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Momtezuma Tuatara's Nutrition/Immunology 101 thread

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So while this is not specifically about vaccines, there is some interesting info related to vax concerns and immune system functioning. It was origially in the vax forums.

I just started it (really long), and it addresses some questions I had, so I thought I might put it out here for more people to see, since it is locked and gone....




Also, we speak of sodium ascorbate for pertussis a lot, I wanted to know more about that, this thread was helpful to me too: (not in treating pertussis, but general info about SA vs. Ascorbic Acid)



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Well I am almost half way through the nutrition thread. Tons of info.


Some links of interest to those in the vax forum:



Maternal selenium nutrition and neonatal immune system development.



The results indicate that maternal selenium intake impacts neonatal selenium status which in turn influences the neonatal immune system development.



Host nutritional selenium status as a driving force for influenza virus mutations.




Our work points to the considerable influence that host nutritional status may exert on a viral pathogen. Together with the coxsackievirus model, our data on the influenza virus suggest that many RNA viruses may be susceptible to nutritionally induced oxidative damage. We propose that the nutritional status of the host should be considered when exploring mutations and mutation rates of viruses. Finally, our results demonstrate a unique mechanism by which viruses can mutate and point to the importance of antioxidant protection against viral disease.


SIDs, discusses nutrition and vaccines, section 3.6:


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