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My baby is here,but no uc *edited

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I am so, so grateful to share that my little one arrived May 2nd.


We did not end up having a UC. Just as labor started, it was apparent that baby had some distress- we tried to contact a midwife, but when we didn't get an answer, we continued on to the hospital.


Considering the distress, it was the right thing to do ( if we didn't have a midwife with better resuscitation equipment), but Baby did receive birth injuries ( Brachial plexus and an an unusual humerus fracture) that...I am trying to process.


I had linked to my birth story...my way of digesting all that happened, but I found out that some of my traffic was coming from a site where I don't think they had my support ( or my baby's) in mind.


So I can't really share. I genuinely appreciate everyone here who really did want to share and support. I learned a lot of good things from you all, and it was so wonderful to feel like I could talk about my real hopes for birth and our reasons for considering Ucla without judgement.

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I'm not convinced that pinching a baby's hand will make them draw it back.  Not saying that it is impossible, but it's not a for sure response.  It's a very tight squeeze in there once they are presenting with a little hand up by their faces.  Brachial plexus injuries usually happen when the practitioner has to work hard to help the baby out.  Did this happen with your son? Hope he is well and CONGRATS on your sweet baby!

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You are a gifted writer. It was a joy to read those pages from your blog, although of course they were fraught with worry as well.


Congratulations to you and the Mister, and welcome to the world, Baby Mack!

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It was something I had read in The Heart and Hand's midifery book- even they said it was a long shot- but worth a try....


It's so hard to tell what was neccessary. He was born very, very fast.They had the idea to have me try to push when I was 9cm ( with a lip and forebag).It worked...really fast. there was no actual shoulder dystocia from what they said...he was my biggest baby, but only by an ounce- and that sister had presented with a compound right arm too !


It turns out that he DOES also have a broken arm. Which makes the brachial plexus injury seem much less severe. It is hard to tell exactly how that all happened.


However, now that the hospital has recognized the fracture, they seem much more interested in discussing the birth with the staff that attended.


I keep thinking that maybe things happened the way they did just to give us more confidence that ever in homebirth- something to show people why we believe in it so much, with no shame whatsoever....


and maybe something to remind that hospital staff that these aren't just little pieces of meat, but little people who deserve some tenderness.

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Thank you Alphaghetti hug.gif

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I would like to read about your birth- are you ok with PMing the link or something?

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