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28 weeks (and 2 days!).  Bellies should be getting bigger for everyone now, let's see 'em!!!

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I love all of the bellies, everyone looks great! :)


This is from a week ago (27 weeks) but I'm about the same size still:


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700Officially Third Trimester now! So  excited to see how everyone is growing! You mamas all look so great!

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Yay bellies!  Babies are getting big :)




30 weeks here, and baby is being pointy...

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Not sure why my photo will only upload sideways. 28 weeks 3 days but baby is measuring 30 weeks 5 days. Supposed to be a surprise but baby is REALLY mirroring DH's tall genes,so I'm debating whether to start buying boy clothes.

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You do look like it's all out in front, that's how my little boy is carrying right now!  DD definitely carried "wide" as opposed to "out," which I've heard is typical for a lot of people.  Boy = basketball belly out in front, girl = wider hips/butt.  Not that it's always true, but it's funny that it ended up true for me!

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This was taken 5 weeks ago, at 25 weeks. I feel like I'm a lot bigger now!

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This was taken today at almost 32 weeks.  You can't really tell how big I am, but I feel huge!  I haven't taken any pics of just me showing off my belly... I probably need to get on that.  Or not. LOL.

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I forgot to share one of my pretty pictures! We had maternity/family pics done at 26 weeks, it was fun.




And more recently, 32 weeks...and pointy belly again!  I have a pointy baby I guess.  The lump at the bottom is just the dress, not an extra weird spot :)



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