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15 month old with high need for sensory input?

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My daughter has always been a high needs baby/child, so that part I am getting used to :)
But, she seems to need a ton of senory input to be happy. Pretty  much all day she is climbing on me, hugging me, kissing me, but mostly climbing all over me. She screams A LOT. She loves to be dirty, pretty much always plays in the mud when she can or wears her appleasauce on her head whenever possible :) Hated baths as an infant but has loved playing in the water since she could sit up. Likes to put lotion on her hands, bites (unfortunately quite a bit, but it doesn't seem in anger), pets the dogs all the time, but also pulls their hair (again, not out of anger). She is busy, but in very physical ways like climbing and jumping. She doesnt like to be read to much but will at the corners of carboard books or rip pages out of regular ones.


I know some of this is normal toddler behavior, and I am not saying she isn't a typical toddler, but its hard to describe, she seems to constantly need some sort of input (like the climbing/rolling/banging head or hair pulling). I wonder if there are other kids like this?

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YES YES YES!  you've described my DD. We haven't dealt too much with biting, just recently getting into anger outbursts, which I see as pretty normal, but she is TOTALLY all about the high sensory activities.  She climbs, climbs, climbs -she throws herself off of high places whether you're there to catch her or not.  She slams herself around, wants to be thrown, tossed, manhandled in every way.  She literally crawls all over us and the animals, bangs her head against the wall, wants to be wet, muddy, dirty all the time.  I've also suspected a possible sensory disorder. She also has a real sensitivity to hot and cold (everything is hot, and often results in a meltdown) I think it's too early to tell, but worth paying attention to as she gets older.  The following website was suggested to me by a friend who's daughter has a sensory disorder -check it out!



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Yup! thumb.gif  I am on the same page with our HN lil dude - have you read Raising Your Spirited Child?  It goes over this some as related to temperament, and when it might be more (SPD, etc.).  Interested as to what others have to say...

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