over the weekend. I hope you have some fun things planned to keep your mind occupied.
I just found out that DH is going to be leaving tonight for a work trip and be gone for a week. I'm self sufficient, I can take care of the house, and yet it almost gives me the weepies to think about him being gone. Not sure if hormones are causing it to be thrown out of proportion, though I usually do miss him when he's gone. shy.gif
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Going to be six weeks Saturday I think.. I have been a little more weepy than usual- not sure if it's because I am so overwhelmed by emotions about having a sweet New Years baby. But my first concrete symptom was that my DD boobs inflated to giant size (F? G? no idea!) and are super tender. Today was the first time I had unmistakeable smell sensitivity and nausea (even fresh coffee at the desk next to me made my stomach churn, but I kept my cool as well as I could). I've also wanted to go to bed at 8, but my schedule just recently changed and I am not totally sure that it doesn't have a lot to do with that too.

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My pregnancy symptoms are in full swing... I have never been this sick! This is the 6th pregnancy. I have had 2 miscarriage and lost my daughter twin. I was sick when I was pregnant with my son (my second pregnancy) and always feel just a little not good, a few things I can't eat but nothing like this... I have to stay in bed most of the day and I'm sick and everything stinks and I'm so tired!!! 
I'm already swelling though... sheesh... I don't want to swell!
I usually don't have my breasts enlarged and painful till about 5 months... this time is very different!

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Glad to hear everyone is having symptoms, but sorry for the not so funs stuff!


I am exhausted, and a little nauseous at times, but it's not constant. So nothing too serious, but enough to remind me somethings going on in there! :)


My dh is home for the weekend and I get my oldest ds this weekend too, so I won't be on much this weekend. Everyone have a great weekend!

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I'm not nauseous yet, 5 weeks today.  Well, perhaps i am a little, but only a very little, easy to pass off/ignore/blame on something else...


Time drags for me this early.  Like so many of us, i've had a number of losses (4) and this is my 7th pregnancy with only 2 living children.  I always lose early (6-9 weeks) so this is the worst time for me.  Once i feel thoroughly knackered, sick and grumpy i will feel "better" (i always have faint positives and lack of symptoms when it's not going as it should, this time BFP's nice and dark so fingers crossed so far).


I'm trying to calm down about the maternity care/birth - i have a wonderful midwife but due to circumstances beyond her control she may not be able to serve me.  There are other options, which i would be happy to look into once i get to the end of the first trimester, but last time i knew from the BFP that i would have my midwife, and i'm not loving the not-knowing feeling this time.  My eldest (DD, 6) knows about the baby and is feeling excited, actually i need to get onto amazon and find her a book about it all as she's eager to know the facts and has asked if she can be at the birth and announce to the room what the gender is joy.gif

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I have hardly had any symptoms yet, which, of course, is making me paranoid.  I'm barely five weeks though, and keep reminding myself that I felt great with my son until almost six and a half weeks. 


I have been getting tired a little earlier at night, and (this one is slightly embarrassing) have been burping a lot.  Random, but that was the weirdo symptom that I had last time as well throughout the entire pregnancy. So I guess maybe things are starting?  It's so odd to find yourself wanting to feel sick....

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I think I may be nesting already. Today I've had the incredible urge to clean, clean, clean! I'm also eyeballing items and thinking about getting rid of a lot of "junk".


Scotia, I've been burping a lot too! Like 3 or 4 times and hour. Crazy!

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5w2d today.


My biggest symptom so far has been fatigue and a little emotional. My breasts are slightly tender, but mostly only noticeable when DS2 is nursing, and the feeling of nursing kind of irks me right now.  

Like many of you, I've had a previous loss so the lack of symptoms (I was really pukey with both pregnancies that made it), and the slight cramping I've had a few times is making me nervous, even though I realize I'm still very early.  I do feel pretty good about the fact that the positive line has gotten significantly darker over the past week and a half.

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No symptoms yet, but it's still early for me.  The results of my first beta were good (813 at 17 dpo) and I'll get my 2nd one drawn this afternoons and get the results on Monday.  I'm hoping for a good doubling time, to give me a bit of reassurance until I can get an early ultrasound to make sure it's not a 3rd blighted ovum.  It's odd, usually I don't do betas or ultrasounds during my pregnancies and here I am requesting both in my first trimester!  

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Hi everyone!!!

I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow, my breasts feel like I'm carrying gallons of milk already. Lol. Ouch!!
No nausia yet, my appitite has changed quite a bit, nothing sounds good except for shrim tacos and caprese salad, and I'm not a fan of tomatoes. I also seem to have a TON of energy, all I want to do is excercise, I do not excercise ever. And having quite a bit of insomnia, not sleepy, ad I just don't feel like I'm getting any real sleep.

This will be the first time that I get to not work while I'm pregnant, so I'm thinking I'm just going a it stir crazy wink1.gif

I'm so excited to get to know everyone here. joy.gif
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tinyboackdot - OK, I'm sure hurting bbs are not fun ... but I wish I could have some swelling in that area sooner rather than later! I'm not, shall we say, well endowed in that area. irked.gif With my last pregnancy I suddenly started liking pineapple after an entire lifetime of hating it. I have a piña at home waiting for me to devour as we speak! And I don't want to go into it too much or I'll start to cry and sound like a major downer ... but you and Maddie are in my prayers.


scotia - Pregnancy burps (and toots) are a real treat, huh? innocent.gif


Sticky vibes for all! goodvibes.gif

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 And I don't want to go into it too much or I'll start to cry and sound like a major downer ... but you and Maddie are in my prayers.



Thank youhug2.gif

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I'm excited to finally see a January group!  


I'm 5 weeks 4 days.  Like some of you, I am being cautious.  I lost one in December. :(  I believe my progesterone was not up to par.  In hindsight, I had symptoms of low progesterone even before that pregnancy.  I just didn't know what to look for.  Supplementing with B vitamins, got my super faint BFP at 11 dpo, and here we are!  


I had my progesterone drawn (It was 19.1) at 16 dpo.  I also had my HCG drawn at 16 dpo and again at 18 dpo.  I was 296 and 720, so that was good news!


It is going well so far, but I do notice crampiness at work.  That always leads to doubt and anxiety over possibly losing another pregnancy.  Today was a bad day.  But now that I am home, I feel much better.  Had a bout of nausea yesterday evening, during my DSD's play.  It was in a hot gym, and I had to step out into the cool lobby to relieve the nausea.  One "positive" is that a feel a lot more pregnant this time than I did with my angel baby.  The nausea is welcome at this point, but I do hope it isn't too terrible!


Good luck to all!

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I don't think I'm having any symptoms just yet, and I'm 5w2d today.  I'm tired, but that's likely a combination of work and pregnancy.  I've been working lots of hours this past month.greensad.gif  With my first pregnancy, morning sickness started exactly at 7w4d and lasted until around 18 weeks.  I'm taking 100mg b6 daily to maintain my progesterone levels since I'm nursing, so I'm not sure if that has helped to suppress any hints of morning sickness that may be starting.  On the one hand, I'm looking forward to morning sickness because it's a sign of a healthy pregnancy.  But, on the other hand, I could totally do without the queasy, I-could-hurl-at-any-moment-feeling (provided of course I still get a healthy babe in the end)!thumb.gif  

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