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Hi everyone! It's nice to see other people are feeling the same as I do, I think I am finally getting over being tired all the time. I was falling asleep while driving the other day so husband had to drive, and I get really car sick, so that on top of tired and morning sickness made me want to cry. Hopeully its all going away though now. Anyone else not want to be touched at all? I feel so bad for my poor hubby he is trying so hard to be sweet and loving and happy but I just want nothing to do with him, its making me quite sad, but I can't help it, hopefully that passes soon.

We have only told a few people, my best friend (I texted her at 5 something in the morning when I got my positive) my mom and brother - I left it up to her to tell my dad because he works a lot so I never get a chance to talk to him and my in-laws know. I am pretty sure my husbands grandmother has told everyone on his side of the family. I am going to go see my aunt next weekend and will tell her, but everyone else I just don't know how to tell them, I want to but I just can't figure out the way to do it. It will be obvious soon, but most people won't want to ask me because I am big as it is so they might feel bad asking. One of my kinda sorta friends needs to know soon though because I ride horses with her in the summer, and her horses are very unpredictable so there is no way I am getting on one of her horses this summer.

Wow this ended up being longer than planned, I hope everyone feels better soon! I'm so excited to be able to talk with people who know what I'm feeling!
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Welcome LoveDiva!


Add me to the list of those that aren't really excited about telling people.  Well, I know my friends will be awesomely supportive, but not my family.  We had bad reactions to the news of DS2 coming along a couple years ago (and they never knew about my 2 losses after him), so I'm not in any hurry to let them know #5 is on the way.  My mother is in town (she lives on the opposite coast) visiting this week and I told her just because I was waiting for the hospital to call with bloodwork results (a bit nervous after back-to-back losses).  She was very shocked but overall has responded well.  As for the rest of our families?  Maybe after 20 weeks, maybe not.

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My eldest DD (who is 6) knew about the baby because she read the box of the tests and interpreted the test she found (on my bedside cabinet) herself!


This was fine, we had a wee chat about it, she knows i've lost babies in the past, i told her she could her her dad (my XP - i would have told him early anyway as he's a great help on the extra childcare/physical help about the house front at times like this).  That was last week.  THIS week she told 2 wee friends in school jaw.gif


I saw their mothers this morning, there were lots of long looks but no one came out and asked.  I really DO NOT want to have to share anything about loss with these women (who are all fairly nice women but who i just don't feel particularly close to) so here's hoping their mind their own business until *I'M* ready to tell them!


Everyone else i've told (my dad, some friends) have been really positive about it all.  This is #3 for me but #2 for OH and I, and i think it helps, those who have been critical of "another one!?" for other people we know who have 3+ kids have seemed to get that OH might want 2 of his own.  Either that or i'm just incredibly scary and no-one dares criticise me af.gif  LOL

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I was 5 weeks yesterday, but am having no symptoms...am pretty worried! I also had a tiny bit of spotting. I had a loss in March, and am pretty sure that my breasts were sore by this point, and that I was feeling hungry, but I really don't feel anything now.  I guess I'll just wait and see, but if I am going to lose this one as well, I would sort of like to know because I have pinkeye and don't feel that I can get antibiotic drops if I have a viable pregnancy!

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newbie, I'm pretty sure there are drops that they can give you that are safe for pregnancy. Not only are there a number of antibiotics that are safe during pregnancy, but drops applied directly to your eye are going to have mostly local effects, and very little if any is going to be absorbed systemically. Just tell the doc you are pregnant, all should be well.


As for me, I'm on the symptom merry-go-round. Some days I am feeling pregnant, some not so much. I'm trying not to worry. Trying!

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Anyone else not want to be touched at all? I feel so bad for my poor hubby he is trying so hard to be sweet and loving and happy but I just want nothing to do with him, its making me quite sad, but I can't help it, hopefully that passes soon.


I've been feeling that way, too.  





I'd say the nausea is in full swing now.  I feel like I spend all day eating and fighting off the nausea.  I've also woken up the past two nights around 1:30am needing to eat.  No vomiting yet, which I'm thrilled about.  I'm crossing my fingers I don't end up with severe morning sickness this time.  

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Hi ladies!  It's so nice to read that everyone is feeling pretty similar to me.  Well, not so nice to feel queasy, but good to read about it.  I got my first "no need to squint" positive test this morning and had major nausea this afternoon (I've been falling asleep on the couch every evening for about a week and a half but didn't think of a baby connection :p)


We are moving next month if all goes smoothly - supposed to close on our house next week!  I'm kind of dreading trying to wrap all of that up and get our current home ready to sell with morning sickness (not to mention setting up the new place!!) - but I'm also hoping that maybe all the to-do's will just keep me trucking through the next few weeks. 


I am also in the "not eager to tell" group.  This is #6 for us and I am ecstatic, but so many people just...aren't when you have so many, lol!  I know my midwife will be thrilled for us though.  I'm planning to call her after we move unless I'm worried about something. 


Looking forward to chatting and sharing with you ladies over the next few months :)


Is anyone still nursing a LO?  My little DD will be 12 months in a week and I'd really like to nurse her for awhile longer.  I've always had a lot of trouble nursing during pregnancy in the past... not having issues yet, but I am expecting they'll come.

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Whew, nausea kicked in today with a vengeance, ick!  That's about normal timeframe for me, but doesn't make it any more fun.


I'm glad to see so many new members joining the DDC!  orngbiggrin.gif

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Ugh, nausea's starting to settle in here as well, I was hoping I'd escape it. No such luck!


Skrimpy, I'm still nursing too, but my baby's about a year older than yours (just turned 2 in March) and only nurses at naptime and bedtime at this point. smile.gif

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There's a good few of us still nursing. My DD is 21 months, and I hope to nurse her for as long as I can. I had a lot of preterm contractions with my last though, so we'll see.

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Is grouchy a symptom? mischievous.gif  Yeah, I'm pretty moody. Really trying to be nice though. My dh can't stand the mood swings when I'm pregnant. He works away from home now, so he doesn't have to see me everyday. Lucky him, cuz it's pretty bad right now.


mamapigeon~ Hope things are ok for you and that your spotting stopped.

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AmBam yep I'm pretty sure grouchy is a symptom! I have been pretty grouchy lately myself.

Itsajenism I am so glad I am not the only one, everywhere I read says that we become more loving but really I just don't feel the love right now! Hopeully it goes away soon or this is going to be a rough nine months.

What is everyone doing to stay active? I am running the warrior dash at the end of august but I just have not been able to run for the last few weeks, between wanting to throw up every 20 feet and my boobs hurting so bad I just can't get in the mood to run, and I love running! I also do some hoop dancing and am trying to keep up with doing my body weight workouts like squats and pullups and stuff a few times a week but I'm just so tired! How do you ladies with other children stay awake all day??? Luckily my DH has been letting me nap most afternoons.

I hope everyone is feeling better!
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I dont do anything! LOL! i sit on the couch all day, im just too tired to do anything. I need to mop and change the bedding, and my daugters room is a MESS! but i cant get any energy to do any of it.

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Pogo, I am struggling with the same thing. I used to go to the gym when my energy was low and feel enlivened. But now I go and just feel like curling up on the floor. It just doesn't seem to work. My sister is a fitness instructor with two kids. She says to try to maintain some muscle mass in the first trimester however you can, and then get back to the gym once you feel better. She claims the second trimester is magic, all happy, sexy energy, and when you walk down the street people smile like you have a rainbow coming out of you. I am keeping this image in my head to keep me going :).

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I really like the elliptical machine. It's good cardio but easy on the joints (and the boobs!). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to exercise for a week and a half because I was so sick. I lost a bunch of weight and a lot of it was muscle mass. I'm trying to edge back up to one hour on the elliptical and fifteen-twenty minutes of strength training, at least five days per week. Hopefully, all is not lost and I'll get back there. I'd really like to stay in shape and not feel like a beached orca during this pregnancy!


Swimming was great the last time I was pregnant too, especially when the swelling kicks in.

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I'm trying to take it pretty easy, but definitely focus on gentle consistent exercise.  Keeping fit throughout pregnancy is good for your mood, yours and the baby's health, and for an easier delivery.  Right now I'm trying to walk a half hour a day - I can walk to work, so that helps.  Also - pilates and strength training a few times each per week.  Second trimester I'd like to work out a bit harder. 

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I've been feeling very grouchy as well - all directed at DH.  I'm NEVER like this and I don't remember being like this last pregnancy, but maybe I don't remember.  He can't do anything right, but is really trying to be nice to me.  I feel so bad.

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Beltane, me too. But dh seems to never remember and just be put off by any of my complaints. If I complain I'm nauseous or tired he just finds a reason why he is just as tired or rolls his eyes. Really really annoying. It sends me into a RAGE! I actually threw the remote at him 2 days befor I found out inwas pregnant. I have never done anything like that, but I was sooooooo mad. It was at his arm cro
About 2 feet away, but still, not like me. I just seem to get sooooo angry so easily.
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I've had some outbursts while pregnant that I'm not proud of. DH and I jokingly call it the "pregnant rage". Although today, I'm feeling too tired to have any sort of emotion besides exhausted.

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I've been really cranky, too.  I feel terrible for being mean/raising my voice at my 6-yr-old a couple times - I never do that - poor thing.  (she says she still loves me;)  I don't feel as bad about being pissy with my dp because he understands -usually - and we joke about it.  But yeah - little fits of sudden rage.  And weepiness for me.   

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