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Hi there, UnschoolnMa here. I haven't been here in a jillion years, but I am a long time MDC'er. Anyway, a local radio show from the Eugene Oregon area called the Donkey Show recently aired a bit about the TIME nursing/Parenting article. (The cover featuring a mom nursing an older kiddo standing on a stool.) This show is a little bit crude, funny, and sarcastic and I am a basic fan. Usually. Today they went after nursing in the extreme and it was very ignorant and offensive. They equated all nursing in public to defecating, constantly compared it to sexual acts, talked about "banging the mom", and so on. I'd like to extend this information to the nursing women in the Eugene, Albany, Salem, Portland, etc area. Perhaps some letter writing, phone calls, or nursing outside the station would be helpful to these so called grown men. Marcus and Drew are their names. I apologize if I am doing this wrong or posting it in the wrong place. I just wanted to get this out to as many appropriate people as fast possible. I hope you will share this with anyone you might know from this area. Thank you!


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