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Birth control

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For those of you that are certain you're not having more kids by choice (as opposed to infertility) what are you doing for birth control? We're struggling with this issue right now.  It seems that all the good options have potential for some pretty bad side effects, and the ones that don't aren't as effective as we'd like to be certain we don't have an oops. I'm particularly interested to know if anyone has gone the route of sterilization (for either person).

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As soon as I'm 100% sure that we are done, DH is going to get the big V. But for now, since I'm only 90% sure, we are using condoms. That mixed with the fact that we both work and have almost zero time together so hardly ever need bc, it's working ok. I'd prefer to get a Mirena IUD again, but right now my insurance is charging over $500 for it. Supposedly after some of the big healthcare changes come into play in August, they are going to cover it fully, so I'm waiting until then to get it. I had one for about 4 years and really loved it, and got pregnant 2 cycles after I had it taken out. I have really intense periods, so I loved that it made them shorter and less painful. It's also nice that you don't have to really think about it, it's just there, doing it's thing. I did have the Paraguard copper IUD for about 6 months before I got the Mirena, and while I loved that it didn't have any hormones, it made my already-intense periods almost unbearable.

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We are using condoms for now too, but would like something more effective.  We had one pregnancy scare that really solidified our feelings on the issue. My periods are also intense, midwife keeps suggesting Mirena, but I have read such horror stories - I think more than I've ever read for any other type of bc! I was thinking to just try and see how it goes, since some people do seem to love it, but then I read comments from women that got it out and were still having repurcussions for long periods of time afterward. :( I know there are going to be risks with near anything, but am not yet sure just how much risk I am willing to accept. I felt it relevant to ask on this board specifically because on other areas of MDC, people discussing are usually not considering permanent methods.

DH is willing to consider vasectomy, even though we read about it causing issues with dementia for some, as well as auto immune issues. DH brought this my attention, and we both wish it was an option now - http://www.wired.com/magazine/2011/04/ff_vasectomy/all/1 . It (RISUG/Vasagel) http://malecontraceptives.org/methods/risug.php seems to be an easier procedure, with almost no side effects, extremely effective and easily reversed!  It's been in the news again recently. Maybe someday they'll approve it... but for right now they're saying perhaps it will be an option by 2015 in the US.


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Wow, I never heard of that! I really hope it gains some momentum in the US, but like the article says, pharmaceutical companies are only interested in funding research on drugs that need to be given daily, not one-offs that cost less than the syringe that it's injected with. 

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We're also using condoms.  I was thinking about getting an IUD but, like you, it's so expensive it's kind of ridiculous.  Having another child would be *more* expensive, of course but for now we're just going to stick with condoms.  


Also, I can't do hormones so Mirena is out of the question for me - I was on the pill for a bit last summer and I was a nut case.  iris, you said the Paraguard gave you unbearable periods?  Is that common?  I know I did research before I found out about the insurance coverage but I would love to know the experience of an *actual* person instead of whatever the pharm. company writes about it.  

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It was Cat and not me that had the Paragaurd, but it's a commonly known side effect that it can make your flow heavier. I've heard it from several people IRL, including the midwife I see. Mine is bad enough already that I haven't been willing to risk anything that would make it worse.

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Yeah, my periods were very heavy and painful with the Paraguard. I was told that would happen for the first 3-6 months, and then it's supposed to taper off a bit, but I decided to get it removed and get the Mirena instead. Keep in mind that the Mirena has a very small amount of hormones compared to the Pill, so some women who can't take the pill find that Mirena works well for them. Putting money aside, you can always try it out and have it removed if you don't like it. I didn't realize how awesome my old insurance was, I only paid a $15 co-pay for the office visit with I got both mine years ago! 


Of course, this whole conversation is moot for me, since having the baby and DH & I working opposite schedules seems like the best birth control there is. hide.gif

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good to know about the mirena.  thanks for your insight on the IUD.  I'm with you, mama, with the "not having sex is our form of birth control these days" ... definitely something DH and I have to work on.  It's important but it seems we are TOO BUSY to GET BUSY.  aAaaahh!!!

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Dh had a vasectomy when dd was around 3 years old. The procedure and recovery was quick. There have been no problems after 9 years. It has been great! wink1.gif


Prior to the vasectomy, we used condoms and spermicidal lubricant.

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