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I nursed my 3 year old a little past his 3rd birthday in which I was about 5 months pregnant and it was becoming a little unbearable. When I say unbearable, I don't exactly mean painful, although it was uncomfortable but it was a really annoying feeling. My milk was pretty much gone and he was dry nursing and sucking really hard and kind of using his teeth. I discouraged his nursing or would make him stop after a short time and when he protested I would tell him it hurt me, to which he would say "sorry mama" in the most heartbreaking way with the most disappointed look on his face.


I know he wasn't ready to stop but like I said it was a little unbearable for me. Its been a few months and he still asks to nurse on occassion and I have let him attempt a couple times but still get that unbearable feeling. I am now 37 weeks and when the new baby comes and my milk comes in I am hoping that the "unbearable" feeling doesn't resurface. I remember when my son was a newborn, the first few weeks were really rough because he wasn't latching properly and my nipples were really tender, I eventually figured it out and it was smooth sailing and enjoyable, but a few people told me that tender nipples initially is what I should expect and that it will hurt no matter what.


My concern is that I am not really looking forward to the nursing part (still going to do it, God willing) and apprehensive about bonding with the new baby and since my 3 year old still asks to nurse and gropes my breast for comfort when he is falling asleep, maybe let him start nursing again. Has anyone had a child start nursing after they had stopped for a few months? Also has anyone felt a little weird at the thought of nursing their newborn after extended nursing of an older child has stopped? I should clarify that for the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed nursing my son, it was just during pregnancy that I started to find it unbearable...