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Need a recipe where the avocado is cooked in some way

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Before I spend ages sifting through search results, I thought I'd throw this request out there. I was given 2 avocados and want to use them but can't eat them raw. What can I do with them? Some sort of quick bread recipe maybe? Help!

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I haven't tried this but the pic has been making the rounds on pinterest. It looks good.



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Oh wow, that looks good, thanks! Definitely considering it. Any other ideas, anyone?

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There was an avocado pound cake recipe on epicurious recently.  My BFF made it and gave me a loaf for my pp freezer, so I haven't tasted it yet.


You can always make avocado soup.  I just do it in the blender, but there's no reason you can't take it from blender to pan and cook it.  I just use chicken stock, cream, pureed avocado, salt, garlic, and then top with either roasted corn salsa or a chopped pepper salsa - whatever I have in the house for a little crunch. 

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More great ideas! Thanks, Cristeen! Off to look for that pound cake recipe...

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Avocado-broccoli-arugala pasta dish.  I was really impressed with this when I made it myself, sorta a thai-mexican twist on pasta primavera.  IF you don't like any particular flavors or ingredients, you could easily sub other things you prefer - it's easily that kinda recipe.  

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Yum, thanks!

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I have always enjoyed taking an avocado, slicing it up, smearing it on bread, putting some cheese (I use havarti, usually) on it and salting it and toasting it until the cheese is bubbly.

It's not healthy, but it does taste good!

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Add it to...

Taco soup (dice and add during the last 20 or so minutes of cooking)
Another kind of taco soup; this one is creamy
A grilled cheese sandwich (i make mine with avocado, sauteed mushrooms, a slice of pepperjack cheese, and a slice of Monterey jack. YUUUUM!)
A quesadilla
An omelet
Enchiladas (my enchiladas are actually more like burritos with enchilada sauce over it instead of the traditional 1-filling version. I load mine up with cooked beans, cheese, avocado, and some sauteed bell pepper and shredded carrot (pat the bell pepper and carrot dry first to get rid of any excess moisture)).
You can use them instead of eggs when you're baking. Google "avocado brownies" and a lot of results come up. I've never tried it myself so I can't recommend a recipe.
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I pureed an avocado with garlic,basil,pine nuts,lemon and a splash of almond milk. Warmed it in a frying pan and tossed it with cooked peas and pasta. AMAZING

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Do you think cow's milk or cream would work for that puree?

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sure I cant see why not? We just don't do dairy

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I might have to try that.  I've never tried any other kind of milk (almond, soy, rice), so I have no idea if they're "switchable" in recipes with dairy milk.  Thanks for the input and the recipe! 

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