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baby kicks!

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For a couple of weeks I wasn't sure if it was kicks or gas, but there is no doubt now! I have a little jumping bean that clearly doesn't like to be woken with my trips to the bathroom during the night.....or car rides for that matter - ha ha!


I'm almost 17 weeks, this is earlier than with DS, but I was really sure what I was looking for this time. It's so reassuring  sometimes:)



Anyone else beginning to enjoy these active little babes?

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Yay for jumping beans!

It is so exciting and reassuring to feel the wee one moving around in there. This week (18) has been the first one, for sure, that I'm feeling regular movements. Lots of pokes and kicks and that rolling sensation like baby's trying to get comfy.

So so sweet. I'm sure I get a really goofy, happy look on my face whenever a little poke catches me by surprise.


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Yay! It IS so reassuring to feel these stronger more regular movements! I started feeling kicks just a few days ago at 16.5 weeks...nearly two weeks earlier than with ds! It's definitely a benefit of having been pregnant before ;-) Everything reassuring seems to happen sooner. lol

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I'm a lucky one--I first felt my little one (first baby) kick at 13 weeks. It felt like I was flicked hard from inside down low and to the left. I knew it was the baby. We had our appt. to hear the HB two days later. They couldn't find it, couldn't find it... Then, they moved the doppler to the lower left, right where I felt the flick, and there it was. It's HB was loud and clear. I didn't feel it again for a few days, but I've felt it pretty regularly ever since! For me, it never was the flutters. It's always been a strong kick. I first felt it from the outside at about 16 weeks. My husband got to feel it for the last time last week (17). So excited for all of us and our active babies!
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I've been feeling little kicks and movement for a few weeks too! It's such a cool feeling!  My partner felt it from the outside on Friday night for the first time! It was pretty faint, but definitely something!  Yay!!

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I've been feeling little flutters for a while.  Yesterday, though, we had a family dance at DS's school.  I managed to dance one of the reels with DS.  All the movement must have really gotten this little one excited because I sure did get a bunch of strong kicks!  Dancing along I guess!

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Oh, I so can't wait to feel my baby! I'm 19 weeks today, but because I have colitis and am constantly dealing with bloating/cramping I'm sure there's a lot that's masking my baby's movements. Every day I look forward to feeling this little one . . . it will be a wonderful day when it finally happens.

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Boston, I hope you feel it soon too. It became really, really clear when I hit 20 weeks, so hopefully just one more week will do it for you!


Sometimes it feels like there's a popcorn maker in there.  It's like pop, pop, pop, pop!! The other night, the Pickle was kicking my very full bladder, and I laughed because I think s/he was telling me to go to the bathroom and to give him/her some room! ROTFLMAO.gif

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So cool, Dandylez. Can't wait for it! A friend just told me yesterday it feels like popcorn, so now I know what to look for. :)

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