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And Mareseatoats! With Giant Malcom the Cutie! :D

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How could I forget!

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Originally Posted by cat13 View Post

How could I forget!

She's quiet :) Arms too full of Giant Baby!

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Originally Posted by Beckily View Post

She's quiet :) Arms too full of Giant Baby!

love.gif truth

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Back from the dead, y'all!  I'm so sorry I've been MIA.  really no excuse either, just life.  


I'm so jealous of you all getting to meet up in the Portland area!  So cool!  Maybe someday I'll make it out west... for now, I'm east-coast bound.


Updates:  Baby Millie is standing and walking with her little push-walker that she has.  crawling up a storm, too, and getting her top two teeth. Those are tough!  DH got promoted at work, yay!  Rendering it possible for me to be a SAHM for the long haul, if I'd like.  It also means that my schooling is on hold for now, as his schedule just got completely inflexible and we're trying not to introduce any daycare while she is going through major stranger anxiety.  It was tough to hang up my massage school hat at first, but now I have to say I am totally into it.  making a summer list of things to do with the kiddos... lunches at the beach, trips to the library, lots of baby pool and sandbox time.  


I want to introduce chapter books to Lewie (he's 4 and just starting to read).  anyone have suggestions?  Was thinking I might start with Charlotte's Web.



Anyway, I've missed you all..just wanted you to know.  you are awesome mamas.

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It's so good to hear your update cakemama, I'm glad things are going well for you! 

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i loved these stories and apparently you can get it for nothing !

your summer plans sound blissful , congratulations !e :-)
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Real quick: Malcolm has learned how to squirt milk out of my breast and he thinks it's HIlaruous. And as we speak he is about halfway out the cat door so I have to run. Hope everyone is well!

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Originally Posted by mareseatoats View Post

Real quick: Malcolm has learned how to squirt milk out of my breast and he thinks it's HIlaruous. And as we speak he is about halfway out the cat door so I have to run. Hope everyone is well!


Ha! :D Awesome.


I do not have squirty breasts and am quite happy about it :)

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Feels like forever since there was real chatter on here.


I'm not getting much online time these days. Aiden is definitely down to one nap a day and I try not to be online when he is up, and same for when DH is home, and that nap is the only time to get some chores done that I can't do with him around (like the floors) so I have to get chores done before I can come online. Seth is also teething right now, and having a more difficult time than Aiden did. The second bottom front tooth just came through overnight last night, but we knew it was on the way as we saw the split on his gum on Sunday.


Wish I had more of you close by to arrange a meet up, but hope you Oregon girls have a great time when you finally get together.


Got to go I can hear Seth crying again and keeping Aiden awake.

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I am back from Disneyworld and in complete denial that we are back to normal life.  If I just keep pretending, vacation doesn't have to end, right?


Tina - YAYYYY!  Best news!  So happy for you and your soon to be SAHM life!!!


Happy to hear of a meet up even if I'm not going to be there! 


I have squirty leaky boobs, and still struggle with plugged ducts on the right side.  So frustrating!


Our trip was so good and so fun.  So exhausting.  Currently doing laundry and unpacking and trying to hold on to the happiness.  Don't wanna believe it's over!

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Disneyworld?  JEALOUS!  Sounds like you had a fabulous time.  Did you stay in a disney hotel or somewhere else?  just curious because we were going to plan a trip there in the next couple of years, and I have researched going off and on... i'm always confused about where to stay.


what were Nora's favorite parts?  your favorites?


Becky, thanks for the story suggestion!  We just started Charlotte's Web, and when DS isn't doing crazy 4-year-old before bed acrobatics, he seems to like the story.  we visited a park that has a farm on it yesterday, and talked about the barn, saw some pigs that might look just like Wilbur, etc.  I think he enjoyed it.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Anyone have great plans?

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It was so fun!  Amazingly fun!  We stayed on property at the Pop Century resort.  It was very affordable, one of the value resorts, but it was incredibly nice, comfortable, clean, and FUN!  I'll post some pictures if you want.  We finally went thru all our vacation pictures and got them pared down so soon, I'll post a link to them!


Nora's favorite parts were Spaceship Earth and swimming at the hotel, lol!  That's what she says.  She REALLY loved the Lights,Motors, Action! show at Hollywood studios.  Her fave parks (and mine too, actually) were Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  Both were more low key places, i think, and less go-go-go.  She really had fun at all the parks, though!  I love Epcot. It's my favorite - plus you can get margaritas, beer, etc!  

It was really nice to be there on our anniversary, too.  We got our anniversary pins, and every cast member was sure to say, "Happy Anniversary!" to us when they saw us.  It was so nice!  They are great at giving you royal treatment there.

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Teeth. Eeeeeeeesh. I can't imagine doing this AND taking care of other kids at night :/ We were up every.single.hour. and it took forever to resettle her. Lots of coffee! Hoping for a better night tonight. I got ibuprofen for her, but all the warnings on it scare the crap out of me! If I get really desperate, I at least have it. Side note - why is it legal to put so much crap in medications made for kids??? Parabens, sodium benzoate, artificial sweeteners? WTF?

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And then of course, last night was AMAZING! She slept all night! The power of whining on the internet. :D


I was just walking her in the boba for her evening nap and got stopped by a lady who insisted I needed to put her to bed with a bottle at 7:30 and let her CIO. "It only takes a couple nights, and my kids were fine!" Whaaaa? I haven't been accosted with random parenting "advice" in a while, I guess I manage to insulate myself well. I swear if one more person justifies what they do with "And I turned out fine!" Yes, I love n=1 studies.

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Wow! How completely random!


I'm glad whining on the internet worked :D

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privateeyes.gif nettles, wtf?! People are just weird sometimes. Wouldn't it just be fun to counter the "I turned out fine" comments with a quizzical look that says "You did?"

ok...back to lurking...I'm SUPER totally jealous of those Portland ladies, btw. I want a MDC get together! love.gif
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LALALALALALA my fingers are in my ears hearing about babies STTN!  I know we are getting there but man, I miss sleep!  


I posted on FB but I miss this whole group -- is anyone else CTA?  My first PPAF is winding down and I'm getting ready *sigh* to cta I think.  If not temp b/c sleep is unpredictable, at least count days and watch CM.  Anyone?

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I'm with you, Tear, on the Portland MDC mama get together.  Jealous!  I want to meet you all too!


Carrie-- I'm on the mini pill here.  but I hate it.  That's what you're talking about, right?  Too many acronyms for me to memorize :)  CM= cervical mucous?  PPAF= postpartum aunt flo?  can't for the life of me figure out CTA though. lol!  Anyway, I feel like it is preventing me from losing the last of my baby weight.  (that, plus my general lack of exercise and LOVE of cookies).  But we def. don't want any surprises right now, and I'd be terrified that there would be one!  Still haven't gotten AF yet since before getting pregnant.  With DS it took almost 18 months postpartum.  but that's just me.  

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CTA = chart to avoid

I just got my 1st period this week, so i'm thinking i'll temp to confirm O, and for now use condoms during fertile times.  Not going to risk a pg.  We are on the fence about a vas for DH so a pg right now...wouldnt be great.  

I'm just not sure I'm done having babies.

Weve been having issues and arent on the same page right now, so...any dtd is a miracle anyhow.

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