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Baby Slings

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This is my first pregnancy. I'm at six weeks now and have been careful not to buy anything yet. But I have had my eyes on the girasol slings at paxbaby.com for several months now. Some of the girasol wraps won't ship till August or later, so I figure if this pregnancy doesn't make it, a sling arriving in autumn isn't going to be emotionally painful.


What are your favorite types of wraps/slings? Do you have any thoughts about different types?



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You know, I use just about every kind of carrier out there. And I love my ring slings, but I don't think it would be my favorite for a brand new babe. I know they aren't the most exciting, but in the early days I loved our stretchy wrap. They're so secure.


I would definitely invest in a good ring sling for use at some point though.

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Good to know... I think my sister still has her Moby wrap and isn't using it. Yay for hand-me-downs!

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My favorites have been the Moby wrap and the Mei-Tei.  

Moby is my all time favorite for the newborn stage.  


I've also used ring slings and unadjustable pouches. I don't care for them nearly as much, and won't use them again. 

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Moby and Beco

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I still have a couple ring slings - which I think are the easiest to use - one that is pre-made and one that I made myself and is smaller and great for the newborn stage.  They're just so fast and easy to put on and take off, loosen or tighten a bit, etc.  Once your baby gets heavy - it can definitely put some strain on the one shoulder if you wear it for too long, but I used them with all 4 kids so far, and they really are handy.  And they are super convenient for nursing - both standing still and on the move. 


For me, the Moby looks super comfy, but too much fabric.  And the Beco or any of the more structured ones are too many straps.  Although the Beco would be nice I think when the baby is a little older, for hikes or walking around town.  I just like as few things tied around me as possible.

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I really want to try a Moby this time, especially with chasing a five year old.

I had a beautiful Maya ring sling that I desperately wanted to love but finally just gave away. I'm petite and have a short torso for my size. With the rings in the proper place, it left baby somewhere around my belly button, just not ideal. Thinking about it now, I bet I would have been fine to back carry him in it once he got a little older.

My son lived in a basic pouch sling and a Baby Hawk mei tai. For both, right from birth, he insisted on facing outwards so we got very creative with some positional assistance.

I have nothing but fantastic things to say about the Baby Hawk. Fantastic, sturdy, comfortable, great fabric choices, super durable..
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I'm actually excited to try a sleepy wrap this time http://store.bobafamily.com/baby-wrap/ (used to made by Sleepy Wrap, guess it's made by boba now), which is stretchier than a moby, and I think a bit more flexible. After about the two month mark, I feel like there is sagging and looseness in spots with the moby and it drove me bananas.


kel, how did you handle your newborn's heads in a ring sling? I used them when we were out and about, but I could never figure out a good way to get head support in one.

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L - I think that's where the smaller sling (that I made myself) came in.  Even though I have big babies, they're just not that big at first, and the ring slings can seem enormous.  But my littler one worked perfectly for the first month or two until he outgrew it and then the regular size one was perfect.  


Also, if you're very petite, like PatchChild - I think some of the ring sling brands carry more than one size of sling - you probably needed a smaller one.  Over the shoulder baby holder, I think is the brand I have, but I think the Sakura brand looks nicer and more comfy.  I may just make myself another one based on that brand...they are really very expensive. 


I also have an ergo - which if nice for when they get older, for hikes and such.

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There is a bunch of info online for sewing your own slings, but here are a few:

ring sling -  http://lifemoresimply.blogspot.com/2009/12/how-to-make-ring-sling.html

pouch slings -  http://www.mammasmilk.com/babyslingpatterns

and   http://www.handmade-adelaide-baby.com/baby-sling.html

moby style -  http://thediymommy.com/homemade-baby-slings-how-to-make-your-own-baby-sling/

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Oh my gosh PatchChild, you just opened up a whishful-thinking internet-shopping rabbit hole! Those things are gorgeous! I am adding them to a long list of practical and beautiful things I want to get. At least we have several nieces and nephews already, so we're all set up to receive a lot of hand-me-downs and won't need to buy a whole lot of stuff.

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Teamviddy, oops, sorry? MDC introduced me to them years ago and I was in love. I had a borrowed mei tai so I knew I liked them. From there, the hard part was picking fabric.
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No problem. One of my favorite passtimes. I think Mr. Viddy will love those things so I'm excited to show him too (not sure how he would feel about rainbow wraps ;).

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Wow - those Girasol slings are BEAUTIFUL!  Now I want one...or need one.  Thanks for posting about them.  :)

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I'm a junkie too.


I have a ring wrap (like a close baby carrier), a ring sling and a meitai, all homemade.


I also have a karime (like a moby) and an ergo that we bought.


FOr the newborn stage i like the ring wrap or karime best, then a bit later the ring sling (though i never used it masses as others do).  The ergo and meitai are great for wearing them as time goes on.  I currently use the Ergo almost every day to take the 23mo down to pick the 6yo up from school.  In fact i'm wondering what to do when my belly starts getting in the way...

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With my first, I used a Mayawrap pouch when she was itty-bitty, then switched off to a mei tai when she got bigger. With my second, I used a New Native pouch for the smaller months, then again switched to the same mei tai as she grew bigger. With my youngest, I did it a little differently and tried the Moby for the early days, but I just couldn't seem to get it to work. Of everything, my most preferred has been the New Native for the tiny stage, then the mei tai. smile.gif

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 I saved quite a few carriers from when dd was a baby. I have tired just about everything out there and for me i just could not get wrapping down. My favs are my beco 4g, my Angel Pack is by far my fav structured carrier that is sold and easily obtained, no stalking or waiting. I also loved my Baby hawk! Only real issue is that it you are looking for a good carrier for your LO to sleep in you are going to want something with a sleep hood, or something, which baby hawks dint have sadly. They are good for front carries when your lo is young, and back carries for short outings, but no head support for sleeping. I also love my wrap conversion MT, its so very comfy and has a sleep hood, its just A LOT of fabric and my DH does NOT like it at all. Other Fav MT was my old Bamberoo, GREAT for older babies and toddlers!!!


 I'm hoping to get a Ocah Full Buckle Wrap conversion as my go to carrier, and if not I will probably invest in an Ergo.


Oh, and i used my ringsling almost daily with my daughter when she was an infant, they do have a learning curve, but great for easy quick carries, and snuggle factor, AND so very easy and discrete to breastfeed in!

Happy Shopping!!!

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I make and use my own ring slings. I have quite a collection now. *giggle*

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I loved my ring slings with my second baby, but have hated them with the last two. I think I'm just old, lol, and the lopsided weight thing is harder on me than it used to be. I love love love my wraps. One of those Girasol wraps is on my wishlist :-)
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Great links - thanks for sharing!

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