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What a weird day. So far this pregnancy has been pretty low key.  Lots of bloating in the evening, a sick feeling if I go to long without eating, no big deal.


Today, I just feel odd.  No real change of symptoms, just anxious and weird.  It's starting to make me paranoid that something terrible is going to happen but the whole feeling is just around this babe, not around anything else.  


Would someone please remind me that pregnancy hormones are crazy and that everything is fine?

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Yeah, dh has been handling most of the grocery shopping. It's too much for me right now. I'm wishing my cravings would kick harder in so that something tasted or sounded good. For the most part, everything tastes or seems yucky. I had been eating pretty good for the last few days, but today the only thing that sounded good was peaches and  pizza crust...just pizza crust, the toppings grossed me out.

Hiya!  Knew I'd run into you here!


I am too nearly completely repulsed by all food.  At first I was not eating that much because of it, but then I was so sick.  I am definitely handling the nausea better with lots of carbs.  Not exactly the way I wanted to go.  Went to bed nauseous and woke up feeling that way.  Getting something plain in my stomach helps a lot.  But NOTHING helps with the exhaustion.  I feel so bad for DH.  It is such a struggle to get up in the morning.  Sigh.



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I am already feeling big. I'm 9 weeks today and still nausous 24/7. I've had a few puke episodes lately and no food sounds good. I'm having the hardest time eating anything! Ugh. I'm also really sensitive to sounds and smells. The sounds is a new thing for me. I can't stand certain sounds and too much noise. Weird. I'm having freaky dreams too!


I'm about 9 1/2 weeks and OMG still sick too.  Simple carbs seems to help a lot, as well as lots of small meals.  Sigh.  Still, in the morning and late at night when there's nothing in my tummy I'm sick.  Hate the dry heaving too in the morning.  UGH.  My kids still do not know and I'm amazed they're not asking more questions like "what is wrong with you!!!"  I guess tweens are very self-absorbed LOL.

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hey Phatchristy!!! Yeah, oatmeal is pretty much the standard that doesn't make me yack! Glad to see you here :)

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So how are all the Mamas doing? Anyone getting over the morning sickness yet? I thought I had it easy but I have recently been having really bad bouts of sickness. Sadly I have discovered that any sugar is setting it off. I was Primal for a few years before this pregnancy and then we switched to a more traditional foods / Weston Price style diet and anytime I eat any carbs or anything (like my sourdough bread) it makes me queasy, if I really cheat and want something like a slice of cake or donut I get really sick and end up laying in bed :-(. I guess this will allow me to have a healthy pregnancy though without all the excess sugar I keep craving. How are your workouts going for the mamas on here that are keeping active? I am still having issues with running, so I am giving up on running the warrior dash and I am just going to try to keep my body weight routine up really well and do lots of walking and hiking, I am sad about it but my brother will run the race instead of me. I hope everyone is well!

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At 11w mine is worse than ever. How rude!

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strangely I have yet to experience much of anything in the nausea department which is soo different for me...I have been extremely tired though. We saw our little one's heart beat today and I am so excited and relieved! joy.gif

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Let's see random nauseau but nothing like ds2. He was bad! I can't get enough feta cheese with spices and I am constantly hungry. I am barely awake right now as I type and I typically need an hour nap in the afternoon. Then I'm still tired by bed time. Hmmm. So sleepy!!! Also horny! Lol sorry for the tmi.
Been having odd we are having twin girl dreams. Have a dating u/s next Monday so we shall see. I usually oppose them but I'm curious!
I am also big!!! Like I'm usually a stick with muscles. We are very active, hiking biking plus being a violinist I always move. My relaxation is knitting where I'm moving some more wink1.gif lol but my stretchy pants are too tight and it's soooo obvious I'm pregnant.
Luckily no bad vibes about this pregnancy. I knew before I m/c before that it was going to happen. So that makes me happy.
Oh yes! According to my hubby my odor has changed to that of my pregnant self. Not sure what that means? Perhaps I stink on top of it all!? Great timing for summer!!! Lol

I'm sorry to all the ladies with losses. May you heal physically,mentally and emotionally quickly. It is so difficult. I've been there.
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I am so miserable with aversions and sickness, I would just like to crawl into a cave and hibernate until it's over. I struggle so much to eat or drink anything. I am meeting with a midwife tomorrow that is is also a naturopath doctor so hopefully she can give me some advice. I really hope this is a first trimester only thing.

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When I was pg with dd1 I didn't have any morning sickness and tons of food aversions. This time around I'm starving and feeldizzy and tired and nauseous.
Its so strange. So far the smell of yogurt is grossing me out and I'm getting sick of eggs.
I'm not showing at all but all my pants are too tight!
Oh and the irritability is sooner and stronger. Poor dh can't do anything right.

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I was so sick I couldn't function last week. This week (10 weeks) I'm feeling good. Still queasy and hungry, but not sick. Food tastes better but I know exactly when I have had the last bite. Sometimes it hits the back of my throat and I just know it's not happening. Out it goes into the garbage and I'm done. :) DH thinks its funny when he sees "the face".  My appt is on Thursday and I'm just excited to meet with my midwife and reconnect and hopefully hear a heartbeat. I've been so nervous that I feel better. It's so silly. You wish to feel better and then worry when you do. 


My DD rubs my tummy multiple times a day and talks to the baby. It's the highlight of my day. She is so excited. DS says it's a girl baby. Hasn't changed his mind yet. It's always a girl. We shall see if he is right.....


How is everyone handling the heat? We've been over 100 here and I'm not nice about it. I feel like I'm going to melt. My family is freezing from the air conditioner and it is still not cool enough!

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Morning are not my best friend.  I have to get up and shower or no I'll throw off the morning routine of everyone else in my house.  Unfortunately, this means delaying breakfast.  Bad idea.  Two more weeks of teaching and then summer vacation.  I can go back to breakfast and then shower which should make morning much nicer.


Other than that, I've moved on to using the rubber band trick on my pants, tight pants are just not fun right now.

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My DH has been taking a lot of crap from me too, normally I don't show any emotion. But for the past few weeks he says I have been really emotional, I don't think I am as bad as he says but I have had a few days where I feel like I have no control over my emotions at all. I really hope that it ends soon. My DS is very upset about the baby, before we got pregnant I asked him if he wanted a baby brother or sister and he would say yes and get all excited, then when we told him that I had a baby in my tummy he got really upset and says he doesn't want to ever see it. My mom says I need to get him his own baby so he can take care of his baby while I take care of the new baby because that's what she did with my older brother but we are only 18 months apart, DS will be a month shy of 4 when this baby gets here so I am not sure it will have the same effect. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I really thought he would be happy. 


I am also huge already, I wasn't small to begin with but I have already grown out of my pants, so I moved onto wearing my Dh's pants, now I am grown out of those so I need to get some maternity pants. I don't really like girl shirts so luckily I have lots and lots of t-shirts that should fit for most the pregnancy. 

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A lot of the stuff I've read about setting up for siblings has definitely advised getting a "baby", though it doesn't have to be an actual baby doll.  A boy waldorf-style doll might be good for an almost-4 year old little guy.  You could rig him up a little carrier or just make a point of putting the doll to bed at night to get him interested in caring for it.  I've also read that it is better not to talk too much about the pregnancy in the early stages to toddlers because it is too abstract. We've decided to just let our son (21 mos now) keep going as usual without any pointed talk about "the new baby" though I have definitely been talking up being a "big boy" who can do xyz himself. As my body changes more I imagine we'll talk about it in more detail.  We'll just have to see how it goes though!

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I've been feeling awful...just awful.  Almost all food looks, smells, tastes disgusting.  I've been dreading making dinner each day, and dreading waking up in the morning when I go to bed.
Have been managing to eat cold edamame, cucumbers, grapefruit actually tastes really good.  Vitamin water is keeping me hydrated, at least. 



Hard to keep up with my kiddos, but at least they're great at entertaining one another.  Feeling bad - they'll go play hard outside, and then come in and want stories -- but then they smell of mud and grass, and it's about all I can do to keep breakfast down.  The whole hypersensitive sense of smell is probably my least favorite symptom.  That and the awful constipation, TMI.

I haven't seen my midwife yet, but looking forward to getting the ball rolling.  I'm so excited to know there is another little one on the way, but no lie, I am counting down the weeks already!  LOL Eight down, 32 to go! 

I feel like I'm really showing a lot already...I feel huge!  I've heard you show earlier with each baby, but this is ridiculous LOL. 

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I feel huge too.  I'm ready to break out the maternity clothes because my regular clothes are starting to get uncomfortable, but I'd swim in them.  My mom is going to help me make a couple of maxi dresses next week, so hopefully that and some knit skirts I have from Lands End will get me through the next several weeks.  I've started putting my nightgown on at like 8-8:30 because I can't stand to wear anything with a waistband anymore, LOL.


Food aversions EVERYWHERE.  Nothing sounds good from day to day.  Except fruit.  Right now peaches are the thing for me.  I'm eating them like crazy.  And cherries.  I went to the grocery store on Sat and bought both, and it was all I could do to keep from breaking into them right there in the produce dept., LOL.  But I'm finding that I *HAVE* to eat protein with every meal/snack or I get super sick and shaky. 

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