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I just wanted to share a fantastic Facebook group for single moms. Whether you are currently single or were at one time, this is a great place for comfort, advice, support, encouragement, and frfriendship.  Our group collaborates with several other single mom groups as goodness knows we need all the support we can get!  This is a confidential group and members must request to join.  Here is the information:


"Welcome! Because there are single moms in every corner of the world, we have created this group in the hopes that it will serve as a beam of light guiding single moms into a universal harbor of support through the sharing of experiences and the offering of advice. May we all inspire each other and extend our hands into the darkness to pull someone else into the light. Here you will find trees planted by others whose shade you are invited to sit under."


Our members literally span the globe and single moms past and present are welcomed. 


Here is our link:


Take care!