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Uncomplicated/Simple Recipes

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I want to start cooking simple & natural recipes. The only problem is that a lot of the recipes I find online are too "fancy" and call for ingredientes that are hard to find and out of my budget. Does anyone know where I can find recipes that just use regular ingredientes (fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, eggs, flour, salt & pepper, rice, etc.) I am hoping to learn how to cook in a way that could be sustainable without a grocery store!

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I really like the la leche league cookbook(s).  They have a new one called feed yourself feed your family which I just got and like, and my mom is still cooking out of her copy of whole foods for the whole family decades later!  Believe it or not I also really like weight watchers cook books, I just ignore the low fat dairy suggestions.  I also like the America's test kitchen recipes, but sometimes I adapt those to make them healthier.  I also have a great once from my college days called "cheap and easy"

Oh and ALSO wink1.gif the moosewood collective cookbooks - enchanted broccoli forest etc, are all really good.
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I looked up the la leche league cook book (the whole foods one) and it looks really awesome. Seems to be a whole manual on cooking natural and making stuff from scratch. I will definitely be trying to find this one. Thanks!

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My favorite cookbooks are, I kid you not, weight watchers cookbooks. They're whole foods and intended to be yummy. If you find they're too low cal/fat for you, you could adjust them.


I like this one for quick foods: 

Weight Watchers Make It in Minutes: Easy Recipes in 15, 20, and 30 Minutes


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"The Art of Simple Food' by Alice Waters


I own only one cookbook, and that is it.  I guess I own Nourishing Traditions too, but i never used the recipes, and it's been on loan for about 2 years now.....


I was running a retreat kitchen for a month and needed a simple, whole foods based approach to recipes that volunteers with minimal experience could use for ANY food item.  And 'The Art of Simple Food' covered everything I needed, and a few things i would never make.

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