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Baby has constant skin rash - see photo - what is this? - Page 2

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looks like eczema. use coconut oil or shea butter to soothe. eliminate all forms of dairy and avoid soy as well since they are often both the culprits. use coconut milk, vegan butter spread, coconut milk yogurt and well there really is no super yummy cheese substitute!

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I second the recommendation for California Baby Products.  Love the Calendula Cream.  There is a lotion  and a cream.  If you are on a budget at least try the cream.  I use it for my dry hands too.

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Baths are very important. Try to bathe her at least once a day. Just soaking in water is good. No need for soap at every bath; soap dries the skin. Then after each bath moisturize like crazy. I really like SheaMoisture organic baby products for eczema.

Read this: http://www.nationaleczema.org/living-with-eczema/bathing-moisturizing
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looks like eczema to me too. we went trough sleepless nights with blood on sheets, constant scretching, strong med-steroids, allergy testing etc. at age 12 months my baby still has some flare ups on her cheeks (teething, food, weather? -still do not know), and on very very dry skin on her feet. i would love to try omega oils and other natural remedies, but turns out that she is allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, soy?, penuts, wheat. i am sooooooooo affraid of a reaction (hives, anaphx. shock etc). she drinks neocate only, we bath her in oilatum and put CeraVe all over after bath. hope she will outgrow all of it and will be super healthy and happy (as she is now). mama loves you :-) P.S. good luck, lots of strenght and hope for all of you struggling moms :)

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What's the tub made of??
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It looks similar to what DS had for his first year. I tried creams upon creams, used natural soaps, oatmeal baths...and they worked temporarily. Found out he had allergies to the nuts I was eating (I was on a raw vegan diet which utilizes a lot of nuts) and it went through my breastmilk. He also had allergies to the cat and dog dander. But after every bath, it looked worst. greensad.gif He still has some eczema now but we still have the cat and the dog roaming around..  We avoid nuts products though and it helped a little. When the cat was gone for a couple months though, his eczema cleared up A LOT! My suggestion would be that if there still a rash at around 1 year old, get allergy tested (the blood sample kind, not skin testing)

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I second that baths are important. The water moisturizes the skin but make sure they are short, frequent baths. And then, make sure to moisturize after because water vaporizes from the skin, leaving it dry.

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