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EBF and Iron levels?

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Background: I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum (so the nutrition was already tricky), and I developed a vulval hematoma (so my hemoglobin levels dropped a lot).


I'm EBF and it seems like I can't get enough iron? I bruise like a peach, I take iron supplements but I can't even tell a difference. Does BF further deplete iron? I eat well (now that I can eat again, yay!!!), is this just an EBF thing that mamas contend with?

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Hematomas are nasty!


Are you anemic? Have you had your iron store levels checked? If my hemoglobin or ferritin wouldn't rise even on iron supplementation I'd definitely want to get checked out by a doctor or midwife.


My iron levels actually rose (after recovering from birth) - probably because of not having any periods while breastfeeding.

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Thanks for the reply!! 


Yeah, hematomas...I've been trying to find other mamas that developed them, so far unsuccessful!


Honestly, I don't know if I'm anemic, I just know I'm bruising like crazy! Sounds like I should get my iron levels checked, just to stay on top of things.

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I would get your levels checked. I had Hyperemesis too, and lost a lot of blood during delivery (600ml) the day I left the hospital, my hemoglobin levels were below 7. They are still pretty low, but are getting better, and I'm exclusively nursing. I had a nutritionist tell me that it would take around 90 days to get my iron levels back up, even with supplements, because it takes that long for our bodies to make, and replenish the red blood cells.
The bruising thing may not be anemia. I've never heard of that as an anemia symptom, (but I don't know a lot) and even at a 7, I haven't been bruising.
It sounds like it may be something else. Maybe it's a different vitamin or mineral you are low on. With HG, you probably got pretty low on a lot of different nutrients, I know I did. Good luck!!
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Thanks! [does HG survivor handshake] yeah, my hemoglobin was at a 7, and if you didn't have bruising something else may be in play. I know I read something like 2-3 months of recovery for every month of HG, so I'll see someone and figure out what areas need extra attention. Yesterday a mom mentioned chlorophyll...beyond eating well, I'm not familiar with supplemental nutrition like that!
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Yeah, it's generally 2 months of recovery for every month of HG.
If your meds were working, you had regular IV fluids, and mild-moderate HG, 1 month for every month of HG is usually enough though.
Good luck, I hope you feel better soon!!
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If you haven't already found it, helpher.org is a great resource for HG info, and the wonderfully supportive forums even have a board for HG recovery.
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Thanks! As with all things HG, patience? 


Yeah, that site is great - I handed out the link like candy to friends and family after I was diagnosed. Was really great for my husband, helped him figure out what I was going through and what he could do to help.

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